How to Start Unpacking & Organizing Your Home After a Move?

You just finished the most exhausting transitions in your life – the relocation process. It was hard, it was stressful, maybe even overwhelming but exciting at the same time. You probably want to take a breather and focus on exploring your new neighborhood, but there are still a few things to be done. First, you need to start unpacking and organizing your home right after a move. You may be tired from moving, but soon you finished this, sooner you will be free to enjoy all the entertainment options that your new city has to offer.

Think about the unpacking strategy

In order to organize your home, you need to take care of the boxes lying all over the place. That means that unpacking is the first thing on the agenda. Don’t worry – it will be much easier than the packing process. The most important thing is to come up with the right strategy that suits you. Making the unpacking plan is always a good idea. It will make you more organized and focused on the tasks ahead.

Unpacking one room at the time is the most efficient way of organizing your home after the move. If you’ve packed in the same way, this will be the piece of cake. It’s always better to have one room complete than to have two rooms half-done. Prioritize the order of unpacking the rooms. The room that you need to most make functional first.

When organizing your home after the move, unpack nursery first

Relocation will interrupt the baby’s routine, so it’s important to bring it back on track right after the move. Beside, nurseries and kids rooms are usually the easiest rooms to unpack. Once the dressers, beds and miscellaneous toys are on its place, there won’t be that much else to organize immediately.

Tips for unpacking the nursery:

  • Reassemble the crib or the kid’s beds – If you’ve hired professional Brooklyn movers for your relocation, they will do this for you. When you’re moving on your own with children, the first thing that you have to do is to enable them to sleep in their own beds on the first night in your new home.
  • Put diapers, baby toys, and baby supplies in a designated drawer or basket
  • Unpack the children clothes and put it in separate drawers
  • If you can find the toy baskets or crates, until you get to them use the empty moving boxes to organize your kid’s toys.
  • Don’t waste time on the decoration – Decorating the nursery or child room is so much fun, but that can wait. If you stumble upon a box with decoration, skip it. There are more essential things to unpack first.
  • Safety first – After you unpack the nursery, don’t forget to baby-proof your house and make backyard safer for your children. You should also learn about moving to Brooklyn with children to prepare for the move.
Nursery should be first when you’re organizing your home after the move.
If you have a baby or a toddler, it is crucial to unpack the nursery first.

Unpacking and organizing your bedroom

Of course, if you have a child, its needs are first that you will take care off. If you don’t, the first thing that you will unpack will be the bedroom. The importance of the good night sleep is crucial for efficiently completing any task, including organizing your home after the move. That means that reassembling your bed should be one of your first concerns. A solid bed is something that every bedroom needs to be the oasis of peace.

When your bed is prepared for the comfortable resting, the next in line is your wardrobe. You will need your work and everyday clothes in easy reach. You don’t have to unpack all of your clothes right away. It will be pointless to waste time going through the boxes of winter clothing if you are not moving to Brooklyn during winter.

Don’t unpack the seasonal clothes when organizing your home after the move.
In fact, the seasonal clothes and shoes can even remain safely pack into the moving boxes until the weather change.

Tackle the kitchen next

Takeout food will be the perfect meal after you move, but you shouldn’t make a habit of interrupting your diet in the long run. The kitchen is the trickiest room to unpack, but it’s essential one nevertheless. Set aside one whole weekend for this choir, since it’s the massive one.

Besides the appliances, there are all those cutlery, kitchen clothes, spices, dishes pan and pots that you need to organize.

It’s time for the living room

When you set up the living room, it will make you feel a little more at home. Even in a space that you’re leasing. Also, you need to relax from the unpacking and organizing your home after the move, and there’s no better place than a room designed just for that. Of course, the furniture and electronics will be the first to put in their place.

After them, the coffee table and the bookshelves should have their turn. Most people think that shelves can wait until the end of all unpacking. Still, your books are not the item that should be in the moving box for a long time. Paper is very sensitive, and if you wait a long time to get to the boxes with your books, they can suffer a lot of damage. So unpack them as soon as you’re able to.
Take some time when organizing your books in the fashion that you like. It will actually save you some precious time because you won’t have to reorganize them later.

Don’t rush or prolong the unpacking of your moving boxes

Golden middle is best in most things in life. That principle can also apply for making unpacking schedule.
Some people unpack for months. That’s not recommendable because it will delay organizing your home. All the clutter can make you nervous, and the more you prolong the unpacking process, the more stressed you will be.

Also, unpacking in the hurry will have the same effect. Pack at the pace that suits you, and don’t make unreal time schedules that you can’t fulfill. If you can, take some time off work and you can unpack the whole home in just a few days.  When you don’t have that kind of luxury make a reasonable and doable schedule for organizing your home after the move. Unpack three or four boxes per day, for example, and leave the harder boxes to unpack for the weekends when you have more free time. Make time your friend, not your enemy.