New York vs Hamilton – where to move?

Choosing between the USA and Canada should be easy, but what to do when the cities are near such as NY and Hamilton, Ontario? A battle between New York vs Hamilton is hard, and the question is how to choose. We will show you some advantages and disadvantages to both cities and you will choose easier. Write down all the fact and calculate what option is better for you.

Moving and Living in New York

If you do not want to make moving mistakes, choose wisely where you will move. That means you should have all the facts about the place you want to move to. The population of NYC is about 8.7 but a number of tourists are every year higher and higher. It is a city that never sleeps, literally. If you want a vibrant life, it could be a place for you.

A view at New York at night.
New York is a place that does not sleep. It is a pro for someone, but for someone, it is a con.

Job market

A job market between New York and Hamilton cannot be compared. NYC is a center of the world and it is much bigger than Hamilton. One of the main reason why people move to NYC is a job opportunity because it is the financial and publishing capital of the USA and economic growth is strong. On the other hand, it is not too easy to make success in a career there. You have to be strong and persistent.

Pros of living in New York

There are many pros of living in New York, and these are some of them.

  • A subway system is amazing so you do not have to drive anywhere. Also, buses are taxis are everywhere.
  • There are a lot of people, so you will meet a lot of different persons. If you want to meet a celebrity, it is one of the places where you can.
  • You will be surrounded by museums, theaters, parks, clubs, restaurants, etc. It is hard to get bored in NYC.
  • Everything is near or it can be delivered to your home whenever you want.

Cons of living in New York

Even New York has some disadvantages of living there. It is normal so if you choose New York over Hamilton you should know all the facts.

  • Costs of a real estate are the most expensive in the USA. If you are moving alone in New York, you better find a roommate or even two.
  • Costs of living are very high too.
  • It is always crowded, so if you love peace it is probably not a perfect place for you.
  • People in big cities are often cold, so maybe you will feel alone in the beginning.

Moving and Living in Hamilton

If you want to consider moving to Hamilton, then you should know some facts about this city too. Moving from one apartment to another one is stressful, especially when moving to another city or state. But, when you are prepared and when you have all the right information, making a decision is not that hard. Hamilton is smaller than New York and it has a population of 540,000. Even if it is smaller and it does not have millions and million residents, but it has a lot to offer.

Niagara Falls.
Canada is an amazing place to live, not only because of Niagara Falls, but it has a lot to offer too.

Job market

In the 20th century, a Hamilton was an industrial center of Canada. In the 1990s, job opportunities dropped, but in recent years it is growing again. Now there are a lot of opportunities for a successful career, especially in construction, agri-food, and chemical engineering. Also, Hamilton has a lot of new restaurants, bars, and boutique hotels. If you want to move to Hamilton to get a job, first visit and arrange your move. A moving company will help you a lot with your relocation to Canada or from Canada too.

Pros of living in Hamilton, CA

Moving to Canada is exciting and living in Hamilton has pros and cons too. Here are some pros of living there.

  • Housing is more affordable than in New York. You can buy a perfect home for $400,000. When choosing between New York vs Hamilton, home prices may be a deciding factor.
  • Food in Hamilton is amazing.
  • It has a lot of parks, museums and other places where you can spend your free time.
  • Life is not that fast and loud as life in New York.

Cons of living in Hamilton, CA

Every city in the world has both sides, good and bad too. Nothing is perfect and these are some cons of living in Hamilton.

  • Struggling with parking is one of the cons.
  • When the summer comes, Hamilton is full of tourists and it is very crowded.
  • Pay attention to roaches when searching for an apartment.
  • Hamilton is getting more expensive, so if you want to move there, hurry.

Costs of living in New York vs Hamilton

Hamilton is much cheaper than New York, and living in Hamilton is more affordable and less stressful when it comes to money and finances. But keep in mind that the average income in Hamilton after taxes is $36,700 and average income in New York after taxes is about $6o,000.

  • Consumer prices are about 39.5 percent lower in Hamilton than in NYC.
  • Rent is 74.6 percent lower in Hamilton which is the biggest difference between New York and Hamilton. If you are moving to the first home you bought, the most important thing is to feel like home and relaxed.
  • Groceries Prices are 44.7 percent lower in Hamilton.
  • Local Purchasing Power is 24.19% higher in Hamilton.
Calculating the costs of living in NYC and Hamilton.
Calculate which city is better for you financially, New York vs Hamilton.


A “war” between New York vs Hamilton is depending on your budget, lifestyle, job, etc. Only you can make that decision. One of the good things is that those two cities are near each other. You will not need too much time from NYC to Hamilton or vice verse. Make a list of all the advantages and disadvantages and make a decision.