Moving to Gowanus with your significant other

Are you considering moving to Gowanus with your significant other? Should you take a chance on this area? Is it truly a good idea to relocate there? Stay with us if you want to find out. We’ve got all the information you’ll need about Gowanus right here! The neighborhood features everything you’d expect from Brooklyn, including a thriving art scene and a variety of interesting bars and clubs. Consider all of the things you can do in Brooklyn if you move to Gowanus! Our information will undoubtedly assist you in transitioning into your new home and finding reliable Gowanus movers.

Did you know?

Let us first introduce you to Brooklyn and Gowanus. Here’s a list of interesting facts you probably didn’t know:

  • Brooklyn (also known as Kings County) is the largest and most populated of New York City’s five boroughs (69.5 square miles).
  • On the Gowanus, you’ll find one of the city’s earliest concrete structures.
  • Nobody actually knows where the name ”Gowanus” came from. There are other ideas, some of which link it to Native American origins.
  • According to 17th-century records, oysters in Gowanus used to grow to be a foot long.
  • During the Revolutionary War, the Gowanus played a significant role. Retreating American troops crossed the canal at the Battle of Brooklyn (also known as the Battle of Long Island) in August 1776.
  • Brooklyn, which was previously its own city until the late 1800s, would be the third-largest metropolis in the United States, with over 2.5 million residents, after Los Angeles and Chicago.
  • Ice baseball, America’s coldest pastime, was born on the banks of the Gowanus Canal.
Brooklyn bridge
Brooklyn was once a whole city for itself

Where is Gowanus exactly?

Even if you live in New York. it’s possible that you’ll have to think for a while before remembering this neighborhood. Why? Let’s just say gentrification has been a little late to the party in this area. Unlike many other areas of Brooklyn, this is an ex-industrial area that is only now seeing residential growth and urbanization. It is partly urban and partly industrial, which is a terrific mix for the younger crowd. Cozy boutiques, art galleries, coffee shops, and bars are springing up all throughout Gowanus. Many historic buildings are being converted into living areas, and the region is becoming increasingly crowded.

Inexpensive real estate and unique architecture

In recent decades, artists have dominated this neighborhood, attracted by low rent and the peculiar fascination of the Gowanus Canal. One of the reasons that people have been drawn to the area for the past ten to fifteen years is because of its distinct appearance. There are several four-story or smaller structures, some Victorian architecture, gentle brownstones, residential streets, and residences with yards.

To-do list regarding moving to Gowanus with your significant other

Congratulations are in order! It takes a lot of courage to decide to move in with your partner. Even if you’re willing to take a chance and move in with them, keep in mind that cohabitation is difficult for even the most considerate and communicative couples. Remember the following ground principles to make your move go more smoothly and stress-free.

Prepare accordingly

For a good transition, planning is essential. To avoid any complications that could cause you to lose time, your moving plan must include every detail. Everything from an inventory list to moving company selection should be covered. Start by organizing your belongings room by room, separating what you need from what you might be able to get rid of before the move. In case you need some help, don’t hesitate to seek for professional packing service.

Find a reliable mover before moving to Gowanus with your significant other

Finding a professional Brooklyn moving company to perform the move for you in a safe and effective manner is the most critical stage in this process. A helping hand goes a long way, whether you’re moving from another borough or another state.

A moving truck
A professional Brooklyn moving company will make the transition smooth

You n=might be able to pull it off on your own, but is it worth it? You’re looking at a complicated, time-consuming process that could lead to blunders and even injury. So it’s better to leave it to the professionals. Leave the difficult concerns in the hands of the top Brooklyn movers and concentrate on more essential matters.

Create a budget

Before you start packing boxes, talk about your finances. This allows you to put money away for the transfer. Moreover, don’t forget to discuss bills, savings, and other financial expectations. It will help alleviate future conflicts. Making a bill-paying system, opening a joint bank account, and being clear about your spending goals will make your first few months of living together go much more smoothly.

Decide on home decoration

Before getting too far into decorating, it’s a good idea for couples moving in together to talk about their home design preferences. It will be more comfortable for everyone if you can work together to locate wall art, furniture, and paint colors that you and your partner both like.

Decorating a home after moving to Gowanus with your significant other
Decide on your home decoration together

You don’t want just one person decorating with all of their stuff and the other person having no input! Reliable furniture movers NYC will make relocating your precious furniture pieces a piece of cake.

Decide on ”me” time

Making sure you get adequate alone time is food advice if you plan on moving to Gowanus with your significant other. Because you may be home at the same time due to similar work patterns, discuss the time when you can have the apartment to yourself or possibilities to go to one of local cafes in Gowanus for some alone time.

Divide household chores

You hate cooking. Your partner dislikes washing dishes. One of the benefits of living together with your partner is that you can always split the chores up. However, what happens when it comes to chores both of you detest doing – such as cleaning the toilet, folding and ironing the laundry, getting the groceries from a supermarket, or taking out the trash? While it’s nearly impossible to reach a perfect split of chores, you can still develop a mutually-liked plan you both agree on.

You’re ready to go

Moving in together is a major step for every couple. Whether you’ve been dating for a few months or are about to tie the knot, there are some minor details to iron out before proceeding. Reading through our comprehensive guide, on the other hand, will surely make moving to Gowanus with your significant other as stress-free as possible.