How not to get ripped off during moving?

An affordable move is often a tough job. No matter how much you try to plan all of it, something will always be in your way. For example, money! We live in a world of capitalism so naturally, you need to think through ways of managing it and spending it wisely.  One thing on which you could start spending less right now is moving. So, here are few tips on how not to get ripped off during moving.

Plan your move on time

Maybe not so obvious thing to consider when saving money on the move is planning. It is crucial because it gives you bigger freedom and more time to make everything right. Of course, there will be problems sometimes and you will be forced to make changes but essentially the basis must not change. If you do this, the stress of moving won’t be as big as it would usually be and also you will have more time to plan your financial construction and be sure not to get ripped off during moving.

Avoid rush and stress during moving
Make a plan before moving

Save money for the move!

As we said before, we live in a cruel world of capitalism so it is natural that people have a different budget for the move. There are a few ways to save money. For example, you could take some amount of money from your salary and take it into the bank. Banks nowadays are very reliable so you shouldn’t worry too much about them. Also, they have plenty of savings programs so you could pick whatever suits you best.

The second way to save more money is to do it yourself. Take some amount of your salary, but make sure that the rest of your salary is enough for your monthly costs, and put it in the box, drawer, etc. Problem with it is that you could easily give up, and spend that money on things you actually don’t need. By saying that, the third way of saving money is actually the most logical way. Cut down unnecessary costs! We can all agree that tobacco costs a lot. And it is pretty unhealthy. So, double benefit!

Save money every month until you have enough
Save money for the move

Avoid scammer companies- Don’t get ripped off during moving!

Easier said than done! There is a huge number of companies that represent themselves in the best ways possible. Be aware that some of them are scammers who only care to get your money. But this shouldn’t discourage you because there are ways to protect yourself. First of all, go online and check reviews of moving company that caught your eye. The most important information you need to find is if the company has a license to work. If it has, then you need to see whether it is a professional movers company or van lines company.  Second of all, ask people around you about their experiences. This is often the most useful information you can get. And third of all, contact the company and ask questions you have for them.  By using all of three you could be sure you don’t get ripped off during moving by being scammed.

Found a reliable company?

Once you found a company you trust, things should get easier. Before making an arrangement with the company you need to get an estimate for your move online. This is the raw estimate which can often vary depending on what specific service you need. Also, the size of your belongings has a role in the final estimate of your move. Once all of the variables add up in the estimate, you should get a binding contract that guarantees the final check won’t go any higher than estimated. This way you are protected from getting ripped off during moving.

Get information about insurance

This is a very important factor when picking a moving company. Every moving company has some kind of insurance by which it has the obligation to pay you if something happens during the moving process. This includes losing things, breaking things etc. The problem lies in the fact that every insurance policy is not the same. For example, if something breaks during the process and its price exceed the upper limit, you won’t get decent compensation for it. So, be aware of this fact and always ask for insurance information!

Pay at the end of the moving process. Don’t allow getting ripped off this way!

Many companies try to charge the arrangement right away. You must know that you have no obligation to do that. You don’t need to pay for anything until the company delivers your belongings into your new home. Some of the companies will ask for a deposit which usually shouldn’t go higher than 5% of the full price. So, don’t allow moving companies to charge you anything except 5%. Everything else you can and should pay at your new home.

This way you will not get ripped off during moving
Pay at the end of the moving process

Supervise the moving process

Once you make arrangements with the moving company, you must not relax. Maybe the company is legit, but workers are not. Companies cannot always know everything about their workers so there is always a chance some of them may be dishonest. If you have things that are more expensive, you should supervise the loading process, transportation, and unloading. Obviously, you shouldn’t do this in a rude manner but also you shouldn’t offer your help while supervising.  This way you keep an eye on workers while not giving them a chance to do anything suspicious and you can relax knowing you won’t get ripped off during moving this way.

Packing materials

When moving it is very important to get packing materials so your fragile things don’t break. You don’t need to pack everything carefully but if you are moving your art collection, glass thing, etc, you definitely need to pack them properly.  Here is the list of packing materials you should definitely use:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Packing tapes
  • Egg cartons
  • Packing markers
  • Bubble wrap

During life, people face different kinds of situations that are unpleasant. One of them is a scam when losing money. Scams during moving are a common thing which you can certainly avoid. Follow these tips and be sure not to get ripped off during moving.