Moving from Tucson to NY – how to do it?

Moving from Tucson to NY can be a major step up in life. Maybe you found a great new job in The Big Apple. Maybe you’re moving there to be with loved ones. Perhaps you just want to live in one of the world’s most famous cities. Whatever the reason for your relocation might be,  you will be facing a major change in scenery. While that does bring with itself a lot to be excited for, there are some things you might want to keep in mind. After all, the change in scenery and lifestyle is great, but it is a change and in the case of moving from Tucson to NY a substantial one. So read on to find out how to best handle your move and even enjoy the process itself!


When it comes to moving, planning is very important. After all, a change of home is a change of environment. One could argue it’s one of the biggest life changes a person can go through. This goes double for moving long distance, like moving from Tucson to NY. Therefore, we cannot stress enough how important planning really is here. Not only will you need to organize your move over such a  great distance but you will also need to prepare for the differences between the two.  So, let’s talk about those first.


Every move is a feat of logistics. You need to organize your time in such a way that you feel as little moving-related stress as possible. After all, you shouldn’t ignore just how dangerous stress can be. Just keep in mind how hectic a move can be. To avoid that chaos, start planning for it well in advance. Therefore it might be best if you formed a moving calendar. Write down all the tasks you will need to perform, and spread them out over the planned period.

a person using a laptop
When it comes to moving from Tucson to NY good planning is very important

One thing that experienced movers, like Moving Buddies Tucson Arizona, might tell you is that you should set aside 6 to 8 weeks before the move for all the move related tasks. In that time you should do all the researching, packing, tying up any loose ends and finally moving. We can’t stress enough how vital rest is. People have a tendency to rely on themselves to power through work and move-related tasks and leave them for the last moment. This results in fatigue, which leads to mistakes and generally stressful situations. Instead, plan your time so you work on your move just enough every week that you don’t get too tired from it. One thing you could also do, if you have a job or studies, is to leave one day of the weekend free, just for rest.  It will do you a lot of good.

Find a reliable mover

Talking about an organization, one of the most important things you need to decide before forming a moving calendar is to decide who will be conducting the move. Seeing how moving from Tucson to NY is a long-distance move, it might not be advisable to conduct the move yourself. Instead, you should look up various moving companies and check out what are the different moving assistance options to choose from. This is especially true if you are an elderly person moving you’re moving with valuable furniture or artwork. The reason why it may not be smart to conduct the move yourself is the distance. You will have to drive across the US with all your belongings in tow. It’s not only fatiguing, it’s risky as well. On the other hand, letting the professionals handle the move, will only leave you with organizing your own trip there.

Research a neighborhood

Another thing you should do before starting your move is looking into where you will be moving. When it comes to moving from Tucson to NY there is a lot of difference. Unless you already know which neighborhood in NY you want to move to, you can check out the following neighborhoods that might remind you of your old home:

  • Greenpoint – might remind you of Armory Park
  • Bay Ridge – might remind you of Iron Horse
  • Astoria – resembles Armory Park and Pie Allen in Tucson
  • Riverdale – is a mix of El Presidio and Pie Allen

One thing you should keep in mind when choosing a neighborhood in NY is the distance to your work and your kid’s places of education. This is because New York is huge and also because it can get serious traffic jams.

Things to keep in mind when moving from Tucson to NY

Before you start packing up for your move from Tucson to NY, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind. These are the result of the difference between the two and can have a major impact on how you live your life. So, we thought it would be best to mention them here.


One major difference that you will unavoidably feel when moving from Tucson to NY is the climate. While Tucson is generally warm and dry, New York experiences cold seasons with a lot of rain and snow. Sometimes the snowstorms get so severe the city practically shuts down for a time. So, prepare accordingly. Purchase warm winter clothes, preferably in Tucson, as NY is notoriously expensive.

A snowstorm in NYC. When moving from Tucson to NY be aware of the climate difference.
New York is known for its severe snowstorms

The way of getting around

Another major difference between NY and Tucson is how people get around. Living in Tucson, you’re probably used to getting around in a car. In New York, however, a lot of people don’t have a car. Why? Well, first of all, the public transport network is very developed, so people use that to get around. Especially with all the traffic jams. Secondly, having a car in New York brings with it a lot of complications. Free parking is rare, but unoccupied parking spots are even rarer. You might spend up to 45 minutes cruising, looking for a place to park. Then there is the alternate side parking, that will have you moving your car once a week to the other side of the street to allow street cleaners access. Which can also mean losing a spot. For more people, this is just far more trouble than worth

Cars on a NYC street
New York Traffic makes public transport preferable for most people

Taking the big step

As you can see, moving from Tucson to NY is a big step. However, it shouldn’t intimidate you. Just take the time to plan it right and you will be fine. And after the move is done, get exploring. After all, New York is such a vibrant city with so many things to see. We are certain that you’re going to enjoy it!