Say goodbye to Brooklyn!

It is time to say goodbye to Brooklyn and to start a brand new life somewhere else.  But, what should you consider? How to prepare yourself? Living somewhere else scares you, but do not worry, it is normal to feel that way. No matter what the reason for moving is, you must be ready. No matter you are moving because of a new job, your family, or you had a divorce or simple you just want to change a location, you should be prepared to leave Brooklyn properly. 

Where are you moving to?

If you are tired from Brooklyn, then choose South Florida instead, for example. Be brave and try something new. South Florida is a beautiful state, with exciting nightclubs and magnificent beaches. Don’t be afraid to explore the world. Brooklyn is not the center of the world. Do a research and choose where you want to move? If you already find a new job, then you do not have to research a lot. But, if you are between jobs, then see where will you fit the best. Also, if you have kids, a new city must be friendly and safe for them and of course, to have quality schools.

If you are moving to Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, or anywhere else overseas, then the preparation is more complicated. Cultural shock, new language, new people…you should be prepared for all those stuff. And, of course, prepare all the documents such as visa, medical record, insurance policies…

Moving from Brooklyn to Florida

If you have chosen that Florida is your dream destination then you should get an additional assistance for your Florida relocation. It is a long-distance move, so it is hard to do everything alone, without a professional help. Florida is so much different from Brooklyn. From weather to laws and living costs. So, it is a big change, but with the right guide and preparation, you can say goodbye to Brooklyn without stress. 

Beach in Florida. View from the sky.
Sunshine State is an excellent choice if you want a big change. Florida is much different from Brooklyn, so try something new and fun.

Set the budget

What is your budget? It has a big role when you need to decide where to move and which house/apartment to rent or buy. Calculate your costs, fees, taxes, utilities and you will see how much you can spend. That’s now all. Calculate your moving costs too. Even if you do not hire a moving company, you will have costs. Also, if you have kids, it is an additional cost. So, the solution to this problem is to set a budget and to stick to it. Maybe you will move somewhere where is cheaper than in Brooklyn, but maybe not. Wherever you move, do a research about the costs of living there.

Calculator for calculating moving costs.
Before you move anywhere, calculate what can you afford? Include all your incomes and outcomes to be sure how much you can spend.

Hire a moving company

Moving Kings Van Lines FL is a reliable moving company you can hire. The company you choose must be reputable and reliable. Moving Kings are the kings of moving. But, before you hire any moving company for moving from Brooklyn, there are some things you should know:

  • Get recommendations from your friends or family with a moving experience.
  • If you want to say goodbye to Brooklyn and not to think and worry about your furniture, then get the referrals. A moving company will transport all your items, so double-check them.
  • Do not forget to check their insurance and license too. Imagine that something goes wrong, then what will you do? Anything can happen, even to the professionals.
  • Pay attention to the details, such as the company’s name on a vehicle and workers t-shirts. It is easy to be a victim of fraud.

Start with packing

Go through every room of your Brooklyn apartment and decide what to take, toss or donate. But, when to start with packing boxes and what should you do? Start 2 months before the moving day. This means that you will need to collect moving boxes and packing material. Collect different sizes of moving boxes, bubble foil, newspaper…

First pack thing you will not need before moving day. Such as off-season clothing or kitchenware you do not need right now. Of course, when you pack all those items, label the box on the top and on the one side of the box. If you want stressless move, then pack every day a few boxes. Ask for help if you need it. Your friends and family can help you with packing, or if you have kids, they can watch them while you are packing.

Labeled moving boxes.
Do not forget to label all boxes when you pack them. Maybe it seems like a meaningless thing to do, but it is worth it.

Do not forget to pack an essential box. Many people forget it, so do not make the same mistake. The essential box should have all the items you will need on a moving day and a day after that. Such as scissors, t-shirt, first aid kit, shampoo, toothpaste, snacks…Whatever you may need when you are not in Brooklyn anymore.

Now you are ready to say goodbye to Brooklyn!

Now when you know all those important things and facts about moving and packing, you can relax and start with the preparation. Say goodbye to Brooklyn and host a goodbye party for your friends and family. Give them your contact information, so you can stay in touch. Moving is not a reason to be sad. Celebrate your new life and relax. You can do it with the right moving company and a good team, plan, and organization. Good luck with your moving and be open to explore the world.