How to secure a job before you move to Brooklyn

Secure a job before you move to Brooklyn
Secure a job before you move to Brooklyn

Good job that you decided to move to Brooklyn! Relocation to New York is always a good idea. No matter how old you are. Regardless of how far away you’re coming from. New York offers the improvement in your life for so many reasons. There are great chances to have a good time, to advance in your business career, there are great schools etc. But it is important to mention that NY is an expensive city. Therefore, you better secure a job before you move to Brooklyn. You’ll have a lot of expenses during and after relocation there. Make sure that you earn enough money to cover them all. You’ll need it. And your family will expect that from you. Don’t disappoint them. Here we are to help you with some ideas how to get a job prior to your Brooklyn move.

Tips on: How to secure a job before you move to Brooklyn

Before you apply for a NY job, set the date for your Brooklyn relocation

This is crucial for the beginning. No matter if you’re migrating to Brooklyn long or short distance, you’re still outside New York. And the employers will be aware of that just looking at the address on your resume or cover letter. So make sure to set the Brooklyn moving day before you apply. And mention it in a resume, and also in a cover letter. It will be much more interesting to employers. Why would they hire someone from outside the city, if they can hire someone from NY? And if you’re about to move there, you’ll be the as good candidate as any other, not worrying your future bosses if they will have to secure your housing or to pay for your commuting for a job. Also, emphasise that you’re ready to come to New York for a job interview even prior to your moving date.

Prepare a good Brooklyn moving story for your prospective employers there

The first question, among the others, on your first phone or skype interview would be- Why are you moving to Brooklyn? So, you don’t want to find yourself confused, grumbling, or telling something boring on their first question. So sit down, think about something that would be interesting to you, if you were the employer. Write it down, and learn how to tell it with the confidence. It doesn’t necessarily be the completely true. You’re allowed to exaggerate some parts or mention something the employers would like to hear, even if it’s not the exact truth. It is not the reason why they would employ you for. But it would make a good first impression. And you want to start the conversation making a good impression, and breaking the ice.

Search everywhere for New York job opportunities when planning the Brooklyn move

Use various information sources to secure a job before you move to Brooklyn
Use various sources of information when trying to get a job prior to migrating to Brooklyn

If you want to secure a job before you move to Brooklyn, then start searching for it as soon as you decide to move there! Ask everyone. Your previous employers might have connections there. Your colleagues could have worked for some New York company. Even your friends and family, no matter how well you know them, might have had some business contact in the Big Apple without your knowledge of that. So, the first tip for this part is: Ask everyone! And don’t hesitate in doing that. Because you want to get an NYC job prior to relocation to Brooklyn. And that requires an effort.

If you can’t find any connection that way, the second tip is: use the other sources. Search on the web. Get in touch with employing organisations in New York. Look for different kinds of jobs. It is true that you’re moving to the city of opportunities, which New York certainly is. But you might not have the opportunity to find the job you actually want immediately. So search for anything you would do. When you get a job and make a move to Brooklyn, it would be much easier to look for the right job being the inhabitant of New York, with your Brooklyn address, rather than one applying from afar. The last thing to mention about the job search is- make networking connections to Brooklyn. There are various ways, but LinkedIn is maybe the most recommendable, being a website strictly made for job connections.

Flexibility and wisdom are your best friends when looking for a NY job prior to Brooklyn migration

Show your character. When getting interviewed from the distance, over skype or phone, you want to make a good impression. So prepare well. Although we mentioned that you should accept any offer for any job, just to secure the employment before moving to Brooklyn, the employers mustn’t feel that. You must convince them that it is just the job you’re looking for. Show the excitement about working for them. It is allowed not to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth on your job interview. You’re not in the courtroom, for God sake! You’re desperately trying to secure a job before you move to Brooklyn. Don’t avoid various kinds of ‘weapon’, if necessary for the final cause. We’re not suggesting to shamelessly lie. We only advise you to beautify a truth a bit. It doesn’t hurt anybody. And it might get you a job!

Run for every chance you get to secure a job before you move to Brooklyn
When you get the opportunity to secure a job prior to your relocation to Brooklyn- run for it!

Also, be very flexible. If the employers are satisfied after the first job interview, they’ll probably ask you to come for an in-person interview. Do accept that! No matter if you’re about to travel by plane for hours. It’s worth it. That way you’ll show your preparedness to actually put an effort even before they hire you. And that is something that could be your advantage, comparing to other candidates coming from nearby. Turn your disadvantage of applying for a job from afar into the advantage of being prepared to travel a lot just for coming to an interview!

A short reminder of tips for how to secure a job before you move to Brooklyn:

  • Set the date for your Brooklyn moving day, and emphasise it in a resume and a cover letter, so the employers could have in mind that you’re moving to New York.
  • Prepare a good story on why you’re moving to Brooklyn, so your interviewers could assume that you’re coming anyway, and the job you applied for before you moved to NYC is a permanent solution for your future life.
  • If you want to secure a job before you move to Brooklyn, you need to find the opportunity to get it. So, search everywhere, and invest the effort. Also, make networking connections to New York.
  • Be flexible, and be wise when applying for a job prior to your relocation to New York. You have the disadvantage of being outside of the city candidate, and turn it into the advantage of being someone to put an effort to get a job!