Moving from Brooklyn to Philadelphia tips

Leaving the comfort of your city when you need to move is never easy, especially if you are living in Brooklyn. The most populous part of New York City, Brooklyn, simply has everything, so leaving all of that behind might be a challenge. However, sometimes we need to move and start anew in another place. What must be done is not hard and it is always better to know some tips and tricks about how to do it. If you are moving from Brooklyn to Philadelphia, we have prepared a short guide with tips that will help you with the entire process. Hopefully, this will help you realize that it doesn’t have to be as hard as you thought it would be. After all, what is life without some fun?

Preparing for the move

The most important part of every move is to prepare for it. You will need a good plan and once you make it, stick to it. For example, you should create a list and follow every detail of it. The list should contain the key features of the move and it can vary depending on the type of the move. It also might be a good idea to add one of the moving companies in Brooklyn to the list; you never know when you might call them. For example, a list should look something like this:

  • Pack and Prepare – Pack everything and prepare for everything. Double-check as well
  • Hire a moving company – Usually it is the easiest way, but you can do it on your own if you like
  • Make sure to know exact details – Knowledge is power. Use this to your advantage
  • Go through the list again – To make sure everything is okay, go through the list again before you say goodbye to Brooklyn. It will save you precious time, believe us!

By preparing for the move you have completed the first major step of it. Stick to your list and never let it slip out of sight. It can make a world of difference!

Brooklyn Bridge
It will be a shame to leave it behind but, oh well, Philly is nice!

Moving from Brooklyn to Philadelphia

After you have prepared for the move, it is time for the move itself! So, in order to actually complete the process of moving from Brooklyn to Philadelphia, you need to have all the information. For example, you should consult the professional movers in your area. It is not hard to find cheap movers in NYC, especially if you are moving to Philly. They can’t call themselves professionals without a reason and you can certainly trust them! After all, they move on a daily basis while you might be moving for the first time in your life. The difference in experience will matter, trust us!

The City of Brotherly Love is not called that without a reason and we are certain you will love it there! However, the lifestyles are quite different and it might be wise to check some websites about Philadelphia in general and see the differences. Bonding with people there is arguably easier than it is in New York, so knowing a bit more about the history of Philadelphia might help you out! Do some extra reading and you will be perfectly fine!

Moving from Brooklyn to Philadelphia will let you see this view of Philadelphia every day
A view of Philadelphia

Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that Philadelphia is much less expensive than Brooklyn. As a matter of fact, everything is cheaper in Philadelphia! From apartment costs to utility bills, you will find prices that might make you smile a bit more. After all, a lot of things make moving from Brooklyn to Philadelphia quite an interesting experience, and this is only one of the few that might brighten your day and make you happy!

Be more open to change

After moving from Brooklyn to Philadelphia, you will experience a lot of change. Usually, while Philadelphia doesn’t lack anything Brooklyn has, it is quite different than what you might be used to. The fresh smell of pizza in almost every street will be replaced by the tasty Philly steak sandwich, freshly made from the oven. Famous yellow taxi cars will be replaced by bicycles mostly. But your soul will never be replaced, it will only be more open to Philadelphia! Moving out of Brooklyn might yet be the best decision in your life! It will be up to you to use it to your advantage!

Philly Cheese Steak
It’s totally worth it, isn’t it?


Get used to the following as well:

  • Not a lot of angry drivers – While still a big city, there aren’t as much of angry drivers in there as in Brooklyn and New York in general
  • The food has more soul – While Brooklyn is big on food, nothing beats Philly! As a melting pot of culture since the pilgrim era, you’ll find original food from around the globe! Even the best Brooklyn restaurants might find it hard to compete with the ones in Philadelphia!
  • Less competition than in New York – This is not a big surprise. Everyone moves to New York in search for a better life so getting a job that fits you might be harder. It is not the case in Philly!
  • You’ll never want to move back! – Well, this might be true only when Philadelphia is concerned! It is so amazing that you might never want to move back! Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Thoughts after moving from Brooklyn to Philadelphia

There will be a lot of thoughts after moving from Brooklyn to Philadelphia, trust us! There will be a lot of emotions, but you might find that you won’t have time for them! Philadelphia is an amazing city and you will soon get enthralled in its beauty! Who needs pizza when there is Philly cheesesteak? Everything is faster than in New York. Even the emotions are faster and you might soon forget where you came from! Just be sure to follow the tips from this short guide and you will be perfectly fine! Now it is time to pack and plan and to finally enjoy Philadelphia as you should.