Moving from NYC to Florida

The Big Apple is world-famous and has its appeal, but you have decided that it’s time to go south. Florida is an extremely diverse state with a lot of attractions. Beaches are renowned and it’s the capital of outdoor entertainment. But before you get to have all that fun you should know a couple of facts about Florida. Moving from NYC to Florida isn’t that easy, and using Brooklyn Movers New York might help you find a reputable moving company to help you with this big move. 

Know how to pack your stuff

Knowing that you will be going for a long trip, you should have quality boxes at hand. You don’t want to start a new life chapter with your furniture scratched and ruined. Take pictures of items before you put them in the boxes, to ensure they arrive in the same condition. And if you don’t want to have that stressful experience, you need to hire qualified and trustworthy movers. Check out interstate movers NYC to get the best people available for relocations from NYC to Florida.

Moving truck going to Florida from NYC
Pack your things, they are in for a long ride

Prepare for a long-distance move

Depending on the exact city you are moving to, NYC is around 1.500 miles away from Florida. What a long drive! It’s hard to imagine someone moving by themselves having in mind such a long distance. That’s why the best bet would be to book an airplane ticket and hire reliable long distance movers NYC and enjoy your flight while the job is being taken care of.

Changes when moving from NYC to Florida

There will be a lot of changes from your life in NYC when you arrive in Florida. From small ones like the weather to the big ones like the difference in taxes and the change in lifestyle and traffic frequency. Like any big change in your lifestyle, it will take some time to adapt to new circumstances.

Change of climate when moving from NYC to Florida

NYC is famous for its winter storms and rainy climate. You can leave all your winter clothes behind! Florida has a diverse climate, but it`s mostly warmer and sunnier than NYC. So depending on where in Florida you are, you will be using sun cream more than an umbrella. However, be aware of hurricanes! They are not a rare sight in Florida.

Sunny beach
You will be more used to beaches than concrete

Change in traffic when moving from NYC to Florida

As a New Yorker, you might have mostly used taxis, buses, or the subway. In Florida, public transport isn’t as frequently used as in NYC so cars are a must! If you have a driver’s license and want to drive a car check with DMV Florida. You will probably have to wait until you registered your new address before you can drive, but that’s expected. Expect cars to move faster then in NYC too!

Change in taxes when moving from NYC to Florida

In comparison to New York, you will not have to pay the statewide income tax. Florida is a tax haven and you will keep more money as a Florida resident than an NYC resident. There is a reason many singers, celebrities, and sports stars are living in the Sunshine State.

When you are moving from NYC to Florida, you will be in for a long-distance move. Even if you find it difficult to leave NYC behind, we assure you that Florida has its benefits. More sun, money, and less traffic should be an encouragement to everyone who has this move planned to be happy about the choice they decided to make.