Moving from NY to Texas

Tired of living in NYC? Maybe it’s time for moving from NY to Texas? It’s time to check out Brooklyn Movers New York and get your move on! And what better place to move to than Texas. There are many positives to moving there even if that type of a long-distance move is a bit stressful. From paying fewer taxes to waiting less in traffic there are many reasons for this type of move. Now let’s expand more on why you should make your move from NY to Texas.

Change of climate when moving from NY to Texas

If you are retired from rain and harsh winters it’s time to get away from New York and start your trip to Texas. Depending on where you are going to live in Texas your weather will definitely be sunnier than in New York.  You can say that this interstate move will bring some sun to your life. Leave your winter coats and umbrellas home, even the winters aren’t as harsh as they are in New York.

Rainy weather in NY
Forget about rainy days in New York

No state income tax

This could be great news for your wallet! You are moving from New York, a state where you are hit hard with taxes, to Texas, a state with no income tax. If you add all taxes up you were paying double of the amount you would have paid if you were a Texan. In other words, you will be able to effectively save double the money you were saving in NY.

Traffic differences when moving from New York and Texas

If you ever experienced a traffic jam in New York you will instantly see a difference. This is one of those small reasons long distance movers New York have so much work on their hands. While you were trapped in your car half of the drive in NY, in Texas, on the other hand, you will have a clear road ahead. Public transportation isn’t exactly on New York standards, but it’s still a lot cheaper and it has a good quality for its price.

Cost of living

Truth be told there aren’t many places that are expensive as New York. Your residential move isn’t only going to mean a lot less money to pay in rent but also lower prices for the stuff you gave a fortune for in NY. In combination with zero state income tax, your wallet will be happy you made this move.

There is no state income tax in Texas

Doing this type of move is stressful for anybody that isn’t accustomed to moving long-distance. However, moving from NY to Texas has many upsides. But these are not the only reasons to make you feel great about your move. Get to know your new home by visiting it online so you get a better understanding of where you are moving to. Texans are very friendly and are going to welcome you with open arms.