Places for artists in Brooklyn

As you may know, the entire NYC area, along with the surrounding boroughs and neighborhoods became a center of the art scene in the US. And of all places in New York City, it’s Brooklyn that has the best art scene. So, if you are searching for a place to continue your artistic career, local movers Brooklyn NY claim there is no better area. Meanwhile, here are the best places for artists in Brooklyn you’ll love living in!

Williamsburg is the first among great places for artists in Brooklyn

If you only arrived in Brooklyn recently, you should begin your artistic journey in Williamsburg, the haven for hipsters and creative people. This whole area is famous for its street art, as well as hundreds of wonderful and mesmerizing murals all over Brooklyn. They were mostly created by local crews and artists, however, many murals were made by international artists. The collaboration between local street artists, international ones, and the NYC art scene is simply amazing. If you’re looking for inspiration, make sure you check out the murals in the following areas:

  • DUMBO walls.
  • Sunset Park – Industry City.
  • Crown Heights & Prospect Heights.
  • Clinton Hill.
  • Bed Stuy.
  • Fort Greene.
mural on the wall in Williamsburg
Williamsburg is the heart of the Brooklyn graffiti scene.

To be honest, there are plenty of murals in the entire Brooklyn area, but Williamsburg is where you can find some of the best ones. The street art culture is very much alive here and wall decorations are here to prove it. So, if you are interested in wall art, then Williamsburg is the place for you. If you like it here, just call your Williamsburg movers and you can become a part of Brooklyn street culture today.

Take a look at the art scene in Carroll Gardens

We are sure you are familiar with the brownstone buildings of Brooklyn. Most of them are located right here in the historic neighborhood of Carroll Gardens. This is one of the places for artists in Brooklyn and it is located between Gowanus and Red Hook, in the northwestern part of Brooklyn. This is a well-maintained community full of great restaurants, coffee places, galleries, parks, and everything else that might pique artists’ interests. But one of the better places in the surrounding neighborhood is Carroll Park. Watch Shakespeare adaptations by Smith Street Stage or have a picnic with your family. You can even join street art performers, painters, sculptors, or anyone else who is expressing their artistic side in Carroll Park.

Although, if you are searching for something more private, check out the Painted Pot. Create your very first paintings, pottery, or glasswork. But whatever you choose, we are sure you’ll blend in and meet a few friends along the way. Now, if you think this one is for you, contact Carroll Gardens movers and prepare for this journey. Carroll Gardens awaits!

Red Hook is among places for artists in Brooklyn as well

Back in the day, Red Hook was one of the busiest ship ports and one of the first places where people settled in New York. Nowadays it is a cozy and secluded neighborhood and an extremely popular one for artists. That being said, there are tons of galleries, open studios, and street art in Red Hook. Most studios are located on Van Brunt Street and some of them are well-known around the world. We recommend checking out the following studios:

  • Auguste Garufi.
  • Kentler International Drawing Space.
  • Kamau Studios.
  • The Still House Group.
  • Rhombus Space.
  • Pioneer Works.
Red Hook is one of the places for artists in Brooklyn
A former industrial and port zone, Red Hook became a haven for all artists out there.

These are located on Van Brunt Street, Lorraine Street, and Smith Street. Simply by checking out those three locations you’ll have your inspiration for a year. Or forever depending on what kind of art you are aiming for. However, the only downside to moving here is the fact that there is no subway access here. The nearest station is at the previously mentioned Carroll Gardens. You can reach it easily on foot, by bus, or go anywhere else via ferry. But when you draw the line, the fact that this is a somewhat remote area gives it a unique charm and a great sense of community. We are sure you’ll place this one at the top of your list. And if you do, get ready for the relocation and let your Red Hook movers help you become a part of this community as soon as possible.

Park Slope is an amazing place for people who like drawing inspiration from nature

Now let’s take a look at Park Slope because it is surely one of the best places for artists in Brooklyn. Not only for artists but for anyone who loves a diverse and cozy environment. Firstly, we are sure you have heard about Prospect Park, one of the prettiest and most frequently visited parks in this area. Some people even call it Brooklyn’s backyard, where you can have a picnic with your family and visit one of the cool restaurants or coffee places. Alternatively, you can always find numerous outdoor and indoor activities to do here.

Friends sitting in the park
Once you spend a day in Prospect Park, it will become your regular spot.

On the western side of the park, you’ll find the historic district, which has several monuments and residences worth checking out. After all, Park Slope was the site of the first revolutionary war encounter. Also, the New York State Militia was here in the 1890s. The building is still here today, serving as a gallery and hosting numerous social events and celebrations. So, Park Slope is perfect for historians, photographers, and painters. Although many sculptures sprouted, they were inspired by Park Slope history. No doubt you’ll have some ideas as well. So, if you like Park Slope, you are one phone call away from it. Call your Park Slope movers and start exploring this lovely neighborhood today.

