Moving from Park Slope to Red Hook

When making a decision about moving, there is plenty that one should consider. Unfortunately, if the move is local, people tend to write it off as pretty straightforward, without thinking it through. That is definitely a mistake you should not make if you are moving from Park Slope to Red Hook. Like with any other relocation, you should not skip any of the steps: from finding the best NYC movers, to considering storage options. Let’s go through what you should be aware of.

Changes in the cost of living when moving from Park Slope to Red Hook

Budget is certainly one of the first things we consider when deciding to move. So, let’s look at the differences in prices to see how convenient is the move from Park Slope to Red Hook. We’ll do this by comparing the cost of living index in these areas versus the national average, which is 100.

Firstly, you probably know that both neighborhoods’ costs of living are higher than the national average. Considering this they are in New York, you can expect this. Moreover, between the two, Red Hook actually offers better numbers in most elements that comprise it. That is – goods and services; groceries; housing (significantly); transport, and utilities. The only index that is higher is related to healthcare, so be aware of that. Now, you can focus on Red Hook solely, and check out some pros and cons of living there, so as to have more information.

A bunch of coins, a notebook, a folder and some papers sitting on a deck
Calculate the cost of living before moving from Park Slope to Red Hook

Pack right when moving from Park Slope to Red Hook

Do not underestimate the move from Park Slope to Red Hook only because it is local. You will still have a lot on your plate, and we recommend you start as soon as possible. If you want to be well-organized, we suggest carrying through several steps:

  • start packing about 30 to 20 days prior to the move from Park Slope to Red Hook
  • purge and declutter (this is the time to get rid of bric-a-brac you never really needed)
  • donate (there are many charities that offer donation pick-ups for free)
  • rent a storage unit (it’ll give you more time to pack and arrange your belongings)
A couple wrapping items into paper in front of a cardboard box representing moving from Park Slope to Red Hook
Prepare to do some packing

Hire the right moving company

Although it might seem easy to move by yourself, we suggest finding professional help. Moving from Park Slope to Red Hook will require as much energy as any other move. The list of things to think about becomes too long if you are doing everything by yourself. However, if you hire good Red Hook movers, you can be confident all will end well.

To sum this all up, the moving process is not easy in general, be it local or not. Do go through all these necessary details before you decide on moving from Park Slope to Red Hook. After moving, you’ll need to figure out how to get around your neighborhood, meet your new neighbors and settle in. And once you are all set, you can lie back and relax knowing you are completely ready for your move!