Room by Room Packing Guide

Packing must be one of the most tedious tasks out there. If you’re not looking forward to it, you’re not the only one. Nevertheless, it’s a necessary part of every move, besides finding a good moving company. The good news is – if it’s done right, it can be over quickly. To aid you in your packing process, we’re here with a room by room packing guide!

Prepare the packing material before starting room by room packing

Before you start packing, have all the packing material you need prepared. It’s important to find quality packing supplies earlier. This will save you a lot of time, and help you plan ahead. Here’s the material you will need:

  • packing boxes
  • packing paper (easy to shape and layer between items)
  • duct tape (for sealing all the boxes when room by room packing)
  • packing peanuts (perfect for all the nooks and crannies in your boxes)
  • bubble wrap (for fragile items like glasses, or plates)
  • packing labels (make unpacking easier)

Living room packing

Handle this step in room by room packing by dividing your belongings into three sections. Firstly, paintings, mirrors, and frames go into one section and you should wrap them with bubble wrap, and protect them with masking paper. With the right fine art movers in New York, you needn’t worry. Secondly, lamps and chandeliers go into the next, are also carefully wrapped, and their lightbulbs are removed. Thirdly, all the electronics go into the last section. Use their original packaging if you have kept it, and use a lot of packing peanuts. These do not conduct electricity.

A woman handing an item wrapped in bubble wrap to someone in front of a table with glasses on it
Be extra careful when packing breakable items such as glasses or plates

Kitchen packing

We encourage you to give away any food that you can, before room by room packing. When it comes to items made of glass and china, be careful. Besides bubble wrap and paper, these can be protected with your clothing, towels, etc. Bowls and plates can be stacked together, with tissue paper serving as a buffer in between. Lastly, all appliances, just as the electronics should be in original boxes if you have them. You can use packing paper, peanuts, and bubble wrap for the rest. Be mindful when packing cords and cables.

Bedroom packing

You can leave the clothing on hangers, pack it in suitcases or dressers (for smaller items). Good residential movers in NYC will deliver these intact. All extra clothing can go into labeled garbage bags. Do the same with bedding, sheets, pillows, etc. Moreover, you can store the footwear in its original boxes, which we encourage you to label. Place socks in the shoes, so they retain their shape.

A woman carrying a few boxes stacked on top of one another representing room by room packing
Reuse as many original packaging boxes as you can when room by room packing

Bathroom packing

When room by room backing, the ceramics go separate from the rest of the toiletries. Wrap the former in paper or bubble wrap to prevent breakage. And seal the latter’s caps and lids with tape and/or rubber bands to avoid spillage.

Don’t be too worried. Room by room packing might sound like a lot, but it’s much easier with every step. As long as you are careful, and follow the above-written suggestions you should be more than fine. If you, however, happen to have any more questions, there is a lot of information on packing you can find online. Don’t worry too much, and try to enjoy the process. One does not move every day!