Moving your startup to Gowanus

One of the most crucial decisions you can make as an entrepreneur is where to locate your startup. Location is everything. No matter if your startup is a tech startup, basing it in the right location can boost your credibility, open up more business prospects, or even ruin your business. Moving your startup to Gowanus can do everything you want for your business. however, before you actually decide on the move, you should know what to expect. Start this process by hiring Brooklyn Movers New York to help you relocate!

Couple of things to know before moving your startup to Gowanus

Before you start packing your things and hiring Gowanus movers you should get to know more about this Brooklyn neighborhood. It is located on the Gowanus Canal in southwest Brooklyn. It was an industrial area during the late 1800s, a center for manufacturing and shipping. Because of that, the canal itself became extremely polluted and the water inside toxic. However, in 2010, the EPA allocated more than $500 million for the cleanup, which is supposed to end sometime this year.

Two Men Sitting Facing on Flat Screen Monitors
Gowanus has attracted a lot of tech startups ever since the redevelopment of this industrials style neighborhood

Today, this neighborhood has been completely revitalized. Thanks to the redevelopment efforts of the local municipality, business owners, and residents, Gowanus has completely been renewed. For the last decade, industrial warehouses have been turned into coworking centers. Following that, new restaurants, art galleries, and businesses opened their door in this buzzing and redeveloped Brooklyn neighborhood.

Moving your startup to Gowanus- you’re not alone

As we previously said, Gowanus has become a sprawling new neighborhood which begun attracting all sorts of business owners. None more than tech startups who saw the potential in the redevelopment and wanted some of that. Today, there are a lot of startups that are moving to Gowanus, starting with digital media startups to green agriculture on top of famous supermarkets. Gowanus has seen it all in the past decade.

Tips on moving your startup to Gowanus

No matter where you are moving to, the process is always the same. While it may seem straightforward, there are a lot of things you should plan before moving your startup to Gowanus that don’t just involve hiring long distance movers Brooklyn. To decide if moving is really what your startup needs, there are several things you should think about:

  • Do you have all the slate of resources open to you in your current location? If moving your startup to Gowanus helps you to open up more business opportunities, then it is an easy choice.
  • Are there any active investors in Gowanus that invest in your field of business?
  • Will moving your startup help you to understand and reach your market better?
  • Will there be more opportunities to acquire and learn from local talent in Gowanus than in your current location?
People looking at information on a paper to decide if moving your startup to Gowanus is a good idea
Moving your business to Gowanus should be an informed decision

If the answer to any of these is not a firm yes, you should keep researching. Since Gowanus is very popular among New York tech startups, it is likely that you will benefit from the move. Moving your startup to Gowanus might be exactly the thing you need. However, startups require a lot of work in order to be successful.

Planning your move

While the logistics of your relocation can be handled by local office movers New York, relocating a business requires a lot more things to be done. Startups usually have limited resources, and that can make running a business a bit more challenging. Not to mention the move itself. While there are certain tradeoffs you should be prepared to make, making sure you plan your move down to the tiniest detail should be non-negotiable.

Defining the relocation budget

The first step in planning your move should be to define your budget. Before you start thinking about the tasks that need to be done to successfully relocate your business, you should define a financial framework to guide you through the process. Some parts of the move can be DIYed, some are not completely necessary. However, to know what kind of moving service you need, you should define your budget and stick to it. In this budget, you should not only calculate the cost of moving itself, but the new offices and furniture you will need.

After you’ve defined your budget, you can compare quotes from different moving companies to find the one that fits your budget and needs best. You can think of hiring a moving coordinator that will help you relocate to Gowanus. After that, you can begin the move by doing an inventory of everything you need to move. And we mean everything. The next step is to plan out your new layout. For this, you will probably have to visit your new offices with your inventory list to make sure nothing gets forgotten.

Streamlining your relocation

For startups, it’s important not to waste any more time on things like relocation than necessary. To make sure everything gets done in a specific time frame, there are a couple of things you should do. Firstly, you should put a plan in place for working from home during the move. This will help avoid any loss of working time. Secondly, having a moving manager will help you keep you focused on helping your startup flourish while they are dealing with the details of your relocation.

Having your employees work from home during the relocation will help you stay on track with your business goals

Another thing you should make sure of is all the documentation and leases necessary. Before signing a lease, you should get to know the neighborhood better. Not only that, you should for any future Gowanus rezoning that may affect your business. Dealing with paperwork is the most crucial part of your move, so be sure that you deal with all the bureaucracy right after you’ve settled in. Lastly, to add a special touch, make sure you have a marketing strategy in place to announce your move and new office launch to your clients and partners.

Final thoughts

Moves can bring opportunity to any business. Making sure you do it right with the right professionals is of utmost importance. Hopefully, this guide helped you in your decision and plans for moving your startup to Gowanus. For any additional help, you can contact us for a quote.