Reasons to move to Fort Greene as a single person

You have decided on moving to one of the best Brooklyn neighborhoods. Yes, we are talking about the famous Fort Greene. But before we can introduce you to this place, you must prepare your relocation plan, and budget, and search for Fort Greene movers. Although, it will all come much easier once you realize how awesome Fort Green is. So, let us together cover all the reasons to move to Fort Greene as a single person. Let’s take a look.

Fort Green neighborhood is simply amazing

Each neighborhood is unique in a way. Maybe it has a huge sports stadium where people gather weekly to support their favorite teams. Or it is abundant with nature where families with children like to spend quality time. And Fort Green is famous for many things. But one that stands out the most is the peaceful and serene vibe this place has. People here are friendly, diverse, and welcoming. When you add culture, history, and art into the equation, you’ll get a perfect neighborhood to live in. This is a tightly-knit community where everyone knows everyone. This makes it more fun and surely a safer place to live in. Moreover, a healthier place for your children to grow up. So, if you wish to become a part of it, call your Brooklyn movers as soon as you can and make it happen.

mover packing for the relocation
Let your local movers pack you and relocate safely to the amazing Fort Greene neighborhood.

When it comes to the moving process, you should tuck everything in, and purchase the right set of moving services as soon as you are ready to relocate. Of course, first, you’ll go through the reasons to move to Fort Greene as a single person and then schedule movers. Simply because you might find out about something that will change your mind or for some reason you postpone the relocation. Nevertheless, communicate with your movers, realize the moving price, and utilize packing services Brooklyn to make it all easier. It is our warm recommendation.

Being one of the safest neighborhoods is one of the reasons to move to Fort Greene as a single person

One of the major reasons to move to Fort Greene as a single person is the fact that this is one of the safest neighborhoods in the state. This is because Fort Greene is mostly populated by families with children. Moreover, there are no fancy clubs and huge gatherings over the weekends. Some would say that the place is boring. But this is not true at all. You just do not have drunken people roaming the streets during the night. And where you do not have nightlife, there are fewer chances for trouble and ruckus. You can live a peaceful and quiet life here. Although, if you want to attend parties, concerts, and nightclubs, you are only 20 min away from it by bus or train.

Such a quiet and healthy neighborhood boasts great schools as well. Your children will grow up in a safe environment while having access to some of the best schools in the state. As a single person who wants to start a family, this is something to look forward to.

The cost of living might be one of the reasons to move to Fort Greene as a single person

The cost of living in Fort Green is quite appealing. The overall price for a quality lifestyle is in the middle when compared to the national average. You will be able to afford all necessities easily and cover all your bills. But the real estate market is still a bit more expensive. It is a common thing when we are talking about the NYC area. Purchasing a property can be quite difficult and you’ll have to follow the real estate market to snatch a good deal. But if you decide on renting, then you can find pretty good deals out there.

person counting money
You will have a healthier budget once you move to Fort Greene.

For example, a studio apartment goes from $2k to $2.2k while a single bedroom apartment is around $3k. Two-bedroom and 3 bedroom apartments are $3.8k and $4.8k respectively. All in all, you must research a bit if you want to find a good place to live. As a single person, you’ll have it much easier. Unless you have a pet with you.

There are quite a few places to have fun at

As we have mentioned before, Fort Greene is not one of the top party places in the area. But it is surely not a boring place to live in. Maybe you should visit Fort Greene and figure this one out for yourself. If you are ok to have a few bars and pubs for a night out, then it is fine. But if you like to party, you’ll have to visit one of the surrounding neighborhoods or go straight to the heart of the Big Apple. On the other hand, in Fort Greene, you’ll find an amazing offers when it comes to restaurants, coffee places, shopping malls, etc.

As a busy single person, you’ll surely appreciate the colorful food scene in Fort Greene. You can choose from Thai, Mexican, Mediterranean, Japanese, Indian, and much more. We can recommend checking out Miss Ada, Karasu, Black Forest, and Walter’s.

Transportation and the infrastructure

Now, if you want to go to school, work, or have fun in the surrounding areas, you’ll have to go there by bus or subway. Both options are viable and you’ll have an average commute of no more than 30 minutes. If you own a car, then you can have serious headaches. You can spend hours in traffic. You have probably heard about New York’s traffic and how it can be a bit crowded from time to time. But public transport works just fine. And you always have an option to use a bike as a means of transport. Fort Greene is bike-friendly and you’ll notice many bike lanes throughout the neighborhood. Locals use bikes all the time, and you should consider doing it as well.

New York river taxi
Commuting is easy. Choose to ride by boat, bike, car, train, or bus.

Learn more about customs and history

You are almost ready to call long distance movers Brooklyn and become a Fort Greene resident. But before we do that, you should learn a bit more about the history of the place. Go online and read a bit about the history of Fort Greene. You will be amazed at how important this place was back in the 1900s. For example, you must know that Fort Greene Park is the site where an epic Battle of Long Island took place. Then, it would help if you learned a bit about the architecture, monuments, notable places, and customs. If you do so, you will have an easier time adapting and settling in. The community will receive you with wide open arms once they realize that as a newcomer, you already know much about the place. At least you’ll leave a good impression. And it will surely help you to change your single status.

Now you know several reasons to move to Fort Greene as a single person. We tried to provide the most notable ones. When you draw the line, you’ll have a family-friendly neighborhood, good job opportunities, easy commuting, and a lot of things to do. We are sure you have made the right choice. Good luck.