Moving to Brooklyn from Manhattan – a quick guide

Regardless of whether you have already made up your mind on the matter, or you are still only mulling over the idea, moving to Brooklyn from Manhattan is a major step. You are not leaving the city of New York, so it may not seem like a big deal. Don’t let this fool you, life in these two boroughs have many differences. Therefore, you will need all the information you get. You are about to step into a great adventure called moving out of Manhattan, so here’s what to expect.

Riding a bike is hopefully  your thing

One of the first notable differences between Manhattan and Brooklyn is public transport. It just makes a lot more sense in Manhattan. This being said, you may want to find alternative ways of getting from A to B. And all it takes is to look around while standing in the streets of Brooklyn – people ride bicycles here. And they do it A LOT. This certainly is not a mere coincidence, the easiest way to move around this part of the city is by riding a bike. And if biking is not your thing, there are a few reasons to do it. Besides being a sensible choice for the streets of Brooklyn, biking is both greener and healthier than your previous means of transportation. The access to the city bike network is easy and almost every part of this borough has a bike lane. Your body and the planet Earth are sure to appreciate relocation to Brooklyn.

The city DOES sleep around here

We’ve all heard of people referring to New York City as “the city that never sleeps“. Sure enough, you understand this nickname. 24-hour convenience is something you are probably used to by now. However, you should not expect this kind of perk after moving to Brooklyn from Manhattan. There are hardly any stores or fast food delivery places open during the night. If you are used to grabbing a bit after a night out or ordering around midnight, you are going to be less than happy. This may seem like a minor inconvenience for your everyday life, but living in Manhattan has probably affected your daily rhythm. Don’t let this discourage you from moving, though. If you are having second thoughts about moving, there are plenty of reasons why you should move to Brooklyn.

Moving to Brooklyn from Manhattan may change your rhythm.
Manhattan, unlike Brooklyn, never sleeps.

Having children is a big reason for moving to Brooklyn from Manhattan

It is a well-known fact that having kids often means making big changes in your life. Sure enough, your place of residence will probably be one of those things. Especially if you live in Manhattan. Living in a small apartment in an overcrowded borough with no yard not an issue for a single person. However, if you have a kid or two, you most likely want them to grow up in a peaceful neighborhood. Brooklyn is definitely more kid-friendly and has a better sense of community than Manhattan. So moving to Brooklyn with young children is an excellent idea, your life will be so much simpler and your children will be thankful. In addition to all this, Brooklyn also has many parks, gardens, playgrounds and many other places which offer activities for children. You have so many choices to spend quality time with your little one:

  • spend a day on Coney Island
  • go to the beach
  • visit Brooklyn botanical gardens
  • have a day of fun in one of many Brooklyn parks

These are just a few of the numerous activities to chose from if you have a day off to spend with your child. Brooklyn offers so much. Your children will have a better-quality childhood and you will be able to enjoy it better after moving to Brooklyn from Manhattan.

Moving to Brooklyn from Manhattan is a great decision if you have children
Your children will love Brooklyn

People are more likely to know you

You may love it or hate it, but you should definitely expect more people to know your name after moving to Brooklyn. Life goes at a slower pace here, and your neighbors will quickly get to know you. You are not just a face in a crowd as Manhattan had you believe! There is a stronger atmosphere of community and a sort of small-town environment. So you may or may not like this, but you should get ready to meet and greet people living around you in Brooklyn. After your relocation is finalized, try to find some time to go around the neighborhood. Get to know your local store salesman or the old lady down the street. Say hello when you see a familiar face. This is what Brooklyn is all about.

Brooklyn has a stronger sense of community than Manhattan
Get ready to meet your neighbors

Your wallet will appreciate it

Before moving to Brooklyn from Manhattan you should know that real estate prices can be much lower after crossing the Brooklyn bridge. Manhattan is one of the most wanted places of residence in the USA, so it is no wonder that the amount of money it takes to buy a piece of real estate can be sky high. Brooklyn, on the other hand, has some cheaper offers for you. Buying a Brooklyn residence is still more expensive than buying one in many other cities, but moving here from Manhattan will surely save you some money.

So if you move from Manhattan to Brooklyn you can expect some major changes in lifestyle, considering you are staying within the same city. Both boroughs have some advantages and disadvantages. You can be sure it is no coincidence that Manhattan is a popular one. But it is also no coincidence that Brooklyn is more populated. You can look forward to a more peaceful, slower lifestyle. Or you can be sad you are leaving those movie-like streets overflowing with people. There certainly are many differences between Brooklyn and Manhattan, but many other things will not change for you. New York City is still your place of residence and this relocation can improve your lifestyle but not necessarily change it completely.