Moving to Canada problem-free

Recent surveys and Canada’s economic rise proves just one more time that it is the best place to live currently. Based on the citizen’s income, low crime rate, housing and job market you can easily come to the conclusion that an average Canadian is happy with his life. And you happened to get the opportunity of working or studying in Canada. But make no mistake, their immigration laws are more strict than in the US. In this article, we will provide you with all the necessary information you will need to know before moving to Canada for a new life.

Moving to Canada for college

When it comes to students, the law is a bit more liberal than for the rest we will mention further in this article. Every student can apply for temporary study or work permit (or both). There are two ways you can do that. Either on-line before moving to Canada or after you arrive. We recommend you use the first one because it is more stress-free and doesn’t require that much time spent on documentation. Students also have to provide a Letter of Acceptance from learning institution they will attend. Most of the times, students go to Toronto University. It is one of the most valued universities in Canada. Finding reputable movers in Toronto will help a lot with the process of relocating to college.

Person typing on lap top
Moving to Canada for students is much easier

When it comes to younger travelers, there are special work visas you can obtain in International Experience Canada program. This is only a temporary working permit for people from certain states. One of the conditions is that you are between 18 and 35 years old.  Among those states are Australia, UK and some from the EU.

Conditions for moving to Canada 

When it comes to moving to Canada, even for work, there are harsh policies you have to complete. Don’t think that you can just pack up and leave for Canada whenever you want. Their immigration policy is far more strict than the US. So, the main question is who is eligible for relocating to Canada? If you fall under any of these categories you might move and live in Canada:

  • People who are coming to work in Canada
  • Educated people
  • Younger people and students
  • Experienced workers
  • Spouses and family members of already existing Canadians
  • Moving to Canada is made easier for refugees since the latest situations.

But, most of the times people are moving to Ontario for work and education. Although, not as popular for education as Toronto, Ontario offers a good job market to young people and entrepreneurs. When it comes to moving to Canda for work, find a good long distance mover in Ontario that can help you with your relocation. This is the easiest way to relieving some of the stress from relocation and adapting.

wedding rings on a table
If your spouse is Canadian you can get a visa easier

Immigration to Canada and eligibility requirements 

Depending on what are you going to do after relocating, the requirements may vary. It comes differently for students, young people, workers etc. But there are some requirements that are the same for all who want to come:

  • You need to speak fluently English or French. Your English is tested by International English Language Testing System score.
  • Your diploma must be verified by the Educational Credential Assesment as valid or equal to the Canadian one. Those verifications can be obtained from organizations designated by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
  • Providing the necessary doctor certifications as well as clean police file.

How long you will be waiting for a visa depends on many factors. Sometimes it takes between 6 months to 6 years. The factors that influence the process time are focused on what kind of immigration program are you applying. Depending on that, the rules might get stricter. But one of the biggest factors is how fast can you provide the necessary documentation. Among these documents are the certificates of language, diploma, police and medical checks as well.

English words written on board you should know before moving to Canada
You must speak English if you want to live and work in Canada

Requirements for EU, UK, US and Australian citizens 

There is a difference in requirements among these countries when it comes to moving to Canada.
Further, in this chapter, we will provide you with the basic information you will need to know before your relocation.

EU citizens are more eligible for Canadian visas than others. One of the greatest pluses is if they are fluent in English and/or French. Knowing those languages places you hire on the ladder of eligible immigrants to Canada.

EU flag
EU citizens are at an advantage over the rest

Australians, if they speak French or English, could move to Canada according to the rules we mentioned above. If by any chance they are relocating because they are hired by a Canadian employer, or moving as an intracompany transfer, this process will be much easier.

English language proficiency is the only rule that goes for all. As well as for UK citizens. British people can stay up to 6 months in Canada without a visa. But if they wish to stay longer, they must require a more permanent visa.

When it comes to Americans, they must meet all the conditions we talked about. But, in recent years people are choosing one other option. They chose to be permanent resident permit over a citizen one. There is some crucial difference between those two. Permanent residents can’t vote or hold public office. But they have the right to healthcare, life, work and education in Canada. There are two ways you can become a permanent resident if you are coming from America. Either apply through a specific province or have a spouse from  Canada.

Drawn hand putting a vote in a box
Permanent residents can’t vote

Housing, job market, and financial requirements

There is not much to be said here if you are a student or a younger person. But if you are moving for a job to Canada, know that some things can be expensive. Especially when it comes to housing. Depending on the province you will have to provide the financial status, for example, that you earn a certain amount of money. Which is necessary to be able to move to Canada. This status can easily change since job market in Canada is very good. There are a lot of good job offerings for everyone, depending on your field of expertise, diploma, and affection.

Wallet with money on a table
You must have a certain income to be able to live in Canada

Moving to Canada can be a simple process if you have the necessary knowledge. We are hoping we provided you with all the basic information you will need before relocating. If you have any information based on your experience, feel free to share them with us. We can’t wait to hear from you!