Moving to Brooklyn – The Truth

 “When it comes to moving, I think we can all agree that – first of all – it requires a lot of energy. There’s a certain amount of effort that needs to be put into planning, especially for figuring out the details and the how-to’s, not to mention the rest of the hustle that potentially leaves us wondering if it’s all worth it. One thing that can be of a big help is if we know where and why we’re moving. I’m talking about a planned moving to a new potential home, not about a heavy circumstance of being kicked out of a current living space, relocating for job purposes, etc. But even if that happens, hey, it’s not the end of the world!

Now, we can go in two different directions from here: you’re either completely lost as to where you’d like to go, or, you’ve already made up your mind. In both cases, my answer is going to be – Brooklyn. Asking yourself, why move to Brooklyn? Well, stick around to find out.

History Lesson Before Moving to Brooklyn


Let me start by painting you a word picture of why I find this place to be so fascinating, whether you’re a single guy/girl looking for a new place, or a family of four, wanting to change their everyday scenery, due to many possible reasons. Brooklyn is one of the five boroughs of New York City, and its total area is roughly 97 square miles, out of which 26 is water. One of the things I find amazing is that it borders the Jamaican Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. The only thing separating it from Manhattan is the East River. I’m already starting to see some good sides of this: it’s close to the cultural capital of the world, yet far enough from all the fuss and the crowd. Imagine living in New York City, and being so lucky to have a backyard, with maybe a nice tree in it. The reason I’m mention backyard and trees is simple. I grew up in a village, but am currently living in a big city. So, I know a bit about the chaos and the noise people and traffic tend to create, but I still love my weekend getaways to a peaceful countryside. And if you’re a type of person that loves having a place to drink their tea or coffee in the warm summer mornings, a personal resort in the middle of a crowded city will suit you just fine.

Five Reasons to Move to Brooklyn


Moving on to some general points and perks of choosing Brooklyn as one’s dwelling place. Firstly, wouldn’t you like to actuallyQ be able to witness those amazing, pink sunsets? If the answer is yes, say no more. Brooklyn is just the place for you. Unlike the oh-so-urban Manhattan, with its beyond tall skyscrapers, Brooklyn has far less tall buildings, so you can actually see the sky. Some other perks included, but not limited to:”

  1. Going to the beach which is only a subway away. Think Cony Island, or Brighton Beach.
  2. Many fun things to do at the park. Like jogging? Nice. Want to walk your dog on an early Sunday morning, before having brunch with your friends? So do I. Feel like spending some quality time with a book, while listening to your favorite Spotify playlist, on a blanket, under the shade of a huge oak? Who doesn’t?! These are just some of the cool things you could do at the park in Brooklyn, because they lack one thing. Huge crowds.
  3. Are you a chatty person, that likes to exchange a few pleasantries before leaving for work in the morning? Great! You have the potential of meeting many great neighbors, which you’ll become quite close with, thanks to the more intimate atmosphere of a smaller neighborhood. And yes, Brooklyn does indeed have neighborhoods. In case you were wondering, it’s not just one huge mess of a place.
  4. Buying things on a budget. Now, let’s say you’re just an average Joe, such as the guy writing this post, meaning you probably can’t afford the lavish prices of a super urban city. No worries, my friend. Everything in Brooklyn is cheaper. And I do mean everything! The food, the rent, the clothes.. So if you feel like looking fashionable without spending a small fortune, or eating healthy without it costing you an arm and a leg, this is it!
  5. The fifth, and the final one is for all of my social butterflies. Where you at, let me see them hands in the air! Brooklyn provides you with many fun things to do in your spare time. If you want to pick up a book for that reading in the park, just stroll over to the Brooklyn Public Library. If you’re more on the artsy side, I’m sure that Brooklyn Museum will not leave you indifferent. And if there is at least a bit festive part of you, I’m sure that you’ll enjoy the West Indian American Labor parade, or the Mermaid Parade. Did I mention it’s free?

This were just my five tips for moving to Brooklyn, but rest assured that there is something fun for every type of person to do, in this greatly underestimated part of the world. One of the many reasons I’m fascinated by Brooklyn so much is because I like having the best of both worlds: the fuss and the muss of an urban city, alongside with the peace and the serenity of a small village. All of this comes at a great price, too.

So, I find it that you’ve read enough of this post, it’s time to get Googling and get to calling that moving company you’ve always had bookmarked. A wise man once said: ‘There’s no time like the present!’