The safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn 

One of many key priorities when choosing a future neighborhood to live in is its safety. This is especially important in areas famous for a more dangerous environment. One of these areas is, in fact, Brooklyn. In most cases, this part of NYC draws people because of its lower rent and living expenses. However, you should not choose to move to a neighborhood only based on the pricing or other less important factors. Therefore, you should do detailed research to find the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn 

overview of Brooklyn - safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn
Find the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn!

On the other hand, many people have different opinions on what actually means for a neighborhood to be safe. Since Brooklyn is so big, you have to take many factors into consideration. Also, moving to Brooklyn is never easy. Therefore, you should find the right kind of moving assistance to help you during this process. Furthermore, to find out everything that makes a neighborhood safe, continue reading! 

The 6 safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn

The most common factor people think of when searching for a safe neighborhood is the crime rate. Specifically, the usual research is based on the level of non-violent crimes which occur in certain areas. If you also do research with this key factor in mind, the following are the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn. 

Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge is an upper-middle-class neighborhood in the South of Brooklyn. Consequently, it has a very rich community when it comes to culture. This is because it is a popular neighborhood among families who plan to raise many generations there. Therefore, you can easily spot a third-generation family in Bay Ridge. Also, it is a popular Brooklyn neighborhood among the elderly. This is another factor which makes it one of the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Moreover, there are predictions that this neighborhood will become more and more popular for larger families. Luckily, you can still find a good price for the value when it comes to buying real estate and/or renting. 


This neighborhood is popular for being diverse and always changing. Based on its colorful history, it is mostly populated by African-American families. In recent years, Bedford-Stuyvesant experienced a drop of almost 80 percent in terms of crime rates. This is caused by the diversity and vitality the people who live in this neighborhood promise. Also, the amazing architecture will attract nearly anyone! 

Boerum Hill

Boerum Hill is one of the smallest and safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Because it is so small, basically everyone knows everyone. Also, this neighborhood is popular for iconic brown bricks used in most of its buildings famously referred to as ‘’brownstones’’. 

man in front of Brooklyn
There are many safe neighborhoods in Brooklyn

Moreover, many family businesses thrive in Boerum Hill. You will come across numerous small boutiques and the best restaurants in Brooklyn, as well as art galleries. All of this adds to Boerum Hill being one of the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Also, you might think it’s too good to be true. However, there’s still a significant number of homes just waiting for their new owners! 

Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights was previously popular as the Brooklyn Village. This was because it feels like a very small town where the community is really close and friendly. Also, the view which you can see wherever you turn to in this neighborhood is like no other. This makes this neighborhood a dream for sightseeing in Brooklyn. Due to this, Brooklyn Heights attracts many young creative souls who want a unique and cozy trip. Also, most people who live in this neighborhood are adults in their thirties and forties with families. Another reason why this neighborhood is quite popular is the high-income most households have. Therefore, it attracts middle-class working households which make it one of the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn. 


DUMBO is an acronym for ‘’Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass’’. This neighborhood spreads over two areas: 

  1. Between Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge, and 
  1. East of the Manhattan Bridge to the area in Vinegar Hill. 

Although the ‘’Down Under’’ part its name might put off some people, DUMBO is actually one of the fastest growing neighborhoods. In fact, it has a large community of entrepreneurs and technology startups which raise the neighborhood’s average. Because of this, DUMBO is now the most expensive neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Nevertheless, it is also one of the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn. This is due to the high level of security it offers. All in all, this neighborhood is amazing for artistic and creative souls. 

Ditmas Park

Ditmas Park might confuse some people. However, this is a neighborhood like no other. It may be small but it is becoming mightier with each day. Its main feature is homes for single families. All of them have beautiful porches in the front and all of the streets have rows of fully mature trees. Because of this idyllic environment moving to Brooklyn with a family is becoming more common. As it is a true family neighborhood, the crime rates have dropped to the lowest levels. 

Common features of the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn

  • A considerable number of local and well-payed work opportunities which are the most common feature of safe neighborhoods. 
  • The value of properties is rising and have a positive effect on crime rates. 
  • They all have a diverse community when it comes to race, culture, and economy which makes the community closer and more stable. 
  • Most of them focus on local businesses – the family-run stores and restaurants stay open longer and offer top quality service and food. 
local stores
Family-run stores have a simple charm
  • These neighborhoods are usually a great combination of the traditional and the modern. For example, they have natural parks with many opportunities for fitness lovers. 
  • Finally, they offer numerous different properties for rent or for sale. There is something for anyone – young people can find a modern home just as easily as more traditional households can find a more old-school home.