Moving to Park Slope with a pet

Moving brings with it a lot of changes and stress, even if those changes are positive. Relocation can be one of the most stressful events in life. But not only for you, but for your pets as well. As you pack up with residential movers Brooklyn and you won’t even notice your pets’ reactions. And they will be confused by the new situation. That’s why it’s important that you deal with this problem. So make the efforts to move with your beloved pet as stress-free as possible. Our faithful companions cannot understand why everything has changed. That’s why owners need to be careful when moving to Slope Park with a pet.¬†We have some tips to help you get your four-legged friends into a new home in a safe and happy way.

Finding the right home for your pet

Your new home should be comfortable for you and your pet. Visit it before you hire Brooklyn movers, move in and see if it is safe for your pet. Do you have to deal with the dogs in the neighborhood? Check the safety of your neighborhood, as you will be out walking the dog day and night. If you have a cat, make sure the new space can be set up vertically. Cats love this kind of space, like shelves on top of furniture. Also, make sure all openings and passages are closed. You never know what these curious beings, can come up with.

a cat in a suitcase
When moving to Park Slope with a pet, it’s important to plan all the details in advance in order that your beloved four-legged friend can handle the change with as little stress as possible.

Dogs need space to run and walk around. So visit the neighborhood and check out the green areas you can use. If there is a fenced yard, you have an advantage. Mark all potentially dangerous areas, then secure them before moving in.

Introduce your pet to packing materials and boxes

Pets love to play with empty boxes and bags. Start packing early so your pet gets used to packing materials. Put items you won’t be using in the boxes. You can do this a few weeks in advance. Let him/her sniff the boxes and slowly get used to the new situation. This will help you not run through the boxes when the Park Slope movers start packing.

meet your pets with packing boxes when moving to Park Slope with a pet
Allow your pet to become familiar with the boxes and other packing supplies.

Consult a vet before moving to Park Slope with a pet

The vet will help you deal with stressful situations during the move. Take your pet to the vet a few weeks early so you can do the following:

  • Make sure your pet has received all necessary vaccinations (you may need a valid rabies certificate).
  • Check the animal’s health condition
  • If it is under treatment, obtain the necessary prescriptions
  • Ask a veterinarian for advice on how to help your pet cope with a difficult situation and reduce anxiety.
  • Check if additional vaccinations are required if you are moving to another country
  • Obtain a copy of the health card if you are moving from one vet to another

Learn about new pet regulations if you are moving to a different city

When you rent an apartment or a house, find out what the contract says about your pet. If you are moving with a long distance movers Brooklyn to a new city, check the leash laws for dogs. Update the information online if your dog or cat is microchipped. It is important that you and your pet arrive ready in your new home. Therefore, follow all regulations that will apply in the new environment.

Plan your journey

It is very important that you start preparing your pet for travel in time. This means that you gradually get him used to crates and cars. Leave their meals in open crates first, then in crates with closed doors. Take short car rides with your pet. If you are coming to Slope Park from another country, make sure you have pet accommodations. While your belongings are in the safe hands of packing services Brooklyn, you ensure a safe road trip with your four-legged family member. On the web, you will find many accommodations that are on your way. Just be sure to ask because not all pets will be welcome in the accommodation. It is not the same if your pet has special needs or if you are traveling with a snake.

three dogs in the trunk
It’s much safer and less stressful to travel by car with your pet.

Plan breaks during the trip

During the trip, when you take breaks to rest, be aware that it is not safe to leave your pet alone in the car. In some countries, this is illegal. Be sure to stop at parks or truck stops where pets are allowed. Take meals in the car or take him to pet stores during the break. Your pet will certainly be welcome there.

Moving day

Maintaining a daily routine with pets is very important. So try to maintain a normal routine on moving day. This is very important to avoid unnecessary stress. Pack up personal items such as bedding, food bowls, and toys at the very end. If you have a cat, the day before the move, put it in a room and keep it there until moving day. Otherwise, it won’t be able to cope with the new situation. Prepare an “overnight kit” with enough food, water, sleeping mats, and toys. All of this will be on hand during the first few days of moving to a new home.

Moving into your new home and your new daily routine

Moving to Park Slope with a pet will take time for everyone to adapt to their new home. Let your pet check out the house and yard to make sure it’s safe. Keep all of his belongings (food bowl, water, sleeping mat, crate, litter box) within easy reach. While unpacking and settling into a new home, you will find yourself in a chaotic situation. Try to maintain a normal routine with your pet. Feed him at the same time. Walking and resting at the same pace as before the move. Take your pet for long walks if he is used to it. As a family member, try to make it as easy as possible for him to get used to all the new changes. Remember, he’s always with you, for better or for worse.