Moving from NYC to San Diego

Deciding to go for a long-distance move like moving from NYC to San Diego must have required a lot of thinking and preparation. Leaving the Big Apple, whether it’s for school, work or whatever else is bound to pose a certain kind of a culture shock wherever you plan on moving. San Diego, however, offers so much that can cushion the blow and actually make you excited about moving there.

What is it like to move from New York City to San Diego?

If you know anyone that has recently moved cross-country, it might be a good idea to pose them this question. If you personally don’t know anyone and none of your friends know anyone, see what people say online. Moving from NYC from San Diego can represent a major change in your lifestyle. This is the reason why it would be good to know what to be on the lookout for.

Most people comment on the following when they talk about moving from NYC to San Diego:

  • the general surroundings and climate
  • culture
  • people’s attitude towards one another
  • attitude towards work
  • comfort and convenience
A sign saying San Diego - the finest American city
Lots of people are leaving NYC for the West Coast and there are many reasons why.

Moving to San Diego: The Advantages

The obvious pro of moving from New York City to San Diego, California is its pleasant climate. It takes a lot of effort to feel miserable when you’re surrounded by palm trees, you enjoy yearlong sunshine and can be at the ocean in 10 minutes. People who have lived and worked in New York for a long time will notice an absence of the rat race-like qualities of their day-to-day lives. People are much nicer to each other in San Diego and not nearly as career-oriented.

Moving from NYC to San Diego: The Disadvantages

Going out, eating out and doing different free-time activities are nowhere as varied in San Diego as they are in NYC. This is the most common complaint. While there are many great spaces for spending time outside, there isn’t really a vibrant cultural scene, especially during the workweek. Another thing New Yorkers might miss is easy transport. Traveling easily to and within San Diego requires having a car or at the very least a bike. However, you needn’t worry about transport when you’re moving as San Diego offers the moving services you need.

a bus
Public transport is not quite San Diego’s greatest quality.

All in all

Moving from NYC to San Diego will start a fun new chapter in your life. More sun, more fresh air, and more smiles are in the cards for you once you’re there. While there may be some disadvantages, they are easily made up for by all of the positive things San Diego has to offer.