Should you leave Texas for NYC?

Are you thinking about a relocation from Texas to New York? There are a lot of people thinking about a similar move. Really, there are countless reasons why someone would think of moving to New York. After all – it’s the most famous city on the planet! Maybe you’ve got a great new career opportunity in NYC? Or, on the other hand, you may be moving there to live with your boyfriend or girlfriend. And, at the end of the day – perhaps you just need a sweeping change. From time to time, everyone tends to feel that in their lives. But don’t make such a big move on a whim! There are many things you should consider before you leave Texas for NYC. And we’re here to help you with that!

Think things through before you leave Texas for NYC

There are people that really like making major life decisions on a whim. But when it comes to moving, you really shouldn’t think like that. And that goes double if you’re moving to a place like New York! There are a lot of preparations to make, a lot of plans and finances to pin down. But most of all – you need to be sure that’s the right call in the first place. Remember how sad that song ‘Midnight Train To Georgia’ was? Trust us – you don’t want to be one of those people who was beaten by the big city life just because they didn’t think things through. But how do you prepare properly?

Well, for starters – think about all the things that are the most important to you in your life. For starters, why do people move¬†to New York at all? And once you’re there, will you fit in? Will you be able to find everything you need in New York? Or, on the other hand – will you be able to replace them with something else? And think about how important your family and your friends are important to you. If you’re not the type of person to get too attached, then you’ll do just fine. Apart from that, you’ll need to consider what the most important differences are between Texas and New York. For example:

  • Job opportunities
  • Your personal finances
  • Safety concerns
  • Education opportunities

Think about what you’ll do for a living in New York

Okay, if you want to leave Texas for NYC, let’s get one thing out of the way – you’ll need a job. There’s really no point in discussing anything else until we’re certain you can actually make a living in New York. So, make sure you explore your options when it comes to work before you decide on moving. Specifically, explore how many jobs there are in your line of work in the Big Apple. And if you don’t have a career and plan on just winging it – we advise against this. Sure, if you’ve seen a lot of movies you’d think you can just come in and become a bartender or a waiter. But in fact, the situation¬†is a bit different. New York is big, and there’s a lot of competition no matter what you do – so find a job before you prepare your belongings for transportation.

Can you handle the living costs?

Okay, so you’ve got a job in New York lined up – but we’re not done talking about your personal finances just yet. Before you leave Texas for NYC, it’s really important that you realize just how expensive this city is. And we know what you’re thinking – yeah, living in NYC is more expensive than living in Texas, everyone knows that. But what you may not realize is that New York is actually more expensive compared to most of the country! So yeah – that big city living may be a luxury you can’t really afford. So make sure you’re fully prepared for the costs!

A pile of money, representing the costs you'll incur if you leave Texas for NYC.
Costs tend to stack up quickly in the Big Apple!

Texas is much cheaper

On the other hand, if you can’t handle New York costs – say goodbye to Brooklyn and Manhattan! Texas is cheaper in basically every category. First of all, your tax burden is significantly smaller if you’re an average earner. And you’ll find that housing is much, much cheaper basically anywhere in Texas than in NYC. So take a long look at your personal budget, and be sure you can handle every bill that New York will throw your way!

Safety is an important concern while moving

When you’re moving anywhere, it’s really important to do your homework when it comes to safety and security. There are many people out there who see a cheap real estate or a great job opportunity in another place – but fail to address safety concerns. To be honest – there’s no paycheck on the planet that can replace your peace of mind and sound sleeping. So, you definitely don’t want to move to an unsafe neighborhood or town – but how do NYC and Texas compare? Should you call up a company like Evolution Moving and start working on your relocation to NYC?

While New York has had its history with violence and crime, those days are actually long gone. In fact, New York today is almost twice as safe as the state of Texas when it comes to crime rates! So if you’ve got any safety concerns before you leave Texas for NYC – there’s no need! New York is actually quite safe in comparison.

New York has plenty of education opportunities

Not everyone moves to the Big Apple for the same reason. Some want a more dynamic life. Others look for a more vibrant job market that can offer them more work opportunities. But if you’re moving because of education – you should know you’re making the right choice! It won’t be difficult to adapt to a new environment after moving here, and that’s important for adolescents. The city of New York has plenty of great opportunities for you. Should we really say anything else after mentioning you’ve got two Ivy League schools here? Whether you end up at Columbia or Cornell, let’s just say you won’t go wrong!

An empty classroom with a whiteboard and a world map.
If you’re looking for education, New York is great!