Storing IT equipment dos and dont’s

It is hard to imagine living in modern times without your computer or phone. However, if you have a big collection of gadgets, you might need to store them. This is usually when you need to move with the best movers New York or renovate. Storing IT equipment can be challenging since these items are delicate and very valuable. In addition, the equipment can get easily damaged and corrupted. If this happens, you will lose important data. Therefore, you must take good care of your equipment if you plan to store it. Here are some dos and don’ts you should keep in mind when storing precious IT items!

Make sure to back up all the electronic devices

Back up all electrical devices’ data before storing it on a server or external hard disk. You’ll want to have this information on hand in case you need to quickly refer to it or if something happens to your item while it’s being stored. You could lose a device and all of the information it holds if you make a small error. This might refer to priceless recordings, films, or music that you have saved over the years. Spend a little more time now to prevent regret later. In addition to this, it is necessary to back up everything in case you are moving or only storing your items. As you might know, anything can happen during the long transport or in the storage unit. Therefore, before you hire local movers New York, make sure to take some time and back up everything.

black screen
Make sure to back up all the data before storing IT equipment

Disassemble all the parts and pieces when storing IT equipment

Almost all electronics come in many different parts, some necessary for the functioning of the item and some supplementary parts. Pull the components apart and store them separately before storing them. Make sure to keep plugs separately. In addition to this, to prevent objects from getting trapped or being damaged over time, remove any DVDs, CDs, game cartridges, or cassettes and keep them apart. To make it simple to find certain components later, label any storage containers or boxes where you keep them. Furthermore, you should do the same when you are moving as well. If you are moving to Brooklyn with your big collection, make sure to disassemble everything. Put them in the boxes and label everything so you won’t misplace or lose anything. Lastly, have furniture movers Brooklyn to help you with transport to your new place.

Clean all the equipment that you own

Before storing your electronic devices, you need to clean them. It may sound like a waste of time, but it is very beneficial. You can prevent having your precious items damaged or data lost. Give the item a thorough cleaning before putting it away, just like you would with any item you’re preparing for storage. Consider using a compressed air duster, which can be purchased at any office supply store, to air out your equipment. In addition to this, to remove dust and debris that might gather in electrical ports and fans, these dusters spray a tiny stream of air into difficult-to-clean areas. However, if you are not sure how to do this, you have several options.

  • hire professionals to help you out
  • ask someone that might know how to clean IT equipment
  • watch a tutorial on youtube
  • read a manual
storing IT equipment that includes apple monitors
You need to clean all the pieces of your equipment

Pack all the pieces of your equipment properly

All the devices should be protected with cotton, canvas, cardboard, or other materials that may collect dust instead of your items. If you have the original packaging materials, consider storing your electronics in them. Avoid wrapping things in plastic, which can actually make them more prone to moisture accumulation over time. Condensation and moisture accumulation will affect a device’s overall performance. If you don’t have packing supplies, you can visit electronic stores to ask if they might have some boxes. On the other hand, you can also go to offices, as they usually have leftover boxes for IT equipment. When your devices are properly packed, you can have Gowanus movers transport them to your storage unit.

Find the suitable facility for storing IT equipment

Electronics that will be in storage for a long time are susceptible to severe side effects from almost anything and everything. Therefore, avoid keeping things in a windy environment. Dust and other particles can enter small electrical holes or air vents and clog systems. Moreover, you should also avoid way too hot places. A storage unit that is too warm can distort plastic, harm the components, and reduce battery life.

pink storage units
Only rent a climate-controlled storage unit

In addition to this, avoid humidity. While too much humidity might cause condensation, too little humidity puts your devices in danger of static discharge. Lastly, cold places. When left in conditions that are too cold, devices will automatically shut down. For this reason, the best option would be climate controlled storage Brooklyn. Just as the name suggests, you can control temperature and humidity levels inside your storage unit. These units are usually a little bit more expensive than the standard unit.

All the dos and don’ts when you need to store your devices

As you can see, storing IT equipment is relatively easy. You need to find a suitable climate-controlled storage unit! Moreover, you need to back up all the data, especially all the photos and documents that you have collected over the years. Then, you should clean and disassemble all the pieces that you can. Afterward, make sure to pack all the parts properly, and do not forget to label all the boxes. Lastly, make sure to stack boxes properly so you can avoid physical damage to your IT equipment.