Moving your piano to Carroll Gardens

A piano is a beautiful instrument. In some places, it even represents a status symbol. It’s very expensive and heavy. And exactly because people think it’s so massive and heavy, they forget how delicate it is. Depending on the type of piano it can vary in size and weight. Also, you might be out of shape, and carrying a piano is no easy task. But don’t worry, it’s not you – it’s difficult even for the fittest people. So to avoid injuries and health issues your best choice would be to use professional movers when moving your piano to Carroll Gardens, and who better to help you than Carroll Gardens movers who specialize in piano moving?

Moving your piano to Carroll Gardens with piano movers

We can’t stress enough how important it is to use professionals when moving your piano. You might think you and your friends might be able to handle it, but even if you pick it up and carry it with no problems, a piano is full of strings and delicate parts that can be damaged easily during the move. The best possible way is to check out piano movers Brooklyn to find reputable professionals to take care of your piano.

moving your piano to Carroll Gardens is a big job
Don’t attempt to move pianos alone

Know your piano

There are different types of pianos and every piano has its style. Depending on which type of piano it is it will differ in size and weight. Regardless of whether you or NYC movers are moving the piano, it’s important to know in advance what to expect.

  • Spinet – This type of piano is usually the smallest piano you can find in someone’s home. They are up to 3ft tall and 58 inches wide, but even if they seem small, they are usually around 300 lbs, so it’s not an easy task to move it.
  • Studio or a Large Upright Piano –¬† The smaller studio ones are around 500, while the large upright ones can be up to a half a ton so it’s a huge job that you shouldn’t attempt with friends.
  • Grand pianos – This type of piano is rarely seen at someone’s home. It’s very low and takes a huge chunk of space in your room. There are ones that are smaller and are around 500 pounds, up to the big concert pianos that as heavy as 1200 pounds and cover around 9 feet.
Boy playing the piano
Concert pianos are extremely heavy

Difficulties of moving your piano to Carroll Gardens  by yourself

You might be a strong healthy individual, but still, you can’t know the piano better than a piano moving professional. It’s a huge, bulky instrument that is at the same time very delicate. Every vibration while moving might damage its strings or keys. Any type of hit against the wall can leave marks on your expensive piano. So to avoid playing the virtual piano, avoid moving by yourself at all costs!

Your move will be easier if moving your favorite instrument isn’t something to worry about. We gave you all the reasons why moving your piano to Carroll Gardens should be a job left to the professionals. You don’t have to think about how to fit the piano through the door. Your only concern should be to hit that keys right and make beautiful music.