Moving with your family to Brooklyn

There are still some people who are wondering is Brooklyn safe for a family. But nowadays this is a trendy and hip neighborhood to live in. There are a few things to consider when you are moving with your family to Brooklyn. Safety is not one of them.

Best neighborhoods in Brooklyn

Of course, the most important thing to find is the best neighborhood for your family. If you are in the apartment or house hunting, know that Brooklyn is a borough for different budgets. Every neighborhood has its own charm.

Park Slope is one of the best neighborhoods for raising a family because it is safe and it has great schools. This is one of the reasons for its high rental prices. Moving to Park Slope to raise a family is a great decision.

Fort Green is another old neighborhood. Family-friendly streets with classic brownstones are a bit more affordable than Park Slope. This is the neighborhood for the middle class. A very strong sense of community and diversity are evident here.

Bay Ridge is another family-friendly neighborhood. It has its own attractions. A mixture of old and new, Bay Ridge reminds you of a small town. Here you can find more affordable apartments and houses. Located as it is, you will have to commute to Manhattan for more than an hour. It is most popular among families.

If you want to buy a real state don’t hurry. If you have a chance it would be good to rent at first. This way you will check the neighborhood first hand, especially if you are not from NYC. Give yourself time to make sure that you are in the right Brooklyn neighborhood that fits your family. One more benefit is that you can have a car in Brooklyn. It’s not a must-have, but it will help you with your daily routine and chores with your kids. A downside is that parking in the streets in Brooklyn can be very expensive. If you are living on a budget, there is always an excellent public transport.

Choosing a school for your kids

If you have young children or both young and old, you need to properly explore preschools, daycares, and schools, before moving with your family to Brooklyn. There are plenty of public schools in Brooklyn, you just need to pick the right one. There is also a lot of private schools, maybe even more than public ones. Depending on the age of your kids and your own schooling preferences, you have almost 2000 schools for different ages to choose from. First, check up ratings of schools and see if there are some that are in the convenient locations. If you do have children both young and older, be sure to check first how far are their schools from your home.

Children writing in notebook
There is a great choice of schools for your kids in Brooklyn.

Elementary and high schools are numerous in almost every neighborhood. There is also a different type of education like Montessori, special or alternative education etc. You can choose your kid’s school by religion or boarding status.

Fun activities if you are moving with your family to Brooklyn

Brooklyn is definitely an exciting place to live in. Don’t think that just because this is a good borough for families, that it doesn’t have any cool spots for you to go out. Besides many parks and playground for you and the family, Brooklyn offers also many events if you are moving with your family to Brooklyn. Especially during the summer time. Because it has so many parks, courts, and gardens, it is almost never too crowded. There are many events all year-round. Festivals, parades and Labor Day Carnival are great fun for the whole family. If your family isn’t for this type of entertainment there are always amusement parks for you. There are a few amusement parks not far from Brooklyn. This is a great solution for a day trip and family fun.

Happy Labor Day writing with american flag motives
Labor Day Carnival takes place in Crown Heights, Brooklyn

If you want to be a true resident and stay faithful to your borough than you are in luck. There are so many restaurants and brunch places that you can eat in a different one almost every weekend. As you have learned by now, Brooklyn is a very trendy place. So don’t be surprised when you see a lot of modern dishes. If you are moving with your family to Brooklyn don’t worry, for sure you will find the right place for you.

Moving with your family stress-free

Moving is always stressful, especially when you are moving with your family. When you have done all the research you need before you’ve made a decision, prepare yourself for the relocation. Prepare your kids before you start. Make sure that they are familiar with the new neighborhood and maybe neighbors as well. Make a schedule and stick to it. Allow your kids to get saying for something small. This way they won’t feel pressured or left out at ”decision making”. After you move in your new home allow your kids to help you arrange and decorate the house or apartment. It will feel familiar to them sooner this way.

Kids love adventures and games, regardless of their age. Try to make moving to be an adventure. Something new and fun for them to enjoy. Keep up with all the routines that they are used to. Moving won’t feel so stressful if you and your family do ordinary day-to-day things you like.

How to prepare your kids for moving

If your children are young, use stories and books to explain them better what is moving away. Maybe save some of the old furniture or smaller stuff so it is easier for them. Just keep it simple so they can understand.

For children who are in school is good to get them involved in the process. They will probably be able to understand what is going on. Help them to get familiar with the future school, activities and neighborhood.

family holding hands
Moving with your family to Brooklyn can be an excellent choice.

Moving is always difficult for the families. If you are focused on your future and trying to get through together, it can bring you all closer and stronger.