Moving from New Jersey to New York

Leaving NJ for NY is a big change, but luckily, these two states are near so it won’t be a long distance move. This means low travel fees, similar weather, and temperatures, cheaper transportation of household goods. On the other hand, these two states are very different so, adjusting after moving will be a long process (for most people it will). Moving from New Jersey to New York does not seem like a big deal, but it is because the costs of living and lifestyle are very different. Moving to one of the most famous states is a huge step in life and a change. Preparing and organizing will make your relocation much easier and faster.

What to know before moving from New Jersey to New York?

Moving out of New Jersey, especially if it is your first time, is stressful. Knowing what to expect after moving to NY is an advantage and you will adjust easier. Saying goodbye to your home is just of part of the relocation process. Organizing the entire moving is the rest of it. Did you choose where to move? Brooklyn vs Manhattan, or outside of NYC? Before you move, get prepared.

Explore NY before you move there. It is near NJ but they are very different places
  • NY is beautiful when the fall comes
  • If you live wine, Empire State wines are delicious
  • Hiking will become your new hobby
  • You will see many historic places and mansions after moving to NY
  • It has amazing restaurants with excellent food
  • If you are moving because of job opportunities and career, NY is a good place to start
  • Art and theaters are very popular
  • The education system is great

Comparing the costs of living in New York City and Jersey City

The major concern when moving from New Jerse to New York are the costs of living. It is not a secret that NY is a very expensive place to live in. Saving money and being prepared is one of the ways to get ready and to have a good budget to cover all your expenses and bills before and after moving too. If you are moving to NYC as a young professional looking for a career, then you will need to be patient and to give your best to succeed. So, let’s compare these two capitals.

  • When moving from New Jersey to New York, moving costs will not be that high because these two states are next to each other. Find professionals to relocate you from NJ to NYC on a very affordable price and make your dream come true.
  • Housing will be the major cost. Rent is 62% higher in New York City.
  • Consumer prices are higher in NYC for 27%.
  • Groceries are also more expensive in NYC for about 41%.

In conclusion, when it comes to costs of living and monthly budget, for the same lifestyle, for example, in Jersey City you will need a budget of $5,500 and in NYC you will need $7,800. But, keep in mind that incoming and salaries are bigger in New York too (about 11% better salary) and a job market is better.

Calculating cost for moving to NY
NY has affordable places to live too. Find them and calculate the costs you will have before and after a move

Affordable places in New York to move to

We all know that NY has high living costs. The truth is, it does not have to be that expensive if you choose one of the affordable cities and towns in New York. Some of the places you should consider if you are moving from New Jersey on a tight budget are.

  • Schenecdaty
  • Troy
  • Albany
  • Saratoga Springs
  • Kingston

Start packing on time

As soon as you decide to move to NY from NJ, start with organizing and packing is one part of it. Luckily, temperatures and weather are very similar. Pack your regular clothing. Both, summer and winter too. But, do not pack all of your household items. Your home will be different and it won’t fit in probably. If you cannot pack by yourself, then hire professional packers to do it for you.

Packing boxes for moving from New Jersey to New York
Even if you are not moving that far away, packing is one of the parts you cannot avoid

Renting a storage unit in NY

Apartments in NY, especially in NYC, are small and expensive. So, where will you put all your household items? You definitely do not want clutter home, but on the other hand, you cannot throw all of your stuff. One of the solutions is finding a place for storing your belongings because it is a much cheaper and easier option than getting a bigger apartment.

First, you need to know how many items you have to move to NY. If you rent a too big storage unit, you will lose money. On the other hand, if you choose a too small storage facility, there will no space for all your possessions. When relocating you should consider every detail and plan each step in advance.

Making a deal with a company for moving from New Jersey to New York
Find a company for relocation to NY and a storage company too

Hiring a company for moving from New Jersey to New York

And now when you know all the facts and information about relocation and starting a new life in New York, you should search for a moving company to help you move. If you need Bluebell Relocation Services NJ | Northern NJ Movers, make sure you find the best. Just hire a company that is:

  • reliable
  • reputable
  • experienced
  • licensed
  • insured

We are sure New Jersey has a lot of removal companies, but pay attention to details when choosing one. Moving from New Jersey to New York does not have to be that difficult when you have professionals on your side. Good luck with starting a new life in a very popular state that is full of opportunities.