Moving from NY to Nevada – what’s to know?

The transition from the East to the West Coast is never an easy one to make. Especially when you decide to replace the urban and gloomy NY climate with the scorching one of Nevada. However, if planned properly, moving from NY to Nevada can still prove to be quite an exciting and positive adventure. And with professional nationwide moving companies to back you up, this task becomes all the easier and simpler to perform. However, before you embark on this voyage to Nevada, you would be wise to gather some useful and practical information regarding what to expect from your relocation from New York to Nevada.

Road in Nevada
Prepare for moving from NY to Nevada with the best advice possible

Quality of life – the first fact to consider

Although it might not seem so, Nevada is a state that can be quite pricy to reside in. With a cost of 7 percent higher cost of living than that of the national average, not everyone can afford to relocate here. Local moving companies such as Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas will confirm the same. In fact, most long-time residents advise newcomers not to take moving from NY to Nevada likely. It is vital to secure a concrete income plan rather than risk falling in the 13 percent of unemployed people there.

Although there are some good plans for creating solar powered sites, Nevada lacks a steady source of energy. Given the number of agricultural products, this is definitely in the future. Add to that the regulation of their water problem and you’ve got the ideal place to make your new home.


You have to consider the climate when moving from NY to Nevada

You have to bear in mind that Nevada is the driest state in the entire United States. That is definitely something that you need to prepare for when coming from the coldness of NYC. It’s enough to say that there are days when temperatures can reach as high as 100 degrees. And on top of that, you have long and cold winters because of the desert landscape. So, this is also something that you will need to prepare for if it happens that you decide to relocate change cities in whilst in Nevada. However, if it so happens that you walk into such a situation, be sure to turn to professional assistance for your move to Paradise, NV, or whichever place you decide to settle in. Local companies are the best choice when you opt for relocation in the state of Nevada.

Nevada desert
You have to be ready for the desert heat of Nevada when you plan your relocation from NY

Common mistakes you should avoid when relocating to Nevada

Unlike your typical short-distance moves, people often tend to underestimate the challenge of having to move across state lines. Especially when you consider relocating nationwide from NY to Nevada. However, just like you would hire professional movers when relocating locally in NV, you have to turn to specialists when you decide to move interstate. Once you understand this, you need to tend to the planning process. And this is where it’s important to avoid the most common mistakes that people tend to neglect when moving to Nevada:

Avoid moving in the summer

Moving in the summer in NYC and moving in the summer in Nevada are two completely different experiences. If you thought that moving in the summer in New York was stressful, you haven’t seen nothing yet. So, whatever you do, make the effort to plan your coast to coast relocation to Nevada as far away from summertimes as possible. And make sure to stay well hydrated and dress light to adjust to the climate better and faster.

Be wary of Nevada wildlife

Like most deserts, Nevada has its fair share of venomous snakes, spiders, scorpions, etc. And even though chances are that you won’t come across them in more urban areas, you never know. So, make sure to wear comfortable yet protective footwear. In addition to offering comfort and protection, it will help you with moving around, and with the relocation process in general.

Check local events and festivities

Nevada is a busy state, as you might imagine. After all, everyone enjoys a good wild weekend in Las Vegas. But there are also other places to consider. On the one hand, this means that you will hardly get bored once you move there. However, it also means that you have to take the time to check for potential events that could cause complications or delays in your moving process. Since you are moving from NY to Nevada, the concept of having to book parking space and prepare shouldn’t be foreign to you.

Las Vegas strip
Make sure to check the local events calendar when moving to Nevada.


You don’t need any moving permits when moving to Nevada

The state of Nevada does not require a moving permit. However, some rules still apply and you should be wary of them. Parking rules and street cleaning rules will apply, so make sure you check on these beforehand to save time.

Moving trains are allowed and often used

The state of Nevada allows for moving trains or road trains, which will come in handy when moving cross country. These are trucks that have a couple of trailers attached at the same time. Scary as they might appear when you encounter them on the road, they are quite practical when it comes to large moves. So, if you were planning on relocating a 4-bedroom home, this would be the best way to go at it.