Moving your art in NYC during the fall

Moving is a scary process because it includes a lot of change. Moving is especially difficult when it comes to your fragile items, like precious artwork or dear family photos. Your expensive belongings will be safe with Brooklyn Movers New York. Artwork can be large and bulky, and the items like the glass and frame, that are supposed to protect it end up damaging it during a move. But if you pack it properly, you can avoid damage while moving your art in NYC during the fall.

Needed equipment

  • Multiple sized boxes (getting the right size of boxes is crucial for moving your art in NYC the proper way)
  • Packing tape
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Tape

Moving your art in NYC – how to do it

Moving your artwork without damaging it is difficult, especially during fall. That is why it is recommended to hire a fine art moving service to help you.

Match the size of the boxes with the artwork size

The first thing you need to do is sort your artwork. Small and medium-sized pieces can often be packed together. If it is large pieces that you own, it is better to pack each one separately in a box that is slightly larger than the frame itself. Moving companies often offer special moving boxes that are suited for relocating artwork. Sometimes it is difficult to find specialty boxes. In this case, you can take a normal box and flatten it. But keep in mind that the box needs to be bigger than the picture.

Pile of different sized boxes
Boxes come in various sizes, so make sure to pick the size according to your artwork

Put an X on the glass

If there is a glass covering, mark an X on it with masking tape. Doing this will prevent the glass from shattering or moving around too much in case it breaks.

Protect the face of the artwork

If there is no glass over your artwork, protect the painted part by wrapping it in a few layers of pallet wrap or regular kitchen plastic wrap.

Wrap it in packing paper or bubble wrap

When wrapping in paper, the paper piece needs to be twice the size of the frame. Put the glass side down against the paper. Wrap the piece in the paper like you would wrap a present. For easier packing of your artwork, hire a packing service that will do it for you. Never wrap artwork in a newspaper tho, because even if it works well for padding it could leave marks. Packing tape should be put both lengthwise and widthwise to hold the paper in place. The same process should be repeated with the bubble wrap on top of the paper for extra security. If you are packing smaller art pieces in the same box, wrap every individual one up to prevent damage.

Person wrapping an object in packing paper
Wrapping artwork in paper will add an extra layer of security during the transition process

Test movement before moving your art in NYC

Before you seal the box, gently close it and move it around a little to check for movement. If you feel like the things are moving even a little, add crumbled newspaper to prevent them from shifting during transport.

Label the box

Mark the box on both sides with the content, label it as fragile and add the room where it needs to be put in upon moving in.

Moving your art in NYC – conclusion

It is really important to pack correctly in order to move your valuables safely. If you do everything properly, there is no need to worry, because everything will get to the destination intact. We wish you an easy and safe relocation!