Moving to Red Hook: pros & cons

There are many stereotypes about living in New York. Namely, many people believe that New Yorkers are dying from the desire to live in Manhattan. Besides, many people believe there are very few reasons to move to Brooklyn or its areas, except in cases of extreme necessity. Is it just a myth or a truth? As we have been in the moving business for many years, Brooklyn Movers New York is here to clarify those facts. In case you are planning to move to one of the Brooklyn neighborhoods, you will find this article very useful. Especially if you consider moving to Red Hook.

Pros and Cons moving to Red Hook

First and foremost, let’s be honest and agree that there is no perfect location where you can settle for an entire life. Your needs and priorities will not be the same for eternity. For example, your decision about a new home depends if you are a student or a family with four and more members. Besides, even if you find your current neighborhood perfect, it does not mean this will last forever. As many obstacles change, you may realize your current neighborhood can’t offer you all that your family needs anymore. But are there enough reasons to move to Brooklyn and its neighborhoods?

As Red Hook is half industrial and half residential, it got a huge impact on the prices of living here. Life in New York can be expensive, so the cost of living is important. NYC apartments at relatively bargain prices can still be found in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Red Hook. Unquestionably, this is especially true when we compare to the community’s next-door neighbors in Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens. You will find affordable apartments here and many have amazing views of the city skyline.

Moving to Red Hook
This area is half industrial and half residential.

Things you should know before moving to Red Hook

Red Hook is well known as one of New York’s oldest neighborhoods. This area has one of the best views of Lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty. So take a walk down Red Hook’s cobblestone streets and you will take a trip back in time surely. Because there is so much history to be found in this community. On the other hand, you should consider your moving budget before moving to Red Hook. Not only you will need to find affordable moving companies in Brooklyn but also you will need your car here. Additionally, consider getting a bike after you move to Red Hook. There are plenty of great biking trails in Red Hook!

riding a bicycle
Columbia Street waterfront has a bike path to Brooklyn Bridge Park that has just been built and is great.

Advantages and disadvantages

Unfortunately, Red Hook offers little in terms of transportation. The lack of a subway line in Red Hook and public transportation can be a problem after moving to Red Hook. Otherwise, the NY Water Taxi does exist here and ferries passengers to and from Ikea and Fairway which is the neighborhood’s gourmet food center. Despite the area’s lack of transportation, housing prices are fairly competitively with the rest of Brooklyn. One-bedroom apartments rent for about $1500- $2500per month. Valentino Pier has one of the best views anywhere in Red Hook. Besides, there is a nearby grassy park and picnicking area perfect for a weekend outing or weekday lunch date.