Should you help your movers?

Relaxing on your moving day sounds impossible? Well, hiring an experienced moving company will allow you just that! Keep reading to find out if you should help your movers and when is the best time to do so.

How to prepare before the movers come?

If you decided to hire professional movers, that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare your belongings before they arrive. Whether it’s a local or an international move, you should sort out all of your belongings and decide which ones you want to move. Too many unnecessary things to pack will only take more moving boxes and cost you more money to transport. For this reason, make sure to decide which things you want to give away, throw out or sell.

make a moving plan
Discuss all the details with the moving company before the moving day.

Before calling professionals that will help you take care of your relocation, you should think about which moving service you need. For example, if you decide to hire professionals only for the transportation services, you might need to help your movers with loading some items. However, if you hire moving assistance for an all-in-one moving service, you should let the movers do their job and stay nearby.

When to help your movers?

When speaking of assisting your movers, there are some situations in which you should do it, and some in which you shouldn’t. For example, if you have some specific needs like packing valuable items that you want to take responsibility for, you can help your movers pack them for the move. However, the best advice from professional movers is to discuss all the details of the move before their arrival. The reason is simple – if your movers are paid to do their job, you can only get in their way by trying to help. 

plan your move
Help your movers feel welcome and comfortable.

The best way of dealing with this dilemma is to talk with a moving company honestly and figure out the best moving plan. After all, why would you spend your moving budget on a moving service while doing all the hard work for movers?

Let movers do what they do best

In the end, a good moving company will probably ask you to not interfere in their work and relax. You might want to monitor your movers and give some suggestions. However, it’s not recommended that you do things your way. Everything you want to suggest should be done before the moving actually starts, so you can make a good moving plan and not disrupt the movers’ job. In case you are not sure if all the moving boxes will fit into your new home, you can always ask your movers to suggest a good storage solution. An experienced moving company will offer the services of handling your storage unit and help you find the most convenient solution.

During your moving day, you should choose some comfortable clothes, make sure to serve your movers some refreshing beverages or coffee, and relax. If you are lucky to have hired a responsible moving company, all you can do is monitor the situation, keep track of your moving boxes and let your movers do their job.