Moving To Brooklyn Made Easy

There comes a time in a life of every young millennial when they simply wake up, unsatisfied with their life in general. The solution is always some radical change. In this case, that would be a change of scenery. Maybe you’ve decided to opt for a new, urban scene, or a more toned-down, peaceful, and quiet one. Whichever the case might be, there is always that one pesky problem of material nature. Let’s be realistic, none of us makes enough living to afford an NYC penthouse with the view of the Upper East Side.

That doesn’t mean that we should let our dream of fabulous life in New York die. Naturally, I was trying to find the best of both worlds, a middle ground if you want to call it that. And after some thorough research, the answer was mind-blowing: I’m moving to Brooklyn! Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Brooklyn is the new it place, that is, if you’re full of life, and looking for a fresh start. You might be suspicious at this point and thinking that what I’m saying makes no sense, but I’ll try to utilize the rest of this post to show you why I think that this is a good choice.

One day after moving to Brooklyn

Imagine yourself waking up early in the morning, you’re in a rush to get ready for work, you grab you lunch and coffee, and run out the door out of your own apartment which has a ridiculous rent price per month. While locking your apartment door, you run into that nice lady living next to you, or that really cute neighbor from one floor above you. You stop and have a fun little chit-chat with them. Wh you’re asking? Well, considering that Brooklyn is only around 70 square miles (hint: not a big place), you’ll have the time and intimacy to get to know your neighborhood.

If you think that moving to Brooklyn will be great- you're right!
Moving to Brooklyn is life-changing decision

Now you’re out of the building, still in a rush, but commuting to work isn’t an issue for you – Brooklyn public transportation system is actually quite cheap! Although, you can always choose a bike, which will give you the exercise you so desperately want but doesn’t have the time to, or you could even walk. One of the perks of a smaller place like this, no crowds. Now, your busy day is done, and you’re finally home, ready to relax.

What to do after moving to Brooklyn

There are a few things you could do. You can either stay in, and relax in your backyard – yes, I did say backyard, because if you’re moving to Brooklyn, you can actually find a place with a nice garden area that belongs to you – or, you can decide to walk to the park and have a nice picnic, or visit a parade that’s going, maybe see a movie, or just educate yourself in one of the many open public institutions of this wonderful place.

As a bonus to this, most of these things are free! A great thing about this is, if you by any chance get bored during the weekend, just stroll over the Brooklyn Bridge and East River, and make your way to Manhattan. If it’s warm, and you feel like hitting the beach, there are many other options, such as Long Island, or even the Coney Island, just a few subway stops away. Wait, did I mention the Coney Island?

Coney Island – the Brooklyn Gem

Brooklyn moving coney Island
Brooklyn moving coney Island

If you’re a sports fan such as myself, this could be a great thing, seeing how the Coney Island is the residential are for the Brooklyn Cyclones minor league baseball team. Or you could just spend some really quality time with your friends, visiting the amazing amusement parks this place has in store for you. There are many wonderful rides, such as:

  • Wonder Wheel, which has been operating since 1920!
  • The Cyclone Rollercoaster, the eldest wooden roller-coaster, still operating in the US.
  • Parachute Jump, come on, do I even have to explain this one?
  • Thunderbolt Coaster, which will give you a hell of a ride, all in under 2 minutes!

There are of course much, much more, but if this doesn’t wake up your adrenaline craving, I don’t know what will. Besides that, Coney Island has an amazing beach, and it’s quite close to the New York Aquarium. It also has a good history of being the ‘it’ places in rom coms, which will naturally cause you to take a walk during the night. Next up.

Moving the Expectations of Your Nightlife after moving to Brooklyn

Brooklyn moving tips
Brooklyn moving tips

What I find really amazing about living this close to the NYC, but yet far enough, is that all there is a variety of cool, alternative, and unique places popping up every second, at a price that is actually affordable! Feel like grabbing a meal on the go? No problem, stop by any of:

  • Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos, for some great Mexican food
  • Golden Fried Dumpling, in case you feel like grabbing some Asian cuisine,
  • Blue Collar, for some good-old American quarter pounder, or even
  • Oasis, if you’re in a Middle-Eastern vibe type of mood.

After a chill Saturday night and a good meal in one of the places above feel free to head out to the amazing nightlife scenery of Brooklyn, which you can fully experience by visiting:

  • Barcade, for some beer and games night with the guys, or
  • Brooklyn Bowl, for that great bonding activity of bowling with your friends, but in case this doesn’t work, there is always
  • Music Hall of Williamsburg, for a great night of live Indie music.

Of course, the list goes on in many different directions, but it wouldn’t be much fun if I spilled the beans upfront now, would it? I’ll let you figure out the rest on your own.

This is it, you’ve reached the end of my best attempt to showcase why life after moving to Brooklyn can be one hell of a good adventure. In case I managed to fulfill my promise of showing you how fun and rewarding this experience could be – good for me! So get down to googling and give a call to your good friend working for that nice moving company. Cheers!