Steps for packing your pool table

If you have any space issues, you might start thinking about relocation. Before winter comes and brings many holidays, you will want to complete a home renovation or move. But if you own large items such as pianos or pool tables, transporting them might be challenging. If you are concerned about removing and transporting your large items, movers in Brooklyn NY got you! We reveal all you should know about packing your pool table. With our help, you’ll find out what steps to take to prepare and pack your pool table.

Carefully prepare for packing your pool table

Although it is hard to remove and transport a pool table, this is a pretty cool thing to own. Every pool table owner is attached to this thing, and you don’t want to imagine what would happen if you damage your pool table during the move. Nevertheless, pool tables are heavy and unwieldy, which makes them so hard to move without complications. That is why you will need to handle them with a lot of care, especially if planning on moving long-distance. So, long distance movers Brooklyn suggest creating a good strategy for moving your pool table. Even if you are not sure where to start, we will help you cope with this challenge.

A pool table
Make sure to plan every step when packing this large item.

Whether it is about regular items like clothes, books, seasonal items, or specialized and fragile items, the packing will affect the overall success of your moving process. Every moving specialist and friend who has moved recently will tell you to pay attention to packing. So, before you plan any other action, take enough time to prepare for packing your billiard table. Since billiard tables are very heavy, you should take the advice from our Fort Greene movers and plan how to disassemble them first. So, make sure you know how to remove all removable parts of your pool table. After you do it, you will be ready to lift your pool table and remove it. But, you shouldn’t lose any small parts and you must be careful with its gentle surfaces. So, let’s prepare thoroughly to disassemble your pool table and continue other actions.

Make sure to get all tools and materials you will need when packing your pool table

It’s impossible to disassemble and prepare your pool table for packing without proper equipment and tools. When they realize they don’t have all the needed tools, people look for professional pool table movers NY. This is a perfect solution for people who don’t have enough time and the right equipment for this job. Also, having professionals who specialize in this field by your side will help you preserve your pool table in the same condition as before the move. But if you think that you can’t afford additional moving services, you will want to take care of packing your pool table on your own. Nevertheless, don’t start disassembling your pool table if you don’t have the following things:

  • Staple remover or puller
  • Flathead screwdrivers and wrenches
  • Power drill
  • Socket wrench
  • Dollies or moving carts
  • Measuring tape and level
  • Cutting tools such as snips
  • Bubble wrap and moving blankets to protect your pool table
  • Moving boxes, bags, and packing paper for removable parts
Tools on the desk
Make a list of tools you will need to dismantle your pool table.

It is time to pack your pool table for the transport

Whether you need to move your pool table to a new home or storage in Brooklyn, packing awaits you. Once you decide to start packing your pool table for the move, double-check if you miss any of the needed tools and materials. Did you find out something is missing? Go to the nearby Walmart store and get all the missing items. After you arrive at your billiard room, make sure to free enough space around your pool table. The last thing you want to do is trip over items and risk damaging your favorite item. Instead of working on this while the clutter is all around you, get enough space to conduct packing your pool table stress-free. Also, take measurements so you can remove your pool table without causing damage. Don’t forget to measure the stairway, doorways, and hallways. Keep in mind the path your billiard table needs to get through.

Labeling will help you avoid losing billiard table parts

If you worry about the risk of losing your billiard table parts, make sure to stick to the following steps. Once you dismantle your pool table, you should prepare all of its parts for transport. Yes, it is about individual and separated parts of your pool table. Losing just one of them could mean you would not be able to use this amazing item no longer. So, instead of trying to remember did you pack some of its parts or not, make sure to write it down. Also, Fort Greene movers suggest making a list of pool table parts you need to pack and move with the billiard table. Remember, the slates and frame of your pool table are very fragile, so be careful when you need to pack them. Use moving blankets to protect mentioned parts properly.

A notepad and markers
Labeling is an inevitable step when packing your pool table.

When it comes to small parts like bolts and screws, you should use resealable bags to pack them. Unluckily, losing some of the screws could spell disaster when the time for reassembling comes. So, when packing your pool table, make sure to label everything clearly and accurately, especially smaller parts. All in all, to successfully relocate your pool table, you should disassemble it, wrap and pack separate details, and label correctly boxes containing pool table parts.