Moving to Brooklyn from Seattle

So you’ve decided to exchange rain-soaked Seattle for busy New York. Good choice! New York is a trend-setting city, setting the standard when it comes to technology as well as art, culture, and fashion. NY long distance relocation might be a bit nerve-racking, but it is definitely worth it. You won’t regret moving to the Big Apple if you’re prepared! This article seeks to be a guide to moving to Brooklyn from Seattle.
Why Brooklyn, you ask? Well, Brooklyn has a strong sense of community, yet has room to breathe. It’s open to foreigners, especially if they bring their food. Brooklyn is filled with many kinds of people, as well as many kinds of food. It’s the perfect balance of swanky and humble, as well as one of the most populous boroughs in New York. Look around, and you’ll find the top Brooklyn family neighborhood for you.

A man struggles with boxes while moving to Brooklyn from Seattle.
Moving to Brooklyn from Seattle is stressful only if you’re unprepared!

Climate differences

Seattle is known for it’s rain to the point that people have ‘sun days’ instead of ‘rain days’. People take days off from work when it’s sunny out, just to go outside. Seattle is one of those places where you can say you’ve worn-out your umbrella from overuse. The link between bad weather and bad moods has been thoroughly studied and proven. So moving to New York might be a good start with you if you’re feeling under the weather! There are many New York events to go to that are held outside.

New York Weather

New York can boast with over two hundred sunny days per year! That is much, much higher than Seattle’s meager days! Say goodbye to seasonal depression. The summers are hot and humid, and the winters are dry. Be aware of the weather changes, and pack only the wardrobe you’ll need when moving. Moving space is tight, don’t waste it on things you will rarely wear when moving to Brooklyn! Summers are warmer, so pack lighter clothing, and winters are drier, so you don’t really need those ten raincoats, do you? Since winters are colder, it is smarter to invest in a winter jacket. Summers are also drier, there is nowhere near the amount of humidity Seattle has. Also, not nearly as many mosquitoes! It gets darker later in the summer – by 9:30 at the latest – but during winter, that changes to 4 pm at the earliest.

A sunny street in New York. Yellow cab.
Brooklyn has many sunny days to offer.

Moving to Brooklyn from Seattle easily and safely

One of the most important parts is finding top NYC moving services to help you with relocating! New York is a difficult city to wrangle on your own. If you choose to do it on your own, you will end up paying more in stress and lost items than if you had just bit the bullet and hired a moving company. It is important that the moving company is licensed, and that they have good reviews. Don’t be afraid to shop around! This is the most important part of your journey!
Your items need to be insured, too, just in case something happens. It’s worth it! Make sure you know what you’re buying and if you’re buying hours of their time or paying a flat rate. Some fraudulent movers will make sure the move takes hours and hours longer than it should, just so they could overcharge!

Make a list to lessen stress

Who wants to worry about remembering everything? Just write it down! Make a detailed list with check-boxes. If you need to cheer up, write down things you already did just so you could check them and feel that rush of satisfaction. Figuring out how to pack for moving to Brooklyn sounds like a daunting task, but it’s easy when you break it down! Organize, organize, organize!

Finding an apartment when moving to Brooklyn from Seattle

 Depending on your free time and willingness to make the trek, you may have to rent the apartment without coming to see it in person, completely online via pictures. Make sure to choose a reputable landlord, by researching it thoroughly and reading the reviews from past tenants, if any are found. Always have a clear idea of what you are looking for in a place to stay. Make sure to read the lease thoroughly – and never ever agree to rent an apartment without a legal document! It will protect you from illegal activities, bad landlords, sudden rent increases, and having your items stolen. The lease will say the cost of the rent, and if the utility bills are included or not.

Make sure you know the lease details

Image of a possible apartment to rent when moving to Brooklyn from Seattle.
Check if the apartment is furnished or not!

You might sign up for a month-to-month lease, where the lease is extended monthly, or you might sign up for a term lease, where you agree on renting the apartment for a certain period – most commonly six months or a year. A term lease is difficult to break without penalty – but also, it’s far more difficult for landlords to evict you!

  • You might want to speak with a realtor about the housing options before moving to Brooklyn from Seattle
  • Research any landlord before signing a legal document
  • Submit a lease application
  • Make sure to know what the landlord is expected to fix in the apartment, and what is up to you
  • Take dated pictures of the state of the apartment when you move in and when you move out
  • Know where the fuse box if – you don’t want it to be a nasty surprise!
  • If seeing the apartment in person, bring a charger for your phone, and plug it in every outlet to make sure they’re working functionally
  • Pay attention to who your potential neighbors will be – there is a difference between a building full of retired old folk and a bunch of rowdy college students!
  • Be aware of the local noise ordinance laws
  • If you are not moving in on the first of the month but rather the 15th, double-check if you need to pay the entire month’s rent
  • If your lease doesn’t start until after your moving date, rent an Airbnb until it’s ready

Check tenant laws

So you’ve got your apartment lined up. You’ve checked the renter’s reviews. You’ve checked how the rent is paid and what the terms of the lease are. There is only one thing to do: get familiar with NYC tenant laws! Tenant laws in New York are different than tenant laws in Seattle.