Pre-Move Measuring Checklist

If you are getting ready to move anytime soon, then you should know how many jobs you have to do. Such a big task like the move requires thorough organization. The proof of this is the list of obligations that seems like never ends. Right after you start making your moving checklist, you will realize this is going to be a serious mission. So, before time runs out, plan out the entire process in advance. Well, you should start with the most demanding items you own and decide what type of help you will enlist. Whether you are going to hire residential movers Brooklin has our ask friends for help, make sure to have several to-do lists. One of them should be a pre-move measuring checklist.

Create all the important lists that will ease up your move

When you know you have to relocate almost all of your possession, it could seem pretty impossible to start from one point. In case you don’t know where to start, we highly recommend you to follow the next advice. First thing first, you should make an inventory of almost all your possessions. Of course, some of the items you have will be stored inside one of the storage units Brooklyn, and make sure to have a list of those items as well. All the rest of your belongings need to be clean, protected and prepared for the big day. But one of the equally important things are measures of your belongings. The following examples will make you realize why you should not skip pre-relocation measuring. 

Create pre move-measuring checklist
Take time and do pre-move measuring following your checklist.

Why is a pre-move measuring checklist is so important to have?

Unluckily, some of your items and furniture pieces are so difficult to transfer from your home. A moving box full of books or clothes can fit through any hallway but, what can you do with your giant closet? Well, this is when you realize the importance of pre-move measuring. As you do not want to find out some of your furniture can’t fit through a narrow hallway, you need to have a proper solution ahead. So, before you hire a moving specialist such as our professional movers Brooklyn, make sure to finish measuring. Your movers should know precise measures of your possession to plan out how much time they will need for the move. Luckily, measuring your large items and furniture is not too difficult. Nevertheless, we will remind you what should your pre-move measuring checklist look like.

Pre-movement measuring checklist should include:

  • Large and bulky pieces of furniture
  • Bed, couches, and mattresses
  • Household appliances and electronics
  • Billiard table, piano, or any other large item.
Apartment during moving process
Do not forget to measure hallways, doorways, and large furniture pieces.

Make sure to do measuring in your new home as well

Probably, you can disassemble most of your furniture pieces. Nonetheless, some of your belongings will have to be relocated in one part. For this reason, make sure that those items can fit through front and secondary doors. But, we are not talking about current home doors but also new home doors. Extra advice, when making a pre-move checklist of your homes in New York, remember to pay attention to the biggest window in the house. This way you will solve the pass of the items that can’t fit through the doors.