Moving to Brooklyn from Miami

If you think that moving to Brooklyn from Miami is a piece of cake because you’re just switching one big city for another then you’d better think again. Every time you move somewhere new it’s a challenge. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving from an urban city to suburbs, from a small town to a large city or just from one neighborhood to another. And not only are Brooklyn and Miami very different from one another but moving to Brooklyn from Miami means a long-distance move. So here are a few tips and differences to think about before your move.

Weather, weather, weather

I think that the thing that differs the most is the weather. So before relocating to Brooklyn from Miami, you should think twice about the weather. You won’t have to think about hurricanes and floods if you move to Brooklyn from Miami. That’s for sure. But you’re going to be replacing a place that’s always hot or rainy with a place that has four seasons.

Moving to Brooklyn from Miami means getting used to very different weather.
Try to prepare everything you’ll need for the winter before it comes

This change in the weather means that you’ll have to buy winter clothes and shoes. But you’ll also have to buy all those things you didn’t have to think about in Miami, like winter tires for your car. The weather will also impact your insurance – as you won’t have to search for a home that’s not easily flooded. And finally, because you’re not yet used to the cold Brooklyn winters you may want to consider moving in summer.

The difference in the cost of living when moving to Brooklyn from Miami

I hope that you’ve looked up taxes in Brooklyn because I don’t want to be the one to crush your dreams. In Miami, there’s no income, estate or inheritance tax. Whereas in Brooklyn you’ll have to pay NYC property tax, NYC income tax, and state income tax. But don’t worry. Even though the taxes are higher in Brooklyn you’ll manage just fine as the salaries are also higher (the difference is approximately 25%, taxes excluded).

Papers for taxes
Be careful about your budget until you get used to paying all the new taxes

Another thing I hope you’re aware of is the cost of living in Brooklyn. Some statistics show that living in Brooklyn compared to Miami is 30% more expensive. That includes almost everything – from groceries, gym, clothes to houses and apartments. Groceries are up to 20% more expensive in Brooklyn but the biggest difference can be seen in real estates. Here’s what you can expect when renting a 1-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn compared to renting one in Miami:

  • the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn (priciest neighborhood – DUMBO) is $4,450 per month
  • rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Miami (priciest neighborhood – Park West) is on average $2,625 per month
  • the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn (cheapest neighborhood -Canarsie) is $1,500 per month
  • the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Miami (cheapest neighborhood – Brownsville) is $620 per month

Different kind of entertainment in Brooklyn and Miami

When relocating to Brooklyn from Miami you’ll see fast that people don’t have the same ideas of entertainment. In Miami, people love to spend their time outdoors – enjoying their famous beaches or simply enjoying various outdoor activities and sports. They also love partying and dancing in many night clubs. Whereas you could say that people in Brooklyn are keener on spending their time taking it easy in many beautiful parks and cafes. They also prefer to spend their time in numerous galleries, theaters, museums, and cultural events.

Miami is often called the Capital of Latin America. So living in Miami you get used to living with other cultures, especially the Hispanic one. But if you move to Brooklyn from Miami prepare yourself for higher cultural diversity. Brooklyn doesn’t have a culture that is as dominant as the Hispanic one in Miami. It has more different cultures that have a smaller influence on the city – like, for example, Jewish Americans, Chinese Americans, African Americans, Latino Americans, etc.

Prepare yourself to be amazed

Living in Miami probably means that you use your car to get somewhere. However, if you’ve done your research right you know that New York has one of the greatest public transportation systems in the world. And you also know that most New Yorkers walk wherever they can or take a cab. So when you’re moving to Brooklyn from Miami you’ll have more options available to get yourself where you want to. You could sell your car and use public transportation, walk or take a cab. Or you could simply keep using your car. That’s right! In Brooklyn, you can ride your car more easily than in Manhattan and you won’t have such trouble finding a parking spot.

Unwanted intruders when relocating from Miami to Brooklyn

Moving to Brooklyn from Miami has even more perks. You’ll have much fewer intruders than in Miami. And I mean both people and bugs! Even though Brooklyn was one of the most dangerous neighborhoods to live in, that’s not the case anymore. If you compare statistics Miami has a higher rate of criminal activities than Brooklyn. Regarding another type of intruder, bugs, you’ll be pleased to know that you’ll have much fewer problems with them when living in Brooklyn.

An alligator.
Moving to Brooklyn from Miami you certainly won’t have to worry about alligators anymore.

Make your life easier when moving to Brooklyn from Miami

Having read everything you’ve read so far and given that you haven’t changed your mind, now’s the time to talk about the move itself.  As I already said, every kind of moving requires a lot of energy and careful planning. Especially a long-distance move like when you’re moving to Brooklyn from Miami.  The first thing you’ll have to decide on is whether you’ll move yourself or hire professional movers. If you’re thinking about moving yourself solely because of your budget – don’t. There are other ways you can cut down costs when moving. I suppose you’ll have to declutter before moving to a smaller home in Brooklyn. So why don’t you take advantage of all the things you’re not taking with you and organize a garage sale? Plus if you get professional help for your long-distance move you’ll thank yourself later for that.

Choosing movers from Miami or Brooklyn

The second thing you’ll have to decide on when moving to Brooklyn from Miami is if you want to hire a moving company from Brooklyn or one from Miami. My advice is to hire the one from Brooklyn. The simple reason is that they know better how to get to your new address in Brooklyn. Traffic in New York is hectic and challenging for those who don’t live there. So you don’t want to hire movers from Miami who aren’t familiar with all the shortcuts and tricks for driving in Brooklyn. They can easily get stuck somewhere or get lost in the city and have to drive around for hours. So hire a moving company that knows how to get around the city!