Reasons to leave Carroll Gardens

NYC is one of the most populated cities in the world and a dream for many people. With its 5 boroughs, there are more than 250 neighborhoods in this metropolitan area. Many people move to the Big Apple daily, which results in a positive population trend. Brooklyn has seen an increase of 3.1% in the last ten years. But even with a positive moving trend, people are leaving Brooklyn neighborhoods, like Carroll Gardens, and move somewhere else. If you are on the verge of whether you should hire some of the best movers New York, you are in the right place. Meanwhile, here are some of the reasons to leave Carroll Gardens.

What are some of the reasons to leave Carroll Gardens?

Carroll Gardens is a small neighborhood in Brooklyn, NYC. A little over 18,000 people call it home, and they think that it is a great place. It does offer great benefits, but those good sides are followed by bad ones. Some might not mind it, while for others there are reasons to leave Carroll Gardens. Some of them are:

  • High housing prices
  • Dense urban feeling
  • Heavy traffic and crowds
Picture of a couple carrying boxes
The reasons to leave Carroll Gardens won’t bother people that like this kind of lifestyle

High housing prices

New York and Singapore are the world’s most expensive cities, and the price increase of 8% made things even less affordable. Even though Brooklyn is not the most expensive borough in NYC, it is a close second to Manhattan. Carroll Gardens reflects these costs, as part of Brooklyn, with a median home value of $1,7 million and rent at $2,600. In today’s economy, people are rarely as lucky to afford a house with this price tag, and over 60% of the population rent their homes here. But even the rent is $1,500 over the national average, making the housing prices a great reason to leave Carroll Gardens and NYC in general. Whatever move you plan on the territory of NYC, feel free to call our Carroll Gardens movers for assistance.

Dense urban feeling

Being close to downtown New York, living in Carroll Gardens might be overwhelming. This type of lifestyle is attractive to many people, but that number has drastically changed since the pandemic. With the restrictions on the force, most people were simply confined to their apartments. This made many people rethink their housing situation, and even the cities that they live in, so they got some packing supplies in Brooklyn together and started an adventure. This resulted in a negative population trend during 2020 and 2021, where people choose rural areas and towns over big cities and neighborhoods like Carroll Gardens.

Heavy traffic and crowds

Even though there is a small number of people living in Carroll Gardens, it is still part of NYC. 56 million tourist visit this city each year, and some of them ought to either stay or pass through this neighborhood. This results in traffic jams and general crowds of lost tourists. They don’t want to bother anyone, but when you are in a hurry, they can disturb your already hectic schedule. If you are sick of crowded streets and just want peace, our long distance movers Brooklyn can take you far away.

Picture of a traffic jam, one of the reasons to leave Carroll Gardens
Millions of tourists visit this city every year

The reasons to leave Carroll Gardens to apply to the entire city

If you are someone who loves peace and wants to own a house with a backyard that won’t break the bank, then the reasons to leave Carroll Gardens are more than obvious. Many people find the big city lifestyle appealing, but if you don’t see yourself there, you shouldn’t force it. Even though NYC has many events and attractions, this lifestyle just isn’t for everybody. We wish you good luck!


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