Moving in together – advice that can come in handy

You’ve found a person you care about and are brave and mature enough to share a bathroom with them? That’s actually pretty praiseworthy. You probably want this escapade to result in you not breaking up and never speaking to each other again. A noble goal indeed. No matter what you’ve heard, moving in together is an important test for every relationship. It will show exactly how compatible you two are. A good tandem will have the most wonderful time. However, a couple that is not so in tune will probably split with a bitter taste in their mouths. The following few lines ought to help you avoid such a disastrous outcome and bring you and your partner even closer.

A couple embracing with a gentle gaze in their eyes
Growing closer together rather than further apart is the desired outcome of moving in together

Your life as you know it will change considerably

Especially if you are still living with your parents. Having a roommate for the first time is an experience on its own accord. You will have chores piling up in no time. A hot meal and clean laundry are no longer commodities that happen magically without your partaking. Unless, of course, you have found a replacement for your mother. That’s a whole different issue we dare not tackle. If you lived by yourself beforehand, you probably know how to go about your day. Another person in your home, however, means making room for their items, habits, and ways of conducting daily business.

Besides creating combined storage for your household goods, you will need to make room for their routines as well. However, it’s not just a bunch of dirty dishes and socks you have to look forward to. You also get to fall asleep and wake up next to your favorite person. You get to make meals together and have movie nights whenever you desire. Not so bad, ey?

Your way is not the only way

You both have different backgrounds and thus habits. It’s highly likely that you are doing most of your daily chores in a certain way you were thought, not thoroughly thinking them through. Moving in together, however, means accepting the other person’s ways as well. For example, one of you prefers to clean on a daily basis, while the other finds the time to do so only on the weekends. The proper way of going about this issue is finding common ground or opting for a third option you both agreed upon. Compromise is what will keep you together. It’s almost certain that you both won’t have it your way all the time. You need to be generous and agreeable in order for this to work.

If you haven’t before, now is the time to learn how to fight

Because you will inevitably come to some sort of disagreement. The manner by which you solve these will either make or break your relationship. You need to be able to vocalize what bothers you, and be patient and really listen to the other side. Whenever you feel anger growing up inside you, remember that it’s not you against your partner, but rather you two against the problem. Additionally, the lack of fights is not a good sign. Such a couple does not exist. If it does, the members are either deceiving themselves or each other or have, unfortunately, given up.  What’s important is the time it takes you to sort out the dispute in a way that it does not occur again. And never go to bed angry. Stay up and fight.

A girl puching a guy with a boxing glove
For example, this is a bad way of expressing your dissatisfaction

The sooner you talk budgets the better

Yes, you love each other and money has nothing to do with it. Until it does. If your significant other pays little attention to the costs of your upcoming relocation, your groceries, rent, and cleaning supplies, you are bound to feel agitated, to say the least. A certain way of avoiding such inconvenience is talking with your partner. Be honest about your possibilities and, as we mentioned before in the same or similar context, really listen and understand theirs. The budget doesn’t have to be a burden if none of you feel cheated or used.

Find time for date nights

Romance can die quickly and silently in the midst of arguing about the dishes, laying in your pajamas all day, and watching the same TV show every night. It’s important to keep the romance and passion alive and it takes work. Just because you are living together doesn’t mean you no longer have to win them over. A simple dinner or a night out where both of you are dressed up will be more than enough to keep the fire burning.

Even though you are moving in together, you still need your ”me” time

Moving in together does not mean that you have to approach every single aspect of your lives as a couple. Certain things that you enjoyed doing on your own do not have to be neglected. What’s more, spending certainly on your own will make you a more pleasant person to be around afterward. We all need some alone time to devote to ourselves alone. So, take some time for yourself, and allow your partner to do the same. It does not have to be date night every night. It’s perfectly fine for you to play video games and for your significant other to read. Allow yourselves to miss each other from time to time.

A couple playing sony playstation
However, if you both enjoy playing games, moving in together will prove to be a gamer’s paradise

Compromise is key

Before both of you pack your bags, call a moving company and move in together, you need to realize that compromise is what will keep you together. Sure, deciding that Zippy Shell Columbus will move you was easy, considering its great reputation, but not every decision is made with such little effort. No matter how time you previously spent together, you truly don’t know that person until you’ve lived together. Conflicts will arise without you even noticing. Decide what is really important to you and make sure that they do the same, and then admit it to each other. Work your way around your differences by giving yourself a chance to change.

Moving in together brings a lot of challenges, but it pays off in so many ways. Following these few pieces of advice will have you hurrying to your new home with a huge smile on your face, knowing that a loved one is waiting with a warm embrace.