Room-by-room packing guide for your Red Hook relocation

Red Hook, once a shipping port, is today one of Brooklyn’s centers for art, culture, and food scene. It borders Upper New York Bay, Carroll Gardens, Gowanus Expressway, and Gowanus Canal, it is named after the red clay Dutch colonizers found right on the edge of this community. But before you can start exploring Red Hook, you have to pack first, and that can be overwhelming. That is why our team of experts at Red Hook movers made this article with a room-by-room packing guide for your Red Hook relocation that will have you packed and getting to know the neighborhood in no time.

It’s all about planning and time

Packing is all about the right planning and good timing. The first thing you should do to avoid feeling overwhelmed is avoid doing everything last minute. Set aside at least a week to properly pack everything. Having enough time to pack will ensure that you pack safe and well. Packing can be a complex process, especially if you have a lot to pack. During this time, you should dedicate at least one day to preparing all the packing material you will need. Another thing you should devote your time to before you start packing is most definitely cleaning and decluttering.

Woman cleaning a window
Cleaning and decluttering are the two most often overlooked steps in packing, but few of the most important.

There are a lot of packing guide tips you can follow for your Red Hook relocation. However, going room by room is the best approach as it will help you stay focused and not make too big a mess. What order should you follow when packing room-by-room? Moving companies Brooklyn, usually recommend packing the rooms you least use first. This means garages, attic, basement, closets and then you can move on to common rooms like the living room and kitchen.

Kitchen packing guide for your Red Hook relocation

Packing your kitchen might be harder if you are not doing a local move. Packing your kitchen for a long distance is a bit trickier because of the food. You won’t have time to eat or get rid of everything, and it’s still too much to pack with you. Since long distance movers Brooklyn usually don’t offer same-day delivery because of the distance, packing your food might be the wrong idea because by the time your packed food arrives, it will have gone bad. 

This packing guide for your Red Hook relocation wouldn’t be the best if we didn’t recommend you to try to eat or donate your food, so it doesn’t get wasted.

The rest of the kitchen items will be easier to pack. Before you pack your pots and pans, you should fill them with smaller items and food and close it with the lid turned upside down. To make sure nothing moves around, secure the pots shut (as well as any appliances) with some tape. There are many more rules to packing your kitchen, but this guide will help you be efficient in packing for your Red Hook relocation.

Packing your living room

You should be careful when packing your living room because looks may deceive you. Living rooms usually have the biggest amount of furniture and items to move. That is because living rooms have big bulky furniture that should be disassembled if possible first. If you don’t feel like disassembling and assembling your living room furniture, that’s where moving service NYC can come in handy.

When packing your living room, start with taking off the smaller items like decorations, books or drapes, and any textile you might have. For anything that is fragile, secure it with paper or towels and blankets. That way, you can be sure nothing will break. Packing your living room electronics will be much easier if you save the original packaging. However, if you haven’t, you can use the same strategy as for fragile items. Lastly, once you’ve secured everything and disassembled the furniture, pack it in sturdy cardboard boxes and label it according to the content and room it should go in.

Packing the bedrooms

Bedrooms are best packed in phases. Since you will use this room to sleep in, you should approach packing it methodically. We recommend following these steps when packing your bedroom:

  • First, pack the clothes and accessories you don’t use, like winter or summer clothes
  • Second, you should pack items that are fragile and breakable, like photo frames, along with your clothes. Our experts who made this packing guide for your Red Hook relocation also recommend placing tape of the glass on photo frames in case the glass breaks. That way, if it breaks,  the glass won’t spread and cause damage to your other belongings.
  • Disassemble any bedroom furniture and wrap it in paper and blankets, so it doesn’t get any damage
  • Lastly,  pack the bed frame, sheets, and mattress in the appropriate-sized sheets and boxes.

Packing the bathroom

Since this is the most used room, it would be best if you saved it for last. Throw away any items that are empty or expired. Packing a bag of essential toiletries is the key advice in this packing guide for your Red Hook relocation. Anything you would need for a day or two until residential movers Brooklyn, load and unload your stuff. In that bag, you should pack a toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, makeup, shampoo, and anything else you use daily.

A bathroom this packing guide for your Red Hook relocation recommends packing last
Of course, your bathroom should be the last room you should pack

Anything that can be spilled should be packed in a plastic bag in case it spills. You should pack lighter items like towels on top of other bathroom items because they don’t weigh too much and will provide the necessary support, so nothing spills or breaks. Your bathroom is the last room you should pack. After that, you’re good to go and be one of many people who will love and enjoy Red Hook.

Final thoughts in this packing guide for your Red Hook relocation

And there you have it. A definitive room-by-room packing guide for your Red Hook relocation. If you follow our tips, we are sure it will be much easier for you to pack everything efficiently without any added stress. And remember, if you need any help, we will be there for you.