Step-by-step to hiring long distance movers in Brooklyn

Moving is one of the most exciting things to do. On the other side, it is definitely one of the hardest as well. This is the project that requires a lot of time and money, thus it can be very stressful. But, just like for every other project in your life, if you prepare well you’ll have no major problems. In order to prepare correctly, you need to get as many relevant information as possible. Moving is a very complex process, especially if you are planning a long distance move. There is a lot of things you need to reconsider and deeply investigate. If your next big project is  NY long distance relocation, here you’ll find a lot of helpful information. There’s one particularly sensitive part of moving to Big Apple, and that is finding good long distance movers in Brooklyn. Here is a step-by-step guide for finding such.

Few words about moving to the city that never sleeps

NYC night landscape
New York City is one of the most desirable locations for relocation

New York City is definitely one of the most desirable destinations for people around the globe. And for a good reason. This city has it all. Whatever you desire you can find it in The Capital of the World. Even though Manhattan is most popular NYC borough, it doesn’t mean other four do not offer a real NYC experience. For people who are thinking to move to New York City, there is always one dilemma – Brooklyn vs. Manhattan. The only good answer lies behind desires of the person struggling with this question. What’s important to realize is that whichever is your final decision, you’ll live in the best city in the world. And that is a fact. Just plan your move properly in order to have the perfect start to your NYC life.

Where to start with relocation planning?

It doesn’t matter if you are moving from the West Coast to NYC or just a few blocks away. Principles for making the perfect relocation plan are the same. What you are going to need for this part are time and patience. A lot of both. This is why you need to clean your schedule and make some free time for this task. Key to every successful moving plan is a thorough research. You will need to get as many useful information as possible and to make a plan for every situation. A smart thing to do is to divide the whole project into smaller parts such as:

  • Find out information about your future neighborhood
  • Make a moving budget
  • Looking for the very best long distance movers in Brooklyn
  • Preparations for the move – getting necessary documents, decluttering your home, packing
  • Moving day
  • Post-moving activities – unpacking, exploring your new neighborhood

As you can see, there is a lot you need to think about. And if you think any of these things are less important than the others – you are terribly wrong. You need to approach each of those things with the same level of enthusiasm. And write down everything. Even if you have a habit to keep mental notes, having everything on the paper will make your life easier. Furthermore, these notes will be very useful in the times when you need to multitask. And there will be a lot of such situations during the whole project.

How to recognize good long distance movers in Brooklyn?

Even though all parts of relocation have the same level of importance, one is particularly hard. That part is finding good, experienced and, equally important, reliable long distance movers in Brooklyn. Once your belongings hit the road in the movers’ truck, you will have no way to oversee that drive. This is why you need to be hundred percent sure that you can trust moving company that you hired. Finding such a moving agency is not an easy task. As the moving business is booming these days, there are a lot of moving companies offering their services in NYC. Important to realize is the fact that not all of them are not as good as they may seem. Making a wrong choice can have devastating consequences for your health and budget. Luckily, there are features that distinguish good long distance movers in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Bridge
You need to know features of reliable movers in Brooklyn

Another key point for hiring reliable movers for your relocation is knowing how to evaluate moving companies from NYC. If you put to good use all information you find here, you’ll have no troubles finding a couple good movers. Even though you’ll have few options for choosing, you’ll still need to compare them in order to pick the best. This is where you are going to use your negotiation skills and all the information you gathered up to that point. If you play smart that part, you will be able to get the best deal possible.  Now, let’s go through characteristics of good long distance movers.

Check out all services long distance movers in Brooklyn offering

Once you start your research, you’ll soon find out that there are numerous moving services. Even though your interest is long distance moving, you should check out what more your movers have to offer. But why is this important? Because it says a lot about the experience of the company you are researching. Long distance relocations are the most difficult to master. If you look at the statistics, you’ll see that the most common type of relocation is local moving. Therefore, every good moving company will have that service in the offer. In all honesty, every decent moving agency most probably started with local moving before expanding their offer of services. Long distance moves require very expensive equipment, highly professional staff, and experienced truck drivers.

