Moving a pool table into your home

Not only are pool tables expensive, but they are extremely heavy. Moving a pool table into your home is not an easy task. Best moving companies NYC can help you in managing that task. What should be your first step? What are some tips that are a lifesaver when moving a pool table? To find out, you should read this article.

Disassembling your pool table

The first step in moving your pool table into your home is the disassembly. Furniture movers New York know that moving heavy furniture always requires some disassembly. The reason behind this is that first, it saves on space. Second, and most importantly, it is a lot easier to protect your furniture during transport if it is in carefully packed pieces. The same goes if you are moving a pool into your home. To properly pack your pool table, you must first disassemble it. 

Balls on the felt pool table you are moving into your home
The felt top is extremely delicate and you should be careful while removing it

It would be best if you started by removing the pockets. Your pool table should have six pockets, one in each corner and two on the sides. Start by removing the screws or staples that hold them in place carefully. Once it is removed, pack all the screws in a separate smaller bag and label it. Next, you should remove the felt top. If you don’t have a steady hand, now is the time to call the professionals. If you are not careful, you can damage the felt and end up paying around $260 to $590 to have your pool table re-felt or re-clothed.

Removing the pool slates before moving a pool table into your home

Removing the pool slate is the last and most difficult part of disassembling your pool table. Of course, this will require lots of patience and care, as this task is complex and includes a piece that weighs approximately 450 pounds. You should ask for all the help you can get not to injure yourself by removing the slates. As with pool pockets, you should remove all the screws holding them in place, and place them in a separate bag. When packing the slate, keep in mind that it should be kept horizontally and not on its side, as it can ruin the integrity of your pool.

Packing the pool table

To make it move-ready, you need proper packing materials. Not only are pool tables bulky, but they are also delicate and not easy to move. Having the right packing supplies will help in preserving them during transport. You will need sturdy cardboard, blankets, bubble wrap, and lots of packing tape.

Beige room with a pool table in the center
Make sure you pack your pool table tightly with lots of packing materials.

Some additional materials you will need are measuring tape, a notepad, and a pencil. If you want to take massive risk of moving a table into your home on your own, you will need dollies and sliders. However, most moving service NYC already have all the necessary tools to move your pool table. Pack all your disassembled pieces into separate bags and boxes and label each one clearly. Don’t forget to pack the balls, too, as they are more easily breakable than they seem. Pack each of the 16 balls with bubble wrap or other softer material like blankets or towels.

Getting the right measurements for moving a pool table into your  home

Since pool tables are big, you will need to measure every doorway and hallway to make sure you can successfully move a pool table into your home. The average pool table is 6ft to 9ft in length, so you will need measuring tape in your new home to know it will fit perfectly. Be sure to measure twice. Make sure you don’t tip the table on its sides as you can damage it’s structure this way and the cost to repair will be high. Don’t forget to pack and measure your cue sticks as they are also part of the pool table. At around 57 – 59 inches, cue sticks are not as long as your pool table, but you will need to pack and transport them too.

A woman shooting pool
Make sure you measure everything twice before moving a pool table into your home

Not only is it important to take right measurements to make sure you can move your pool table. Transporting it is not easy either even if you hire  local movers New York. Making sure you can fit your pool table into your moving truck. Taking measurements after packing will make it easier to fit everything safely and securely.

Transport and assembly of your pool table

After you carefully packed each piece of your pool table it’s time to load it onto the truck. This will be easier if you hire movers who know how to properly position the packed pool table into the truck. If you have packed it well, then transporting it safely will be a piece of cake. To be sure your pool table arrives to your new home unharmed, the driver should be careful and avoid any possible potholes.

Assembly of your pool table will go as good as your labeling goes. If you have labeled everything properly, you shouldn’t have any problem with the assembly. Your pool table should be the first thing you unload as it is the heaviest and probably the most expensive and delicate. Especially if it ‘s custom made pool table. Unpack everything carefully and start slowly, piece by piece to assemble your pool table after moving it into your home.

Final thoughts

Moving a pool table into your home might seem easy. But the reality is always different. It’s hard enough to manage the entire move without getting too stressed. Moving a pool table would just add to that stress. Even if this article has helped you prepare for that feat, we highly recommend hiring movers who can take care of your table, while you relax and enjoy. We are sure that you will be able to enjoy it in no time.