Moving alone to Brooklyn

If you are reading this article then you are probably thinking about relocating to Brooklyn. Congratulations! Brooklyn just happens to be one of those vibrant cities that provides you with a lot of things to do and to see. Whether the reasons were a career, college or simply your need to have a change in life, further in this article we will tell you why life in Brooklyn can be your best decision yet!

Don’t be fooled! Brooklyn is not one of those easy-going cities you can encounter! It is easy to get lost in all that fast life and confusion that urban cities have. So, to be sure your moving process is going on the schedule we recommend hiring reliable Brooklyn moving services. Having all that in mind, let’s talk about what you can expect from Brooklyn!

What to do before moving alone to Brooklyn

Now, before you even begin ongoing on house/flat hunting in Brooklyn there are certain things you should do before you relocate.  Of course, things can get pretty confusing during those days before moving, so be sure you do these little things just so you can be prepared for your move.

  • Pack efficiently. Make sure you pack your things properly!
  • Sell or give away excess stuff. You surely do not need everything when you move.
  • Put personal things in your bag. Carry them with you so you do not lose them while moving.
  • Wrap and protect fragile stuff with wrapping paper or soft fabrics.
  • Put easily breakable objects in harder cases. Just so you can protect them.
  • Do not wait a couple of days before moving! Relocating takes time, and more time you give to it, more prepared you are.
  • If you have pets, make sure your new place is pet-friendly.

Those are some little basic things you can do before moving alone to Brooklyn. But, if you think this is too much work, go and check what other services you can get from moving companies in Brooklyn.

girl thinking
Planning is half the job

Brooklyn is a rooftop city

 Yes, get ready to spend a lot of time on the roof of your new place. Brooklyn buildings are made in such a way that you have an easy access to the roof, and trust me. The view is phenomenal and can be very romantic.  Having your own roof is a big plus! Having your own roof makes your place a new center for parties with your friends since there is no problem with noise and smoking. It doesn’t matter how close or far away from traffic or train you are, it is always nice to get out on some fresh air now and then. So, if you are lucky enough to score a flat like this before moving alone to Brooklyn, be sure to keep it!

Rooftops, relaxing place
Access to rooftops in Brooklyn is a big plus

Laundromats are a thing 

This might come as a shock to you, but washing machine in Brooklyn is sometimes considered as a luxury. Mostly because apartments are small and compact, so people will prefer more free space than to have a washing machine. Yes, sometimes it can be boring to carry your stuff almost 2 blocks away from your flat just to wash them, and that way spend almost half of your free day, but that’s just the deal in Brooklyn. In the end, it just depends how far you are from the laundromat. Unfortunately, there are small prices to pay for living in Brooklyn, and this happens to be one of them. So don’t let this surprise you before moving alone to Brooklyn, because “pros” do overcome the “cons” of living in Brooklyn.

Use laundromat after moving alone to Brooklyn

Get ready to dedicate yourself to work while in Brooklyn 

 If you are not an American, you should know that Americans take their working ethics quite seriously. They would not be there if it wasn’t for good working people, and Brooklyn city is not any different than the rest of the country. Brooklyn is one of those cities that offers a lot of opportunities to young and hard-working people. That is quite normal to any community that wants to evolve further. Innovative ideas and people are more than welcome to stay in Brooklyn. Yes, there will surely be good parties, lots of places you can visit and see, and a lot of happy new people to meet, but be sure you can give something back. Working on special skills you possess can help you land a good job. Make sure you are bringing something special to you before you decide on moving alone to Brooklyn. In the end, it’s not like there are no other regular jobs you can land. There are a lot of part-time and online jobs you can do while in Brooklyn.

People working together
Dedicate yourself to work

Brooklyn’s dating game is very strong 

 As with every single person who decides to turn a new page in their life and just start anew in Brooklyn, it is very important somethings regarding Brooklyn residents. We did mention before that Brooklyn welcomes young and innovative people, therefore a lot of young folks go there in search of better career and college. Moving alone to Brooklyn can prove to be tiring, not to mention living alone. But in such a vivid and vibrant city as Brooklyn is, you are surely going to meet someone who will match your personality and qualities. Since this city itself is made of many different ethnicities and people from all over the country.

Happy couple
There is no such thing as lonely after moving alone to Brooklyn

You will use the train a lot in Brooklyn

 What’s special with Brooklyn is that people use the train more than any other public transportation. Every part of the city is very well connected by train, and most of the times, the train comes frequently. Yes, we said most of the times, since it is not strange for them to be late or early. But living for some time in Brooklyn will be more than enough to learn when to expect the next train. Although the train is frequent there are some things you should be aware of when it comes to trains:

  • If some part of the train is empty, there is a good reason behind it. Most probably because of some awful smell.
  • Do not commute alone late at night.
  • Most of the time, people tend not to pay for the tickets. You will get a hang of it when you arrive.
Girl watching passing train
The train is more used than any other public transport

With all this said, we hope that we made your decision about moving alone to Brooklyn easier! Brooklyn City is not a bad place once you get used to it. Of course, there are certain flaws, but what city doesn’t have them. It’s the spirit of the people that make the city great. Please share with us your experience, we can’t wait to hear them!