Truck of long distance movers in Brooklyn
Every good moving company will have an extensive portfolio

This is why moving company must have a significant business growth before starting to consider long-distance moves. It takes a lot of money and expertise for such step. But local moving is not the only relocation service good movers are offering. Here are some more top NYC moving services:

  • Residental Moving – this service implies relocation of the household. If you are about to relocate belongings from your house or an apartment, this is the type of the move you’re going to need. This is the most usual type of local and long-distance moves.
  • Commercial Moving – either you are expanding your business to the new city or relocating your office, commercial moving simply means business relocation. Additionally, the very best movers will have experts that can help you utilize your new office space. As business equipment can be very delicate and hard to handle, there are not many movers offering this service.
  • Packing – good movers will always be able to provide help with packing.
  • Cleaning and Garbage Removal – as moving-related activities.

License and insurance

NYC street
Every decent long distance moving company in Brooklyn will have a license and insurance

There are two crucial items that long distance movers in Brooklyn you are consider hiring must have – license for the job and active insurance policy. Let’s elaborate on these two things furthermore. First, the license. Every decent moving company should have a so-called DOT number. That means that moving company you are investigating is registered within the national database of movers. This is easy to check. All you need to do is to visit a US Department of Transportation website where you can see the list of all licensed moving companies in the US. In case you can’t find your movers there – do not hire them.

Second, there is a matter of insurance. The moving company you hire must have an active insurance policy. This means that all their business has coverage at the insurance agency of their choice. An unfortunate case of events can lead to damage. Even with all security measures and prevention activities, no one can assure you that your belongings will not be damaged due to bumpy road or human-factor. This is why insurance is a great thing to have. In case you need to pay extra for this item, do not try to save at this moment. Long distance move can take some time, and you need to be able to sleep tight during this time. Knowing that your belongings are covered even in case of an accident will help you to stay stress-free during the actual relocation.

Once you make sure that moving company you are currently researching have these two things, you can continue the deeper investigation. It is a must in the moving business and long distance movers in Brooklyn are well aware of that. Any experienced and reliable moving company will never forget to implement such thing in their portfolio.

What others have to say about movers you are investigating

Just like in every other business out there, the satisfied customer is the main goal of all moving companies. This is why all good movers are striving for the positive rating. That is something you need to check. This should be the last phase of your research. Up to this point, you need to cover all other things such as portfolio, insurance, license and general information about movers you are thinking to hire. By the time you come to this part, you will probably eliminate a lot of companies. If you do so, it only means you are doing a good job and taking every detail into consideration. But what you need to know that this is the test where most of the movers are failing. It is important to realize that this final test will put the certain moving company to your short-list of candidates. Here’s what to look.

Use the power of the Internet

Nowadays you can find literally anything on the Internet. This is exactly where you will first check the rating of long distance movers you are researching. First, go to their website and find the page with testimonials from their clients. Every good company will use this free channel for advertising. Here you’ll find stories of people who recently hired that company and their experience with moving service. Those are usually short stories saying how they are very satisfied and would always recommend that company to others. Even though these lines can seem not so genuine, it’s always good to go through them. You will have a good foundation for your next step.

A cup of coffee and laptop
You should check movers’ rating on the Internet

What you need to do is to go to moving-related internet forums and chat-rooms. These are unbiased places where people are leaving true stories about their experience with moving companies. What is important to realize is that those stories always have a positive and negative side of such experience. If you manage to find the moving company you are investigating here, it is a very good signal. This is the best way to get the clear picture if those movers are good or not. Compare these stories with ones from the moving company’s website and try to find common factors. If you get the positive overall feeling, you can place those movers on the short-list of candidates for the job.

Ask around to get the personal recommendation

If you know someone who was recently moving to NY from abroad, ask them to recommend you a moving company they hired. They probably did some research as well, so you can compare your notes with theirs. If you don’t know such a person, maybe your friend, neighbor or colleague does. You need to know that mouth-to-mouth recommendation and experience can worth more than anything when it comes to hiring long distance movers in Brooklyn. Hopefully, you will have luck with this method and save a lot of time and nerves.

Last but not least

Taxi vehicles on the streets of Brooklyn
Know how to avoid fraudulent movers in Brooklyn

There is one more thing you need to pay attention to when looking to hire long distance movers in Brooklyn. Recently, there were reports about fraudulent activities in the moving industry. Luckily, these scammer is not hard to recognize. What they want is to steal your money and they are using several tricks. Usually, they are giving false promises such as very low fares or unrealistic short time for the job completion. Do not fall on these nonsenses. If it is too good to be true it probably is.