Prime reasons to move to Brooklyn

The number of New York’s inhabitants grew at high rates over past century. And, not only to Manhattan, as many of you would think, especially in the last decade, the number of immigrants to Brooklyn is booming. That is why are we going to bust the assumption that when saying New York people mean Manhattan, as inhabitants of Manhattan would say. Brooklin has been becoming more and more interesting to more and more various sorts of people and for most various interests. It is becoming the new and improved centre of the world for many areas of life. When doing the research for this article, we interviewed different kinds of people interested in Brooklyn- from those who have lived there since they were born, throughout those who relocated and found their happiness here, to those only considering to move here. Therefore, we made a list of reasons to move to Brooklyn, from different aspects. In case you didn’t think about Brooklyn or considered it one of the options for your further life, when you read this article, you will most likely change your mind, and probably fall in love with it.

if moving to New York- move to Brooklyn!

Prime reasons to move to Brooklyn:


  • Gentrification- You may see improvement of the opportunities for everyday life everywhere you move in Brooklyn
  • Nature- Plenty of nature in such a big city, for those Brooklyn movers who love enjoying in parks
  • Art- Brooklyn maybe is not the centre of the world for this matter, but, maybe it will become soon, being what it offers for art lovers
  • Seaside proximity- Beaches that close that, wherever in Brooklyn you move to, you would be 1-2 subway stations away from relaxing beaches of Brooklyn
  • Neighbourhoods- The communities here are tight and knit, so unusual for that big city. So, moving to Brooklyn wouldn’t make that much influence on your relationship with neghbours, they are very warm here too.
  • Transportation- Brooklyn is a place where you actually can own a car, being that it has areas that look like suburb, and yet you do not need to have a car because everything is so well connected by metro
  • Training and education- There are so many opportunities in Brooklyn to get trained and educated for the job you love



Relocate to Brooklyn if you want to improve your life standard

For those of you who do not know the meaning of the expression gentrification, it means ‘making something suitable for higher classes of people’ derived from the word gentry- that stands for the highest class of people, and the suffix -fication- which means making something. Although there are opinions, based also on the name that was given to it, this kind of happening makes Brooklyn available only for people of higher life standard, pushing away those living in it before it started, my opinion, and opinion of my friends living here, is that it is making the opportunity for all inhabitants to move upper the class ladder and live a better life.  So, put all together, this makes Brooklyn a place to move to and invest in the future.


If you love parks, you will celebrate the day you decided to move to Brooklyn

In spite of the fact that Brooklyn is an urban area, being a part of maybe the biggest city in the world, you can almost forget it relaxing on the bench in some of many parks in it! Moving to Brooklyn is so not usual moving to the big city. It is moving to a big city with plenty of parks, with trees, pets etc. In case you are getting second thoughts about whether to come to Brooklyn or not because you love nature, we will mention just some parks in it: Marine Park, Prospect Park and Sunset Park to actually understand why we claim that nature is one of the top reasons to move to Brooklyn!


Move here and you will be living in a home of art- Brooklyn

There are so many art galleries in Brooklyn

It is not a lie! Brooklyn is a home to different unique art galleries and music venues. There are so many opportunities for you to enjoy in art, in case you are an art loving person. There is Barclay’s centre, offering most various and most exciting events from sports and entertainment. Also, there is New York Transit Museum, which together with art galleries many more places to visit and enjoy different kinds of art, makes most of the people getting to know it so excited to make a move to Brooklyn!


Seaside proximity

Would you like to live in the city and then, just couple of minutes later, find yourself lying at the beach? If yes- move to Brooklyn!

One of the top reasons for many people living in other districts of New York, but also for newbies, to move to Brooklyn is the proximity of Brooklyn neighbourhoods to the Atlantic Ocean. It is so close that you might practically call the boardwalk next to the ocean the backyard of your home! It makes people happy just thinking of Brooklyn, and people living here happy to be there, in spite of the bad memories they have, facing the Hurricane many times in the past. The beauty of those beaches is commonly used in many films. One of them which you might find the most familiar is Brighton Beach.



The connection among the neighbours is more than friendly in Brooklyn

Choose Brooklyn as your destination of next relocation, and do not be surprised if your neighbours ask you to take care of their house until they are away, the only a couple of weeks since you came there! The spirit that can be felt within the neighbourhoods is, at least, not so frequent in such big cities. You might feel relaxed like living in a suburb, and yet enjoy the fact that you are living in a city offering anything you imagine!


You may have a car, but you would not need one if you move to Brooklyn

In all of New York everything is well connected- wherever you need to go, you just wait for the subway, and almost by the time you clap your hands, you are there! This also applies to Brooklyn. So, you have the option to own a car, being that there are parts of Brooklyn that, as we said, remind of the suburb area, which is the advantage comparing to almost all other parts of New York, especially comparing to Manhattan, but the public transportation is so great here that you do not need to have one.

Training and education

Decide what job you would like to do. Move to Brooklyn. Get educated. Get the job. Yes, it is that easy.

If you want to move a step forward in your career by finding a well-paid job and get an education to reach it, move to Brooklyn and get it! We will tell you that there are different kinds of colleges in Brooklyn, and together with training programs they can guarantee you a job that you would love! You may see some of the fastest growing companies, which are just a small part of fast growing companies and start-ups all over Brooklyn! So, make a move to Brooklyn, and by doing that make a move forward in your business life by getting the job in some of the aforementioned companies, or starting your own business, it is up to you, Brooklyn offers you an opportunity whatever you decide!