Pros and Cons of Living in Williamsburg

Moving is stressful, wherever you move to. But if you are relocating to a new city for a good reason, the stress is easier to deal with. To completely diminish stress during a move, we recommend hiring Brooklyn Movers New York. Starting a new chapter in a new place is exciting. But as exciting as it is, it can cause anxiety because you don’t know anything about the city you are moving to. Research is important in these scenarios. The more you investigate and gather information, the more confident you will be about your decision. This guide will help you by teaching you what living in Williamsburg is like.

General information about living in Williamsburg

Williamsburg is a neighborhood in New York City, with a population of around 157,000 residents. Here you can also find some of the best Williamsburg movers. This neighborhood is more precisely located in King’s country. It is considered one of the best places to live out of the whole city of New York. It offers the residents an urban feel, and people here usually rent their homes.

Modern buildings in a city district
Williamsburg offers an urban feel to its residents

Good sides of living in Williamsburg

Many parks

New York has a reputation of a concrete jungle and for a good reason. The only big surface of greenery it has is Central Park. But Williamsburg is something totally different. It is like a breeze of air on a hot summer day, it’s natural in the middle of New York. If you are a nature lover who just relocated here using the services of one of the local movers Brooklyn, this neighborhood is made for you. It has plenty of parks and areas you can walk or bike in. Williamsburg bridge is just as beautiful as Brooklyn bridge, but not as famous and therefore not so crowded.

Perfect location

Williamsburg is perfectly positioned, close to both Manhattan and Brooklyn. You can easily get anywhere from this neighborhood, and it won’t take too much time. So don’t waste time and hire those residential movers. Even tho you can get anywhere in the city, there is no need to. Williamsburg has plenty of things to do, like:

  • Fun events (residents think this makesĀ  living in Williamsburg more interesting)
  • Many shopping options
  • Vibrant art and music scene
  • Famous restaurants

Bad sides of living in Williamsburg

Housing is expensive

As stated before, most people here rent their homes. If you can afford to rent a home here, you will be living in a vibrant, stylish neighborhood that all of your friends will be jealous of. The average rent here is $3,500 a month, so if you can afford it, lucky you!

Living in Williamsburg can be quite expensive
The majority of residents here rent their homes


It is not the safest option when it comes to crime. But even tho it is like that, violent crime is quite rare. Residents report that even tho crime happens, it usually doesn’t impact them much. Police are also reported to be present, but slow to react when needed.

Living in Williamsburg – conclusion

With everything that was said until now, you could say that living in Williamsburg is pretty good. Don’t stress much about moving day, you are going to a good place. We wish you good luck!