Pros & Cons of Moving on the Weekend

You have decided that you want to relocate, but you are not sure when to do it. There are different opinions on when it’s the best time to move. Some people think that it is better to do it during the week, while others favor the weekend for relocations. Whatever you decide, Brooklyn Movers New York will offer you help for a good price. If you want to find out for yourself what time of the week is better for relocation, keep reading. Here are the pros and cons of moving on the weekend.

Couple packing things into boxes
There are pros and cons to both weekday and weekend relocation

Moving on the weekend – what should you consider before deciding?

Some important things that you need to take into consideration when making the decision are:

  • Family
  • Work (this may be one of the primary reasons why some people decide on moving on the weekend)
  • Traffic
  • The residential moving services you hired

The good sides of moving on the weekend

  • More available help – many people are not free during the week. Even if you hire the help of packing services, you will maybe need some friends or family members to help out with something. The chances are bigger that they will be free during the weekend.
  • Missing school – during the summer this wouldn’t be a problem. But if you need or want to relocate during the school year, moving during the week will for sure force your kids to miss school. A weekend move won’t disturb your kid’s schedules, which is especially important if they are transferring to a new school.
  • Work time loss – moving will for sure have you miss a few days from work. Some people don’t want that, while some are not able to do it. The time obviously depends on the distance that you need to travel. Moving during the weekend won’t make this a problem.
  • Rush hour traffic – traffic during the weekend can sometimes be busy, but it is not even close as bad as rush hour traffic. This isn’t a really important reason, but it is something you should think about if you are moving long distances.

The bad sides of a weekend relocation

  • Some buildings have restrictions – this is usually the case in cities. You need to check with the people in charge of the building you are moving from or the one you are moving to. Some don’t allow moving during the weekend, which could disrupt your weekend moving plan.
  • Bussy movers – holidays, summers, and weekends are considered peak season when it comes to the moving industry. If the weekend is the only time when you can do it, you will for sure have to pay a bit more. Make sure you book in advance since weekend schedules fill up fast.
  • Unpacking time is limited – a weekend move might leave you with less time to unpack since you have to jump back into the workweek. Something that you should certainly try to avoid is unpacking procrastination.
  • Higher prices – some moving companies increase their prices during the weekend since there is high demand.
Woman relaxing on a cardboard box
One of the main problems of a weekend relocation are higher prices

Pros & Cons of Moving on the Weekend – conclusion

Making this decision solely depends on many variables in your life and the needs of your family. If you decide to move with the help of professionals, make sure to contact us. We will be happy to assist you during this hectic time and try to make it easier for you!