Most pet-friendly neighborhoods in Brooklyn

Having a pet and considering moving to Brooklyn? In this case, you will need to find an apartment that fits your lifestyle needs but also your pet needs. If you are a lucky owner of a dog, you will pay attention to proximity to parks, pet-friendly restaurants, vet stations. But most importantly, you need to make sure your new apartment space and the building are pet-friendly. Also, if your move is a long-distance move, you need to tell your professional movers Brooklyn that you are moving with your four-legged friend. Only when they know you have a pet they can take care that everything goes right. But before you contact your movers, let’s consider the most pet-friendly neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Is moving to this area a good choice if you are a pet owner? Or you should look for another place? Luckily, this article will help you find out.

Moving with your pet to the Big Apple

Pets are important parts of our family. In some cases, they are our whole family. Either way, the day we got them, we swore we will never abandon them. Especially on moving day. But before you even come to this point, you have to be aware that not all parts of the world are pet-friendly. You need to do some research on which places are pet-friendly.

Everyone who has ever lived in NYC knows how huge a place this is. And when you have a pet it can really get hard sometimes. People with dogs in a concrete jungle often talk about the lack of pet-friendly places in the city. Besides, when it comes to the size of regular NYC apartments, things getting even worse. As you know, small apartments do not go well with your pets, especially dogs. So if you are living in a small Manhattan apartment and have a dog, you should think about moving to Brooklyn. Get quality moving boxes NYC and start packing today. Keep reading and you will not regret your decision.

Most pet-friendly neighborhoods in Brooklyn is what you and your dog need
Your furry friend deserves to be with you in some of the most pet-friendly neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

Be careful when you consider the location of your new apartment

According to some studies, Brooklyn has more apartments suitable for you and your pets compared to other areas. If you can get a bigger apartment space for the same price you pay already, it is time to contact our local movers Brooklyn has and pack your bags. Many Brooklyn neighborhoods are close to parks and waterfronts. Besides, here you will find a lot of pet-friendly places and vast green space. There is no doubt your dog will adore spending time in it.

A young woman and the dog
Choose an ideal location both for you and your furry friend.

Consider some of the most pet-friendly neighborhoods in Brooklyn

Having a dog or any other pet probably means you are ready to sacrifice your own time, space and be completely dedicated to your favorite, fluffy being. For that reason, you are aware of how important is to opt for a neighborhood in New York that fits both your and your pet’s needs. Luckily, Brooklyn has the neighborhoods you are looking for. Here is the list of some of the top pet-friendly neighborhoods in Brooklyn:

  • Park Slope will embrace you and your dog. With so many pet-friendly buildings, parks, and the number of pets in the streets, Park Slope is one of the most pet-friendly neighborhoods in Brooklyn.
  • Williamsburg is a great place. It has a beautiful architectural style great for walks with your dog.
  • Brooklyn Heights is one of the most pet-friendly neighborhoods in Brooklyn with public parks your dog will adore.

Get to know the pet-friendly neighborhoods in Brooklyn

Being a pet parent brings a lot of joy. But it also might be pretty challenging at times. When you are moving to a new place, and you own a pet, your standards are going to be different from those of an average person. You want your new neighborhood to fit your own needs and your pet’s needs, as well.

If you are moving to Brooklyn, here are some of the most pet-friendly neighborhoods:

  • Dumbo
  • Bay Ridge
  • Downtown Brooklyn
  • Park Slope
  • Brooklyn Heights
  • Coney Island


Around 22% of listings in this neighborhood are classified as pet-friendly. Dog owners can choose between the dog runs at Hillside Dog Park, as well as the Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Bay Ridge

This neighborhood is not the first one that crosses your mind when you think about pet-friendly places. However, this neighborhood is not only a good family place but also a great choice for your pet too. Many parks are surrounding this neighborhood, and those are always great places to take a walk with your furry friend. This part also has a great number of pet groomers, vets, doggy daycares, etc.

Downtown Brooklyn

A great part, to be exact 33%, of buildings in Downtown Brooklyn are pet-friendly. Another great benefit of this neighborhood is the proximity of Brooklyn Bridge Park.

a woman kissing her dog in front of the window
Finding a pet-friendly neighborhood in Brooklyn can be easy

Park  Slope

This neighborhood has a lot of sidewalk space for walking your dog, but it does not lack green spaces as well. Some dog-friendly parks include Prospect Park, Mount Prospect Park, and Brooklyn Botanic Garden. There are also a lot of cafes, restaurants, and shops that are pet-friendly, making it possible for you to take your furry friend with you wherever you go.

Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Bridge Park, with its green areas, dog run area, and riverfront promenade, is located in this picturesque neighborhood with stroll-friendly streets where you may walk your dog.

Coney Island

Coney Island also makes the list. Around 40% of the housing stock in the beach area is pet-friendly. You can find many dog-friendly places in Asser Levy Park in the Coney Island Complex, and other popular spots for fun with Fido—that you will have to travel to—including dog runs at Manhattan Beach Park and Dyker Beach Park, as well as an off-leash area at Dyker Beach. The lack of services here comes as a price for the abundance of pet-friendly housing stock; for dog-related stuff and care, you will have to travel to New York City.

All of the most pet-friendly neighborhoods in Brooklyn have their pros and cons. So it’s up to you to decide now where your priorities lie and which neighborhood is right for you and your furry friend.