Moving from Brooklyn to NYC suburbs

Considering the situation we’ve been all thrown into last year due to the pandemic, many are thinking about moving. Especially those whom the pandemic has caught off guard in bigger and more expensive cities. Brooklyn is certainly not an exception to this, being a borough in one of the most costly cities to live in nowadays. Thankfully, with a plan and a good New York moving company, this problem can go away! If you are contemplating moving from Brooklyn to NYC suburbs, read on about things you’ll need to pay heed to.

Consider the difference in housing costs

One of the things that’s at the top of the list of priorities when moving has to be the budget. Starting with the housing costs, there’s already a sizable difference. The average price per square foot which is around $1067 in Brooklyn, seems rather high in comparison to the suburbs’ $300.  It turns out that one can save up to 30% of their money by choosing to move from Brooklyn to the NYC suburbs with local NYC movers. It definitely seems like a good deal.

A family of three holding a balloon and sitting in front of their new house representing moving from Brooklyn to NYC suburbs
Retrench your costs by picking the right house when moving from Brooklyn to NYC suburbs

Transportation when moving from Brooklyn to NYC suburbs

If you decide to move from Brooklyn to the NYC suburbs commuting might be a big part of your life. Working in the city, chances are you might have to commute eventually, even if you work remotely now. So let’s not forget this part of the deal before getting your moving quote. You can choose to travel by public transportation or own a car. Having a car might make it faster, and car insurance is actually cheaper in the suburbs as well. You’ll also do away with the parking garage costs. In addition, picking a neighborhood that borders the city, would also lower your costs. The closest ones are Yonkers, Mt. Vernon, Pelham Manor, and New Rochelle.

A girl sitting on top of her car near a waterfront
Having a car will cost you less in the suburbs

What are the best neighborhoods in the NYC suburbs?

Since we’ve already mentioned some NYC suburbia neighborhoods above, let’s talk about some more. Of course, not each and every one of them will tick all your boxes, so you should think it through. Consider these ones and picks the one you’d find the easiest to adjust to:

  • Katonah (close to the city, village-like, cozy with a low population count)
  • Carmel (coastal community with a ton of lakes and ponds, and a low population count)
  • Great Neck (close to the city, amazing schools if you have kids, but a bit more pricy than the rest)
  • Valley Stream (diverse community, spacious and rather peaceful with low crime rates and good schools)
  • North Salem (for nature lovers who are moving from Brooklyn to NYC suburbs with low population density)

With everything that has happened the previous year, it’s no wonder so many people are moving to the suburbs. If you are one of them and are moving from Brooklyn to NYC suburbs, this article should have been helpful. Going through a change like this is not easy, but it might just be what you need now. When it comes to moving to the suburbs, do your research. This might be your sign to make this next step into the future!