Qualities of a good NYC storage unit

Moving to another home or just need to organize your current home space? In both cases storing your items can be quite a challenge. From downsizing to cleaning up the clutter from your home, renting high-quality storage Brooklyn can be what you need. Unluckily, finding a safe and secure storage unit is not always so easy. Before you get disappointed by unacceptable service and bad conditions of a certain storage facility, take time to consider the qualities of a good NYC storage unit. So, before you start looking for rental options, learn how to choose the best from the presented ones. This article will remind you of the required qualities of an acceptable NYC storage unit you should opt for.

One of the qualities of a good NYC storage unit is hygiene

Whether you are looking for short term or long term storage unit, hygiene really matters. Regardless of the type of belongings, you need to store in the storage unit, you will want to do it in a clean object. In case you find the unit is not so clean, this can be a red flag. Badly maintained hygiene in the storage facility indicates that your providers are not responsible as it seems. Unluckily, this could mean they are not able to provide you with the correct service you expect. In case you plan to relocate your valuable furniture pieces with the help of our furniture movers Brooklyn, you should not accept the dirty storage space. The messy and dusty environment is characterized by pests like rats and mold, which can lead to the destruction of your furniture or any other belongings.

Person who wearing blue gloves cleaning.
Flawless hygiene is one of the top qualities of a good storage unit.

No pests

A storage unit that is not clean enough is no what you need. Also, the presence of pests is what you have to avoid when renting a storage unit. Therefore, before you opt for a certain unit, check it out and make sure it is pests free. As pests could harm your items, so make sure to avoid them completely.


There is no doubt, safety is one of the top qualities of a good NYC storage unit. Regardless of the proximity of your storage unit, you will want to know all your belongings are safe. Although they are not at your disposal currently, their safety is imperative to you. So, take the advice from our moving and storage Brooklyn experts and check the security features of your storage unit in advance. Make sure the facility has a video surveillance system, proper lights, and night guards. Do they have individual door alarm systems? With the proper security features of your storage, you can relax when it comes to the safety of your belongings.

Security is one of the main qualities of a good NYC storage unit
Consider the importance of security features your storage unit has.

Proximity to your home or business

If you store your items long term and need them often, consider the location of a storage unit. Choosing an affordable storage unit too far from your home or business is not always a proper solution. In a big city such as New York, the proximity of the facility is one of the main qualities of a good NYC storage unit. On the other hand, if you don’t need your items often, be free to consider a further located facility at a low price.