Moving to Brooklyn from NJ

So, you’ve decided on moving to Brooklyn from NJ. That is an exciting new chapter in your life! Brooklyn is a swanky neighborhood with a lot to offer, and if you organize efficiently you’re not gonna regret it! There is a lot to do on your move to Brooklyn from NJ, so it’s important to start on time. Just take a deep breath, and dive right into preparing. It’s important to be aware of what to do or not do before you move to Brooklyn, to save yourself any problems or issues.

A woman holding her head above a laptop, planning on moving to Brooklyn from NJ
Don’t despair! Moving to Brooklyn from NJ might seem difficult on the surface, but it’s easy when you make a plan.

Apartment hunting when moving to Brooklyn from NJ

Apartment hunting in NYC is very specific! New York is a special case – since renting apartments are very sought after, they sell like hotcakes. That’s why the average apartment is on the market for only two weeks! So, you think that the apartment is great? So do six other people. And they’re all sending applications. Right now. That’s why you should apply right away!

A pink marker making checks on a checklist.
Know exactly what to expect from your new Brooklyn apartment. Make a checklist of questions to ask and things you need so you don’t forget anything!

Brooklyn is a good choice since you’ll usually get more space than you would in, say, Manhattan. But it’s still NYC, and apartments are still super expensive. So you might as well be very thorough and get your money’s worth. Here’s a list of things to pay attention to when getting an apartment for moving to Brooklyn from NJ:

  • Is there a washer and dryer in the building? This is less common than you might think!
  • How close is it to the subway?
  • Are the windows functioning? Or have they been painted shut?
  • Is there an elevator?
  • Type in the address in Address Report so you’ll get a detailed report on your neighborhood.
  • How close is it to the grocers? Since most people in New York use public transit and the streets are packed with cars, it’s common that people make daily grocery trips instead of one large haul.
  • How close is it to things you like? Is it close to any bars, restaurants or cafes?
  • Is there a superintendent on the property?
  • How noisy is the street? How much of that can you hear?
  • Pay attention to NYC tenant laws. They’re different than those of NJ.
  • Of course, you might find some of these less important than others. That’s totally fine. When moving to Brooklyn from NJ, it’s important to have a clear image in mind of what you need from your future apartment.

Hiring professional, reputable movers to help on your Brooklyn move

You have to consider a lot of things on your move. Apartment hunting, location, and logistics. Hiring a reliable movers company will definitely ease your mind and help with stress! You’re paying for peace of mind.

You’ll find a lot of stress relief when your move is in the hands of experienced professionals.  Sure, doing it yourself might be tempting because you’ll save money…on paper. What actually happens is you stumble into a minefield of hidden dangers and fees, and expensive mistakes. A layperson just isn’t as aware of the intricacies of moving as a whole team of people who do it for a living!

Research, research, research…

Be thorough in your research! A good moving company will be upfront with you, won’t have any hidden fees, and will have good reviews. Five stars on yelp don’t happen by accident! Ask to see their license, and don’t be afraid to check it online. One sign of a good moving company is posting their license upfront. You’re not being a snoop or overly paranoid, you are trusting these people with all your belongings! A professional moving company should not overbook. You should expect them to arrive on time, and honor their word.  Be wary of hidden fees! You might look for movers like Vector Movers NJ, with their impeccable review rating and impressive credentials. An all-inclusive price guarantee is a big weight off your chest!

Are you keeping your car when moving to Brooklyn from NJ?

NJ is one of those places where everyone has a car. But NYC is a different beast entirely.  That’s important to know when moving to Brooklyn from NJ! If you decide to keep your car, make sure to load it with the Mission Impossible soundtrack, because that’s the only appropriate background music for trying to find a parking space in New York. There’s a reason most people here just take the subway! NYC has an excellent public transit, so cars are simply unnecessary. Save yourself the troubles of paying for gas and car insurance next to what’s possibly the best public transit in America, and just sell your car if you don’t plan to leave NYC often.

A street with a taxi on it.
You might consider keeping your car when moving to Brooklyn from NJ – but with such a well developed taxi service, do you need it?

But what if you really need it?

You probably won’t, at least not in the city. If you frequently make out of town trips, then that might be different. So, if you’re insistent on keeping your car, make sure to be familiar with alternate-side-of-the-street parking regulations. If you want to stash your ride in a garage, make sure to factor in the cost of your expenses. Which, since it’s New York, are probably already huge. Garages aren’t cheap!

Renting a car is an option though! In Brooklyn, you might look into Car2go, which offers tiny smart cars for an hourly fee. There’s only a $35 signup fee to worry about before hopping into your rented ride. Plus, you can basically leave them where you please.

How are you packing?

Packing is not the most difficult part of the move, but it’s by far the most dreaded. It can be very difficult to even know where to begin! Thankfully, there is no end of tips and tricks to packing for moving to Brooklyn. You might want to hire your moving company to pack you too, or you might solo it yourself. It’s important to begin early. Make a schedule. Organize. Divide your work into chunks and focus only on what you set out to do that day. No worrying about all the other things you haven’t done yet! Just stick to your schedule, and you’ll be moving to Brooklyn from NJ in no time!