Mistakes to avoid when moving old furniture

Moving professionals handle moving easily since they are experienced and know common moving mistakes. Therefore, hiring them to pack you and move you is the best option. However, if you need to pack yourself, you might make some common moving mistakes. That is quite understandable since you probably do not have as much experience as they do. These mistakes can be dangerous for both new and old furniture, but old furniture is much more damageable. Therefore, to avoid making these mistakes and damaging your goods, one of the best moving companies NYC gives you a list of mistakes to avoid when moving old furniture.

Mistakes to avoid when moving old furniture

The first and most common thing when moving is not organizing everything. A good organization will help you manage time, space, responsibilities, and stress. That’s when the mess starts. If you do not pack everything on time, you might start to rush everything. In that process, you might push or damage your old furniture. You might forget to move your wooden table from the sun, and it will change the color. Since your old furniture is probably valuable, either in an economical or emotional sense, that is something you will want to avoid. Other mistakes to avoid are:

  1. Deciding not to hire movers
  2. Not packing it properly
  3. Not insuring your old furniture
  4. Transporting it yourself during the long-distance move
4 boxes and a couch in a living room
Not hiring reliable movers is one of the most common mistakes.

Deciding not to hire movers

Moving can be an expensive journey, especially with recent price increases. However, when it comes to old furniture, hiring movers is a must! Why? People try to save up by asking friends or family members for help during relocation. That might be good for some items such as clothes, chairs, furnaces, etc. However, it’s not the best idea to give someone your valuables. If they damage it during the relocation, they are not obligated to give you any money since you do not have any contract with them. On the other hand, if they are not moving professionals, the chance of possible damages or thefts happening is high. When you hire local movers New York, they take care of your belongings and will be held accountable if damages happen.

Not packing your old furniture properly

If you decide to pack yourself, you need to be delicate when handling old furniture. Do not try to save up on packing supplies. That is another of the mistakes to avoid when moving old furniture. Use as much bubble wrap and wrapping paper as you need. If you have a collection of old things such as photo albums, vases, books, and appliances, it’s best to designate one box for them. Pack each item individually, wrap it with a cloth and place it in one box. You can put a piece of cloth in the bottom of a box for extra safety.

If you have larger furniture such as paintings, mirrors, couches, and desks, they will not be able to fit into a box. You can wrap them with as much bubble wrap as you can. After that, fixate the bubble wrap with wrapping tape. When wrapping them, do not be aggressive. Color can peel off the wooden item, and mirrors and pictures can break if you don’t handle them correctly. After packing it, using moving service NYC should be your next step.

A room full of old furniture
Not being gentle with old items is one of the mistakes to avoid when moving old furniture.

Not insuring your old furniture

Ensuring your valuables is a great way to protect them even more. Also, it’s a great way to feel much more relaxed. Insurance companies can ensure certain valuables, which means that if something happens, you will get a full refund or paid restoration. That might seem like a waste of money, but it is much better to insure everything than to cry over damaged memories. One thing furniture movers New York would advise you to do is to take a picture of your goods before handing them to your movers. That way, you can compare pictures and valuables after the move. Also, you will have proof if some smaller damages happened.

Transporting furniture yourself during the long-distance move

If you decide to move from Miami to New York, you might want to take your old furniture with you, especially if it’s small. However, if relocation is long-distance, there is a high chance of damage happening, especially if you are relocating all your belongings at once. Handing them to your friends or family members might seem like a good option. However, an even better option is to leave it in storage.

 Storage is secure, safe, and monitored, and is a much safer option than bringing something in your car or on a plane. It will protect your furniture from dirt, rain, and sun, which can damage some delicate items. After you relocate, you can return your goods, or they can be shipped to you. One thing to note is that some belongings should not be put in storage. For example, valuable jewelry, rare paintings, books, etc. Store furniture items that are big and heavy. You can transport smaller pieces yourself.

Two people talking
If you are too worried about your old valuables, you can always ensure them.

Mistakes when moving old furniture and how to avoid them- conclusion

To sum it up, there are many mistakes to avoid when moving old furniture. Most of them come from wanting to save money and being inexperienced when moving. The best thing to do to avoid mistakes is a good organization. Always hire movers to handle your belongings. If you want to pack yourself, do not hesitate to use a lot of packing supplies. In the end, insuring your old furniture will keep it safe from any possible damages. If you are moving long-distance, the best option is to store your valuables until you can pick them up and transport them safely. Good luck, and we wish you a safe relocation.