Artists love living in Fort Greene

Fort Greene is a small and cozy Brooklyn neighborhood that is mostly revolving around art. We can talk about it all day, but it is far better to pay it a visit and see for yourself. But we’ll just say that this place is home to numerous actors, musicians, and historians. Also, the Pratt Institute and the Brooklyn Academy of Music are located here, so check them out. Also, make sure to explore the Fort Greene Park Conservancy project.

Fort Greene Park with murals
Take your time exploring the Forth Greene Park and its art!

Fort Greene wouldn’t be a typical Brooklyn neighborhood without murals on walls. Similar forms of art stretch through Greenpoint, Bushwick, and East Williamsburg. Sadly, every once in a while, these murals are repainted with new ones. This means if you are into street art, it is best to document while they are still fresh. Simply take photos or at least update your data with info from various websites and blogs. Luckily, there are thousands of like-minded people who make a living out of cataloging various forms of art. Street art is no doubt one of them. In the end, if you like Fort Green and what it has to offer, you should start preparing for the relocation. Contact your Fort Greene movers today and set things in motion.

Gowanus also makes a list of good places for artists in Brooklyn

Let’s focus on Gowanus for a moment. As a former industrial zone and one of the busiest canals in the country, it has a lot to offer. Most of the old buildings, warehouses, and landmarks are turned into galleries, workshops, office space, and much more. And as you may know, the whole industrial vibe is extremely popular among artists. Not only as the environment to work in but for the artwork as well. Luckily, there is a lot of it in Gowanus no matter if you are searching for outdoor or indoor activities. Some are pretty unique and we recommend you begin with the Gowanus Batcave. Explore this place that is frequently visited by artists from around the globe for purpose of photo shooting, graffiti art, filmmaking, and more. Also, you will find several rock concerts in popular Batcave throughout the year.

Brooklyn neighborhood
Gowanus is a piece of art as it is. You will fall in love with it the very same day you move in.

With such a colorful environment, you can expect the entire community to be engaged in various art festivals, events, classes, and workshops. You can sign up for a class at Twig, Brooklyn Glass, or Trestle, and learn to paint and create glasswork. Lastly, food, shopping, and entertainment scenes are on a high note. This can be expected with so many artists roaming around Gowanus. So, if you are hooked already, Gowanus can be under your feet within a few days. Get in touch with Gowanus movers and make your dreams come true.

Prepare for the relocation on time

While searching for places for artists in Brooklyn, you should take a look at the moving industry as well. You should get to know prices, services, and what movers can do for you in general. Simply read blogs, websites, reviews, and social media posts to obtain the info that is necessary. Of course, you can do this later but it would be much more valuable if you knock it off your list while already researching Brooklyn neighborhoods. This way you will avoid spending more time later when you might not have it. Therefore, browse local moving-related websites and test the waters. We are sure that professional movers Brooklyn are just around the corner. All you must do is check which ones are the best for you and give them a call once you are ready.

a couple packing items for the relocation
Be ready to relocate as soon as you find a good Brooklyn neighborhood. Prepare your moving plan on time.

Also, you must focus on a couple of things before hiring a moving company. Your movers must possess all the knowledge, experience, tools, and licenses required for this job. You can ask them about it or check websites like FMCSA or the Better Business Bureau. There you can confirm if a moving company is legit or not. Also, you’ll know what kind of service they provide and if it is any good. Luckily, most licensed moving companies are ok to work with. The only difference is the price for certain specific services. In your case, if you have art, you should hire an art moving team. Read more about it and talk to your movers to figure out if they have such a team or not. All in all, prepare for the relocation in advance and as soon as you decide on the neighborhood, start packing.

Movers can make this relocation much easier

Hopefully, you have found professional fine art movers New York that will take care of your relocation. If not, you must do it as soon as possible. We already mentioned how to conduct research for a good company. Now, let’s explain what you’ll gain from hiring one. Firstly, movers will take care of the physical labor instead of you. Also, they will handle the finesse and the fragile part if needed. In this case, the fine art moving team will transport your artwork to another location safely by using proper tools and adequate techniques.

Also, your moving representative should work with you and create a successful relocation plan. Most companies appoint one that will assist you throughout the entire process. Lastly, there are numerous moving services that can make your relocation safer and easier. For example, you can purchase packing services and have your movers pack everything. Then, you can rent a storage unit which is a good solution for storing artwork and tools. You can even turn one into a workshop. Lastly, you can purchase a full package where you must only supervise while movers take care of every single step of this process. To be honest, if you trust your movers, you do not even have to be there while they relocate your entire home. All in all, a good moving company is invaluable, and you should have one. Especially when moving artwork.

Now you know a bit more about places for artists in Brooklyn. Hopefully, we have helped you find a suitable one. If not, continue your search because Brooklyn and the entire NYC area are full of places where artists are worshiped. You’ll find one in a matter of hours! Good luck.