Moving to Brooklyn with young children

Moving with children is specific in every way. You must take much more things under consideration. Also, you must be much more careful. Your responsibility is much bigger, and therefore the effort should be too. There are different things you need to be prepared for when relocating with your children. Especially when you are moving to Brooklyn with young children, being that you are moving to such a big city as NYC. New York City is excellent opportunity to provide your children with good life. At least with great chances to achieve a good life. But you need to be wise. You need to be careful. And you need to make a plan how to move and start your life in Brooklyn with young children. And to stick to that plan. Because if you don’t have a plan, and you don’t stick to it, NYC will eat you alive!

Advantages of planned moving to Brooklyn with young kids

What you should know prior to your relocation to Brooklyn with your children

Top Brooklyn adjacencies for families

Moving to Brooklyn with young children- is there any alternative?
Moving to Brooklyn with young children is the best decision you could make

When you are making a decision on moving with children, the first thing that comes to your mind is to pick a good neighbourhood. New York is a huge city. Brooklyn, being part of it, is also enormous. Therefore, there are various opportunities where you could relocate. We provide you here with some of recommended Brooklyn kids friendly neighbourhoods:

  • Williamsburg- The kids-friendly environment with opportunities for adults to have fun!
  • Cobbie Hill/Carrol gardens- Great opportunities for family fun, if you move to this Brooklyn neighbourhood
  • Park slope- You could assume this adjacency was built for moving to Brooklyn with young children

Williamsburg, stellar Brooklyn neighbourhood for families

Moving to Brooklyn with young children would give you many opportunities, such as walking next to the ocean, kids love that!
You would have the opportunity to walk alongside the ocean if you move to Brooklyn with your children

The main reason, and the one to recommend it the most, why we chose Williamsburg as the top place for families with young children to move to is that it is home to different events for children (i.e. Smorgasburg), and also terrific open playing spaces likeTwinkle.

Also, the G and L train stations here are said to be a chilling place for families with young kids. Also, you can have fun going to bowling for families here, where you actually can bowl together with your children.

Cobbie Hill and Carrol gardens, old-fashioned children friendly Brooklyn adjacencies

Everything that makes the most important places (Jalopy theatre, historic brownstones etc) of these two neighbourhoods is old-fashioned, but in a charming manner. This is one of the most attractive parts of Brooklyn, being set on the edge of the Atlantic ocean. There are different possibilities for your all family to have fun together. You may go to the theatre, walk alongside the coast of the Atlantic ocean, go for a dinner out at various restaurants adjusted to families etc. When looking for nice, tucked place in Brooklyn to relocate your family to- These neighbourhoods are a logical choice to make.

Park Slope, Brooklyn neighbourhood looking like it’s made for families with kids only

Moving to Brooklyn with young children, and not considering Park Slope as the destination fro your relocation would be like being hungry and not considering to eat! You name what a neighbourhood for moving with children should contain, and if Park Slope doesn’t have it, then we are wrong. There are terrific schools, amazing family restaurants, beautiful playgrounds and so on. Besides those places, you can take your children to the zoo, or have a barbeque in various nature spots here, chances are great, you get to pick how you will enjoy your family time if you are moving to Brooklyn with young children picking Park Slope to settle down.

Minivan is unneeded in case you decide to move your family to Brooklyn

There are so many ways of transportation in New York, that you don’t even need to consider having a car. Everywhere you intend to go- you may arrive by subway, cab, uber etc. That is maybe the top important advantage of moving your family to NYC. What makes this even more important is that the aforementioned ways of transportation are very cheap. So you need to have no worries when it comes to commuting fro a job, or to a kindergarten or anywhere else. The price you pay is very reasonable, and yet you arrive fast enough. Much faster than if you drove by your own car.

Unlike many people would think, New York has so many parks for your children to enjoy!

It is often recommended to move to a suburban area when your children arrive. We advise you completely the opposite. We advise you to move to the very centre of the world. Moving to Brooklyn is moving to an urban area, ok, that is true.

Moving to Brooklyn with young children gives them an opportunity to have fun 24/7
Make your children smile- Move to Brooklyn with them and let them enjoy all the entertainment NYC offers!

But can you find a city, or suburban area with more parks than there are in this neighbourhood of the city of Gotham? Try. We did. And we did not manage to do that. That’s why New York is our recommendation for you to relocate to with your family, especially if you have young children.Moving to Brooklyn with young children gives them entertainment 24/7

Known a city that never sleeps, New York offers you 24 hours to pick where and how you are going to have your kids entertained. So in case your children (like mine for example) are eager to have fun at past midnight, you would be able to find a place that makes them enjoy life even then! It is not that we recommend you to allow children to be awake at that time, we’re just saying in case that happens, you would be able to make them happy, and remove the stress out of your life.

Relocating to Brooklyn with your kids means securing them top medical protection!

New York, as the capital of the world for many things, is the best place for medical protection. We’re not saying it’s the most affordable. But, when you are in a need of a good doctor, do you really put money in front of competence? It’s not like you’re gonna ask for a high competent doctor every day. But in case you need one, it is good to be close to him/her, isn’t it?

If you are having second thoughts on coming to Brooklyn with your children, tell me if you can find a children museum as fun as the one in Brooklyn: